hink. of the name Fonda and you’re not, perhaps, immediately likely to put a Bridget in front of it. Old grandpa Henry, a model of Fordian integrity in those Westerns of yore or Auntie Jane in Barbarella babe or latterday PC mode might immediately spring to mind, and Easy Rider pater Peter too, to give some idea of the domestic competition on view here. Yet, with two movies in the US top ten in as many months, baby of the family Bridget Fonda looks at last set to escape from the ‘famous daughter from a famous family’ tag and

Lcarve herself a chunk of fame in her own

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Latest bud on the Fonda family tree, Bridget is far from overshadowed by her relations, with two hit films in the States at the moment. Trevor Johnston met her to talk fame and Single White Female.

right. It’ll be early next year before we see Cameron Crowe’s Singles, a twentysomething rock romance featuring Matt Dillon and sundry leading lights of the Seattle music scene, but for the meantime Barbet Schroeder’s classy metropolitan shocker Single White Female has given the blonde-bobbed one the bombshell of a role she’s been waiting for all along.

‘Oh, it’s not me,’ shrugs the star-in-the-making, dismissing the notion that this celluloid double-whammy has well and truly established her in the Hollywood firmament. ‘It’s the movies I’m in. Of course, it’s very nice to be doing work that’s

being seen and being well-received, but I guess I’m a bit of a knock on wood kinda gal. It’s great just for now, just for today, but I don’t want to jinx it.’

Single White Female sees the third generation Fonda as outwardly successful and confident computer design consultant Allie Jones, who, having just broken up with her boyfriend, suddenly needs to find a suitable flatmate to help pay the rent. Enter Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Hedy Carlson, a waif-like bookshop assistant who fits the bill as the ‘single, white female’ specified in Allie’s newspaper ad and can handily move in right away. Pretty soon the two of them are trading clothes and exchanging personal details in a relationship that swiftly develops into closeness, but warning lights start to flash when Hedy acquires a wardrobe and a hairstyle that virtually transform her into Allie’s identical twin. And once the