Last season was poor for all of the Scottish ski centres. but with decent snow falls in October, the 1992/93 season is looking more encouraging. Details of runs already open refer to the first weekend in November— phone for any changes in weather conditions. Pass prices are for adults using all runs, unless otherwise stated.


I Facilities Scotland’s biggest resort can get busy at weekends and other key times in the season, but its seventeen lifts do offer a wide range of runs. Hire facilities are good (clothing as well as equipment), as are other shops, catering outlets, etc Four tows and one chairlift are already in operation (with the White Lady accessible to experienced skiers), although last weekend wind was too strong for skiing at the top slopes.

I Full area day pass £12 (until Jan 30); £15 (3()Jan—18 April).

I Travel Bus or train to Aviemorc; A9 by car; bus service from Aviemorc to slopes.

I Further info 0479 861261

I Snow hotline 0891 654 655

Ohfllout factor

At ski centres across the world, the dominance of those pole-holding

1 poseurs standing on two skinny planks . is being challenged by a new breed.

And this season in Scotland, everyone

will know that the snowboarders have arrived. OK, it was supposed to be last

. season, but the general lack of snow

did nobody any favours and meant that the 1992 British Open Championships,

t planned forAviemore in March, had to

be transferred to Andorra. So, who are these guys anyway? ‘Snowboarders generally come from

skateboarding, surfing, windsurfing or mountain biking ratherthan directly - from skiing,‘ says Eddie Spearing,

co-editor of hip magazine Snowboard UK and chairman of the British Snowboard Association. “They have a different mentality as well. The sport has a rebellious aspect to it at the moment but, quite simply, it’s just really good fun. It's much easier than skiing, there‘s no doubt about that. Once you've got over your first half-day falling on your backside, it's easier to learn the basics. But when you start getting higher up the scale. . . going off

5 little hits and jumps. tweaking the

board, grabbing it, getting different manoeuvres out of it, carving really high G-force turns, getting that sensation . . . It‘s just more of everything, a lot of little things that add



I Facilities Snow is currently building up on the runs and in the gullies, and hopes are high that the centre will be partially operational within a week or two. The new double chairlift has made the six tows easily accessible, and a new restaurant/ticket centre/toilet is due to open in December.

I Full area day pass £13 (weekend), £1 1.50 (weekdays); limited area £10.50/£9.50.

I Travel Bus or train to Fort William, then bus to Glencoe; A82 by car.

I Further info 08552 303

I Snow hotline 0891 654 658


I Facilities Interestingly enough, of the 41 days Glenshee was operational last season, 19 of these were made possible due to the centre‘s high-pressure artificial snow-making system. The three of the 26 tows have been in operation for more than a fortnight now, and snow is building up on the other runs quite nicely. Hopefully this will mean that the newest 450m tow, which takes up to 900 people an hour, will get the usage it deserves. I Full area day pass £12.50 (every

up and give an overall freer feeling.’ More and more ski clubs are forming their own snowboarding off-shoots, while selected resorts and dry slopes across the country are now offering skilled tuition. After the first official BSA instructors course in November, there will be two qualified riders based at Aviemore as well as another at the dry slope at Glenshee, all qualified at European standard. It is also looking more and more likely that, by the end of this season, the BSA will win that all-important governing body status, allowing itto be independent from skiing bodies and therefore eligible for funding. And once snowboarding is accepted as a sport in its own right, there’ll be no stopping them. (Alan Morrison) Information about the BSA and the 1993 British Open Championships (competitors and spectators) on 22 March in Avoriaz, France from Eddie

Spearing on 0562 827744. More local info from Paul Williams of the Scottish

Snowboard Club on 063174317 or from ski/sports shops. Snowboard UK at selected newsagents, priced £2.20.

weekend, and from 1 Feb—12 April); £10 low season.

I Travel A93 from Perth.

I Further info 03397 41320

I Snow hotline 0891 654 656


I Facilities Good, hard-packed snow over a wide area, with ample nursery runs, means that not only has The Lecht’s season got off to a healthy start, ski school and creche facilities are already in operation. As well as eleven tows, the centre has an artificial ski slope which guarantees some form of skiing at least.

I Full area day pass £9.50 (special rates if only artificial slope available) I Travel A93 from Perth, then A939 to Tomintoul.

I Further info 09756 51440

I Snow hotline 0891 654 657

Nevis Range

I Facilities Additional fencing has improved snow holding since last season. As well as the eight lifts at the centre, plans are afoot to build a dry slope and to move one of the beginners’ tows further up the mountain. Snow has been falling for the past couple of weeks and many runs are already skiable, including the traverse and the run to the restaurant.

I Full area day pass £15 (from 30 Jan-l8 April); £12 low season; prices may be less depending on snow cover.

I Travel Bus or train to Fort William, then bus to Nevis Range; A82 by car.

I Further Info 0397 705825

I Snow hotline 0891 654 660

Other Information

I Ski hotline, a Scottish based reporting agency, supplies snow and weather reports from around 140 ski resorts in Scotland, Europe and North America. In addition to the numbers for individual centres above, the agency has information

= on the collective Scottish resorts on

0891 654 654. Calls cost 36p per minute (cheap rate) and 48p per minute at all other times. Information bulletins are updated daily.

I Ski clubs organise regular excursions to the Scottish slopes for members, and this provides a very helpful and cost-effective method for those without their own transport. Other social events are dotted around the calendar.

Edinburgh Ski Club 031 220 3121 Glasgow Ski Club 041 946 7072 Scottish Ski Club 033 484476 (secretary)

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