Events are listed alphabetically by sport. then by day. Sport Listings compiled by Sandcman 5mm. Dundw 3pm. Tom Lappm- I FalkirkvAirdrie Brockville. Falkirk.

I Hearts V Hibs Tynecastle Park. Gorgie

Road. Edinburgh. 3pm. . Race Days Tuesday. Thursday and . I Motherwell ii Partick Thistle Fir Park.

Saturday. Shawfield Stadium. Rutherglen Mothcrwcn' 3pm-

R ,d GI“ ,Th U W , ‘Sm 'Elnsroiwsmti _ I 0d d.$g0“' .c“ m m rdc‘.’ IAyrvHaith RoversSomersctPark. $9 " each meeting.starting at7.45pm.£2. 1

, Somerset Road. Ayr. 3pm. “ouch task“, Edmburgh - I Clydebankv sr Mitten Kilbowie Park. I Race Days Tuesday. Thursday and

Clmcbank 3pm. , reliably efficient outfit. That's changed I Cowdenbeath v Hamilton Central Park. I" "'9 wake OI "19 1990 world cut). WIIII Saturday. Powderhall Stadium. Cowdcnbcath, 3pm, the emergence of attacking players of Bcavcrhall Road. Edinburgh EfiCh 5 I Duntermline v Kilmamock East End blinding skill and imagination, and the "mm"; mm“ ‘0" we” “amng at ' Park. Dunfcrmlinc- 3pm simultaneous decline of the traditional t iié’iitiii‘ii‘tf‘ axzrsz'aa“'"°" mill” l‘é'li'lfil'.lll"i!§31§i"ni ; FOOTBALL gimmg‘gm ' ""“Vbank Annf'c'd~ tactics that consist of allowing their PREMIER LEAGUE sgcoflgn' Dfm'm . opponents to score three or tour, but i 3mm” . mm Rovers v machincmonhm‘ . The Italian game was one ofthe less banging tn live, Six, or seven in reply. , I Came v Rangers Celtic Park. Coatbridgc. 3pm, spectacular Channel 4 otterings this The national side haven t got it right I Gallowgate. Glasgow. 3pm. Quite a I Clyde vAlloa Douglas Park. Hamilton. season but was still packed With yet, allowing Switzerland a two-goal l crucial Old Firm dash for this cam. in the 3pm. moments of skill and intelligence, start in their last qualifier and clawing 5 season. with Brady's team needing to half I Queen's Parkvlrbmth Hampdcn Park. 5 settled by a beautiful piece of back two goals in the last seven a rampant Rangers side whose strength in minutes, but the princime is there, depth is already beginning to make the Premier League look like aone-horse

Glasgow. 3pm. individual genius trom Inter’s making the Italians probablythe most race.

Tuesday 10 Shalimov. The Scottish game wasa exciting team in Europe at the moment,

I Dundee vaerdeen Dens Park.

Soccer may be the closest we have to a global language, but some olthe dialects are distinctly ditferent. Soccer-loving channel-hoppers a couple of Sundays ago could have enjoyed the Italian Serie A game between Juventus and Inter Milan belore flicking overto the Skol Cup Final between Rangers and Aberdeen.

I contest of sweat, stamina and effort,

PREMIER LEAGUE , i settled by an unfortunate Aberdeen at least from a spectator’s point of I Hibs v Falkirk Easter Road Stadium. - - . Alb. . defender heading a hopeful cross info View.

ion Road. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. A I . . , , ream," df- b . . f h. his own net. Adifterent ball game. Defensively, ltaly are suffering

ge lxture ecause o t L I , . .

international tic. Jim jcffrcy‘s Falkirk side I The two creeds clash directly at lbrox grievoust from the retirement of are struggling badly after apromising on 18 November in a World Cup Baresi, leaving them distinctly return to the Premier League last season. qualifier that Scotland seriously need vulnerable at the back. In attack they lflanuersvuundeelbrox Stadium. to win. And it's possible. The Italian can musterthe ebullientBaggio, Glasgow. 7-30Pm- league may be the finest in the world, Lentini, the world's most expensive

l I I I I I I I I

i Wednesday 11 I but to a substantial degree that's due to player, Clive Anderson lookalike Attilo 1! . f the expenswe foreign inports. The Lombardo and the revnalised I I :“fin'ffefl‘iuc‘emc Tannadice Park l national Side is in a Slate 0' IIUX, shaven-headed Vialli. What price Dave l

struggling to adjust to the extraordinary i revolution taking place in Italian

, MacPherson and Richard Gough ; against that bunch? (Tom Lappin) !

