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I Successful professional female

(31) petite. attractive. sporty. seeks similar. non-smoking.

_ caring male to share good times i with. Glasgow area. Photo 5 appreciated. Box No 1862.

I Professional male (30) fit. slim. N/S. thoughtful. with a good sense of humour. enjoys classical music. theatre. cinema, travel. tennis. seeks considerate and caring female soul mate to share. Box No 186/6.

I Handsome-ish Glaswegian hedonist (34). of decadent disposition. seeks attractive. sensual and unconventional woman to share interest in arts. epicurism and carnality. Religious maniacs. Tories and fashion victims need not apply. Box No 1867

I Assertive. attractive female needed for fun and relationship. by male (28) graduate. 5ft 9in. ‘original rock‘ musician. with

day job. keen on pubs and trying anything new. Photo ifpossible. please. Box No 186110.

I Wild Irishman (orequivalent) sought by much sought-after Scotswoman. for stimulating company. intelligent chat. smiling eyes. mischief. adventure etc. Photo ifposs. Box No 186 12.

I Jovial Glasgow nihilisf (34) seeks sensual. attractive and existentialist female to create meaning through love. Interests: art. ntusic. theatre. (3171‘. philosophy. epicurism. walking and Radio-l. Dislikes:

religion. sport. discos. Photo‘.’ Box No 186.- 13.

I Attractive blonde (31) with brain. likes eating. drinking. sport. cinema. travel and a good laugh. would like to meet tall. male equivalent for fun. friendship and who knows what else'.’ Box No 186116.

78 'l he List 6— 19 November 1992

for males or females to get out

Likes music. cinema and eating out. Box No 186/46.

I Attractive female (32) seeks similar male. late 2(ls—30s. with sense ofhumour. Likes most types of music. drinking. concerts and generally having fun. Photo ifpossible. Box No 186/34. I Female (19) cat-Ioverlikcs cinema. books. politics. seeks intelligent. warm. open-minded. amicable males/females for friendship. blether. laughter. nights out etc. Long letters and photo most welcome. Box No 186/41.

I Shy Glasgow male (21) interests: art. GET. music. books. etc. Seeks intelligent. bespectacled female with a sense ofsilliness to share hugs and warmth with. All letters will be answered. Box No 186/44.

I Glasgow female (23) looking

and about and have some fun.

3 I Good-looking Glasgow gal (32) j

intelligent. adventurous. fun to

. IAtfractIve,intelligentfemale (mid-thirties).Glasgowarea.

' good food. arts. home life.

neon Izdtnbur'gli.sceks


be with. seeks male ofsimilar i kind. Interests include travel. sports. pubs. theatre. cinema and Scottish countryside (photo appreciated). Box No 186/47.

I Am I the only gay man in Glasgow who wants someone he can talk to the next morning and beyond? I‘m 40. fun. intelligent and interesting. I‘m also attractive - honestly! If you are the same (3(1—40) and not a clone. why not send a photo and a letter. I'd love to hear from you. Box No 187/2.

I Time to supplement wishful thinking with action. so (gulp): Female (34) independent. intelligent. attractive. dead brave and compassionate. seeks similar man for long-term relationship. Photo please. Edinburgh area preferred. Box No 18713.

Seeks tallish. intelligent man. nice sense of humour. should like socialising. travel. movies. countryside. Independence is fine. but enough is enough! Photo appreciated. Box No 187 4.

I Edinburgh gay professional lllV—neg male. Retired. non-scene. non-smoker. light drinker. Seeks African. Arab. Asian. Oriental (3(1—45). Friendsinitially. Enjoy humour.

ALA. Box No 187/5.

I Young gay guy living in File straight-acting. not yet out. honest. caring. slim. smooth. looking for friends (21—30). possible one-to-one. especially skinheads. Asian guys. Photo please. Box No 187/6.

I Edinburgh female (26) would like to meet professional. 5ft lilin+ male (25—35). Likes eating out. bands. music. theatre. some sports and interesting conversation. Be genuine. Perhaps things can advance from friendship. Box No 1877.

'J-‘Tall "a"! 1. .~ .1132). intelligent female companion for eveningsout. Likes film. theatre. music. drinks. exercise. conversation. ribaldry and other forms of wit. Photoapprcciatcd.

.' Box No 187 9.

I Male-to-female transexual (a young 44) seeks non-smoking female or male friends (30—40) for friendship and fun. My interests include cinema. jazz, food, walking. I‘m Edinburgh-based. Box No 187/10.

I Professional guy (24) slim. intelligent. non-smoker. individualistic. well-off. with own home and car. Interests include music. cinema. restaurants. live gigs. Seekslike female. Fife/Edinburgh! Lothians. Photo. ALA. Box No 187/11.

I Zany blonde (34) lookingfor wildly exciting. attractive man. 5ft 7in tall. slim. sporty and lots ofencrgy: great job. empty love life. Photo appreciated. Box No 187/12.

