Smoking in Glasgow’s pubs, monstrous erections and the .. appalling state of modern

; rather fetching head. Just what are Tara‘s attributes which Tom Lappin ~ finds so comforting? I think we

' Magnificent obsession

I like to have as much fun as the next

person.Iliketodrink.talk.listento . ~I\ Th , ' ll . Th L. i irigilibe told! music.laugh and be mad.bad and j ' gra 1 1- 6y re d in e 131‘ j H: h-b CFLR Id dangerous to know. What I don't do ICIICI‘S page. And Why not drop lg. mg 0‘1 " ' ' - 9 Glasgow

is smoke. nor do I like to be

us a line yourself? You might

. Mr Lappin denies having any fixation even Win a bottle ofthe

anywhere near it it shuts my lungs . . ' ' With Ms Fitzgerald. But he wouldsay

down and makes my hair and clothes

reek. l have just moved to Glasgow incalculably wonderful JOSC lhat‘ wouldn'the? and want to meet people who. like “- ‘i Cuervo Gold Tequila for the best me. like to go out but don't like letter. Tarnished Angels

smoke. Is there a smoke-free pub anywhere. or even one with a no-smoking area? When I broach the idea to most people they scoff and say how dull a non-smoking pub

Thank you for printing the article ‘Glasgow Animal Experiments i Condemned‘ in issue 186.

I am appalled to learn that Glasgow University's department of

my husband and I will not be seen to But Cope for Pope? No. For some enter again. reason this makes me feel very. very I would be most interested to know sad. . how other patrons feel. Oh. and all the films used to title

WOUId be- The Cqumi‘m JUSI (109.5“ Etta Stanhope the letters last issue starred the late ; Neuropathology are once again makc $01130 ‘0 mei M9 “CR Dame‘s Albert Drive ; Denholm Elliot, whose recent death T H b - - h h p l , -, and bad 'okesanvless wonderfulif . ~ ' . - t ' CO 8 oratmg w" t c ennSy Vdmd 1 ~ . .n . . Glasgow is another reason to be sad. 5 Head Injury Clinical Research you can breathe while cnioymg The ccA say ‘Well spotted. Etta, Sad Katie 5 Centre them? 1. ., . , ~ ' - - . ' V . p cast iomt again. Linkfield Road , - , Susan Mcomms . Mussclburgh After the callous disregard for

St Vincent Crescent


We can 't think of any offhand. Susan. Perhaps someone out there can recommend a smoke- free It ostel ry for the next issue?


I feel urged to write and record my disgust at the present erection at the CCA. Invited to a private launch of their gallery shows. I was shocked and ashamed to discover a 2()ft-high exhibition of naked masculinity standing before me. I am in no way a prude. indeed. in terms ofart I consider myself quite open to most forms; but this upfrontery was wholly unacceptable both for myself and my husband. I am lucky to be a trained nurse and so have

seen it all before. my husband however is still in a state ofshrivelled

disdain. Humiliated even at our presence in

' the room. we had hurried through to

the main gallery. only to be met by ‘Blind Biff Fucks a Pig‘. This. I have to say. is most definitely pushing things too far. Possibly the (‘CA wishes to shock; possibly they wish to drive certain members of the public away from the gallery; certainly. as two ordinary members.

cuscow mo someone. 4' mars GUIDE

GOT IT covenroh,-

L H . 84The List 6- 19 November 1992

Battle hymn

Thanks to Sue Wilson fora timely and well-informed piece on the arrival of the first Trident nuclear submarine on the Clyde (Agenda. The List 187). However. it didn‘t come across very clearly that Trident is a far from ‘independent‘ war machine. Each one ofthe Trident nuclear missiles. with their 5kg of plutonium. is leased from the US

Government. Not very independent

really. But if these obscene weapons ever

come to be used. and I hope to God . they never are. I don‘t suppose it

' matters who they belong to. Although ifthey did belong to John

Major. there is always the possibility that once fired. they might execute a U-turn.

Andrew O‘Neil

West Preston Street


Written on the wind

(‘an anyone explain why graffiti is so bad nowadays. At the Julian Cope concert last Wednesday. someone had written ‘Cope for Pope‘ in bright red lipstick on the toilet door. ()K. (‘ope played for hours and hours. and was brilliant value for money.

' J0 cUERVo __

So they did Katie. Life is sad. Perhaps some Gold Tequila from Jose Cuervo will cheeryou up. Just call into our office where a bottle awaits you.

All I desire

I have come to the conclusion that Tom Lappin‘s faculties have been fazed or frazzled by the sweet smell of that Camomile Lawn last spring. Is there any other explanation for his obvious fixation and infatuation with Tara Fitzgerald? He is normally so sensible. so cynically objective that. unless it concerns the kicking ofa leather bladder by Italians on Sunday afternoons. he is the first of your critics to spot a Sacred Cow hoofing it out of the byre. However. fortnight after fortnight we read attestations to the Wonderfulness of Tara in the Channel Hopping column. Will we see Tom For'l‘ara sweethearts penknifed into the bark of trees? Sadly. I see the very real threat of a personality cult rearing its

animal life shown in the past by researchers from the centre. it is insensitive of Glasgow to disregard the public outrage over this abuse

and continue to be associated with

the place.

The people of Scotland (and in particular Glasgow) should support Advocates for Animals in their campaign to end this collaboration

. once and for all. 1 Stan Blackley Gilmore Place


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