' Tannadice Street. Dundee. 7.30pm. , I Partick Thistle ii Hearts Firhill. Firhill

I I Road‘G'asgow'7'30pm' I Iogtmi It I th A l i I s tl d It I lb St d' I i 1 ormer Y a V were e rsena O CO an V a Y, [OX 3 IUITI, 18 “IE NEXT STEP 5 samrday14 . Europe, a boring and defensive, if I Wednesday18 November, 7.30pm. ; PREMIER LEAGUE i LEGAL ' I Airdrie v St Johnstone Broomfield. , i Ajrdric. 3pm. . i I Glasgow Academicalstrangemouth l .nnsrotustot , [ETIE- i glow Annigstand.uclcnsburgwnvc. I 'ID ba nvld h'. ' 350W m- m m AND I DutIltISartgl’t. 3:; mm Bog cad Fr'day 13—saturday I I KirItcaldyIiI West 0t Scotland Beveridge WC}; THE f I Hamilton v Stirling Albion Douglas Park. I Ayr Ayr Racecourse. 2 Whitlctts Road. : Park Balwcaric Road. Kirkcaldy. 2pm- Hamilton. 3pm. Ayr. 0292 264179. (‘ltib£l(l. Eglinton £6. I Musselbut‘flhfidil‘bumh Wandetm ' IKIImImOCkVAY' UNI“ Rugby Park First races 12.55pm. Superstitious punters Stoncyh'u' smncyh‘“ Farm Road' I . KllmamOCk- 3Pm- I might be avoiding the Friday meeting. but Musselbufgh- 29m- ; I I Meadowbank TIIISIIB V COWUBHDOGIN ; both days offer plenty ofscope to blow I Stew?" 3 Melvme FPV Dume'mnne l O I Meadowbank Stadium. London Road. your cash, There's an assortment of Invcrlcnht Ferry Road Edmburgh- 2pm- R A Edinburgh. 3pm. } competitive hurdles races and a few i 5 I Ratth Roversv Duntermline Stark's Park. i interesting steeplechases. with the 14 - SEND SAE, To; , Pratt Street. Kirkcaldy. 3pm. . I 'National ilunt season getting into gearfor iiicEWAti's NATIONAL LEAGUE oiwswiii ! I St Mitten v Morton Love Street. Paisley. l the winter. I Currie v Glasgow High/Kelvinside . 3pm. l Malleny Park, Balerno. 2pm. ; SECOND DIVISION ; _ I Edinburgh AcademicalsvDundee HSFP HDC’ 2 i IAlloa Athletichorfar Recreation Park. I s t d 7 I Raeburn Place. Stockbridge. Edinburgh. I Alloa. 3pm. a 2pm. 3 I East Stirling v Stranraer Firs Park. Firs MCEWAN'S NATIONAL LEAGUE DIVISION 1 I Watsonians v Boroughmuir Myreside. ' Street. Falkirk. 3pm. ; . Boroughmui” Melmse Mcggctlzmd‘ Myrestde Road. Edinburgh. 2pm. Wednesday 18 l Colinton Road. Edinburgh. 2pm. "65”" s “"0"” LEAGUE D'YIS'ON 2 CIIELTENIIAM I won I I Glasgow High/Kelvinside vJed-Forest :Pfialnbumfh I’llgngem" V SSW" 3 “mm” ? LO CUP QUALIFYING MATCH Old Anniesland. Crow Road. Glasgow. . “nay '0 » OTSIOTP met GLOS G152 4m . I Scotland v Italy lbrox Stadium. Glasgow. t 2pm. Edéfburghfp‘r‘n- i I Km m N . 7.30pm. The toughest World Cup qualifier j I Heriot's FPvCurrie Goldenacre. I .3890" ‘8 em ca 5" 93 T CW (2R I Scotland have faced for a long time.with Bangholm Terrace. Edinburgh. 2pm. élnmcsmng IICICOSburgh Dm’cv 02 2 77 7 24 hrs Andy Roxburgh's team really needinga MCEWAN'S NATIONAL LEAGUE DIVISION 2 3580‘“ Pm' _ 3 ( ) win to leave them in serious contention in I Clarkston v Kilmamock Braidholm. . Pnsm" Lad” FPV Pub.” Pennypn Group 1. See preview. Braidholm Road. Giffnoek. 2pm. Park. Rope walk~ Prcswnpans- 2pm-



62 The List 6— 19 November 1992