I Warmhearted. attractive, intelligent independent and lively Glasgow woman (34). seeks nice. sincere. sensitive and strong man. Two children. Many interests. including other people. outdoor activities. the arts. creativity . . . having fun. Box No 187/13.

I Female shift woriter (nurse, 36) seeks similar friends. male or female to share time off. Interests include pubs, movies. country walks. laughing. most

music. I‘m good natured. sunny.

daft and friendly. Box No [86/17.

I Crumbling artist seeks beautiful young woman doctor for Quasimodo/Esmeralda-type arrangement. must like cycling. Bob Dylan. and all television soaps. Box No 187/19.

I Glasgow male graduate (28)

handsome, friendly. not out and

non-scene. would like to meet

not out. non-smoking. intelligent males (21—30). Glasgow or Edinburgh. Discretion guaranteed.

1 Genuine replies only. Box No


I Sensitive, attractive professional female.

musician. artist (30). open. vibrant soul. seeks friendship and possible relationship with like-minded. gentle. caring. cultured. established/professional male. Age unimportant. Edinburgh. Box No 187 '25.

I Individual 24-year-old male seeks intelligent. attractive female to laugh and dance with. (ilasgow. Box No 187/28.

I Good. handsome man (28) 6ft, witty, sometimes charming. quietly confident. new to Glasgow. seeks attractive woman (20$). hearty outdoors. drinkin' and dancin‘, veggie, GET. dance music. jumbles. Fringe. travel. Photo. Box No 187/27.

I Independent woman looking to enhance present situation by sharing good conversation, music, walks. films etc with uncomplicated leftish man (35—45). Edinburgh or Glasgow area. Box No 188/1.

I Attractive Edinburgh male (26) seeks gay lad (21—30) for friendship, nights in and out. Prefers introverts. Interests: fresh air, social drinking, music, squash. tennis, cinema, theatre. Write with photo(s). Box No 1880.

I Edinburgh gay (38) has been traded in for latest model, remains in excellent running order, has sound bodywork and low mileage. A caring, sensitive owner is required. Box No 1888.

I Beautiful blonde non-conformist, late 20$, creative female seeks organic cookie-eating/coffee drinking/ artistic/intelligent/funny and extremely handsome male (24—40) into art, GFI", and chilling out. Photo is essential. Box No 188/4.

I As winter arrives this mid-30s. fit, intelligent and loving man would like a mate to love, snuggle up to and stop him working all hours. I’m very normal and gay. Box No 188/5.

I Two groovy, bright babes going to waste, desperately need tall, fun-loving boys for happy days, wild places and backgammon sessions. Grown-ups need not apply. We live in hope. Box No 188/6.

I Edinburgh professional gay male (42) non-scene, sincere,

honest. affectionate. seeking

professional 30+ . non-scene.

caring, for long-term friendship.

Discretion assured. Box No 188/7.

I Tall, athletic travel-hungry. mountain-loving, green. professional (hal), Edinburgh man (33) seeks exceptional. adventurous woman. Box No 188/8.

I Edinburgh male (29) apparently good looking. likes skiing. books. galleries. enjoying life in general, seeks similar male for possible relationship. Will return soon from abroad for good. Photo ensures reply. Box No 188/9.

I Glaswegian, gay and now turned 30 Is there anyone of a similar age who’d like a mix of intelligent chat and a youthful zest for life? More bright pals wanted. Bored with cynics. Box No 188/10.

I Three attractive, young Glasgow guys newly moved into trendy bachelor pad, seek three fun-loving gals (any age) for agony and ecstacy. Absolutely no ties. Photo appreciated. Box No 188/ 1 1.

I I’m male, tall. slim and all that stuff. Are you female. around 35 and don‘t care about make-up? Could you check into the Hilton wearing old jeans and rucsack? Do you love hill-walking. sunsets. the sea and laughter? Would you like (someday) to drive across America. see the desert. some blues bands. swim in the ocean? Let‘s talk. Box No 188/12.

I Intelligent. attractive. genuine professional male. early 40s seeks similar lady or mum. 25-38. Genuine replies only. Photo guarantees response. Glasgow area. Box No 188/13.

I Nice, attractive man (43) studious. seeks male lover whose purpose is not to be in love, be entertained. Not much time. but I have a lot otherwise to offer you. Box No 188/15.

I Gay man (34) ifyou: are under 40. value both work and play. appreciate the importance of aesthetics and the importance of looking deeper. have ever been kind to someone you don't particularly like. would prefer to make an effort than watch the mirror, and are free from the shackles of religious dogma. we could probably get on. Both informative letter and photo appreciated. ifpossible. Discretion assured. Box No 188/16.

I interested. interesting professional female. Glasgow. gay (35). looking for similar for fun. possible more. Impossible to say anything of import in 3() words. Guess you'll just have to chance it! Box No 188117.



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