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Films screening this lortnight are listed below with certificate. credits. brielreview and venue details. Full length reviews of new releases can he found in Screen Test. Programme details appear in the Listings section which follows. Film Index compiled by Alan Morrison.

I Alba The Movie (U) (Lasse Halstrom. Swe/Australia. 1977) ABBA. Robert Hughes. Tom Oliver, Bruce Barry. 95 min. Made at the height of their populatrity. the wafer thin plotline consists of the four Swedes being pursued across 02 by a Sydney DJ. Dancing Queen. Waterloo. S. 0.3. . etc. Takes you back eh? Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I The Anna (15) (James Cameron. US. 1989) Ed Harris. Michael Biehn. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. 140 mins. An estranged couple get caught up in a tense drama on the sea floor in this movie made almost entirely underwater. It may not go down as a great artistic achievement. but it does push back a few boundaries of the possible in j movie-making. so it won't sink without trace. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Accidental Tourist ( 15) (Lawrence Kasdan. US. 1988) William Hurt. Geena Davis. Kathleen Turner. Amy Wright. 121 mins. Hurt playsa successful writer of mollycoddling travel guides. whose placid life is shattered when his wife (Turner) walks out. Left to his own devices. he falls for kooky dog trainer Davis. Hurt‘s impressive performance is at the centre of the film‘s quiet strengths and its absorbing depiction of everyday lives. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Acoustic Routes (PG) (Jan Leman. Scotland. 1992) Bert Jansch. Billy Connelly. Brownie McGee. 70 mins. Special BAT-TA Scotland screening of a Scottish documentary which follow: legendary guitarist Bert J ansch on a journey to the heart of American Blues. Presented by Billy Connelly. it includs performances by many folk and blues greats. Glasgow: GF'T.

I Allen Trilogy ( 18) (Ridley Scott/James Cameron David Fincher. US. 1979/86/92) Sigourney Weaver et a1. 116/137/114 mins. The complete Ripley adn friend story. from Scott's edge-of-the-seat suspense thriller. through Cameron's Rambo In Space. to Fincher‘s dark. atmospheric finale. A variety of styles and scares around every comer. Glasgow: GFT.

IAII Dogs Go to Heaven (U) (Don Bluth. US. 1989) With the voices of Burt Reynolds. Loni Anderson. Dom DeLuise. 84 mins. Likeable Alsatian Charlie Barkin is killed by his partner in small-time crime. but manages to trick his way out of the Afterlife to face earthbound adventure with cute orphan Anne-Marie as he seeks revenge on his double-crossing buddy. Strathclyde: Odeon Hamilton.

I Mal lieblev (12) (Andrei Tarkovsky. USSR. 1966) Anatoly Solonitsyn. Ivan Lapikov. Nikolai Grinko. 185 mins. Tarkovsky takes the life of a little known 15th century icon painter and turns him into a Christ-like figure suffering the pains of a divided Russia under the Tartars. A true epic told in visually stunning set pieces. with an uplifting sense of the strength of the human spirit. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Apocalypse flow! (18) (Francis Coppola. US. 1980) Martin Sheen. Marlon Brando. Robert Duvall. Dennis Hopper. 153 mins. Vietnam as The Ultimate Trip. We follow US Army assassin Sheen downriver and deeper into the Heart of Darkness ruled over by Brando's mad Colonel Kurtz. Alternater pretentious and visually overpowering (the Valkyries helicopter attack. for example). its grandiloquent folly somehow pierces right to the bone of the conflict. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank.

I L'Ateleete (PG) (Jean Vigo. France. 1934) Michel Simon. Jean Daste. Dita Parlo. 89 mins. The only feature to be made by the brilliant Vigo before his tragically early death. A simple narrative follows the tangled passions of newlyweds Daste and Parlo as they spend their honeymoon on a barge trip with seedy old captain Simon. L ’A ralante's rich cavalcade of ever-changing moods and unforgettably poetic moments of sensuality make it a unique classic to be cherished. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Beauty and the least (U) (Gary Trousedale/Kirk Wise. US. 1991) With the voices of Paige O'Hara. Robby Benson. Richard White. 84 mins. tThe first animated film ever to get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture is a classic by anyone‘s standards. The familiar story is supplemented by terrific songs. a host of comic characters and a breathtaking combination of

.: vet and attaches itself to the Newton family. Soon

- wreck domestic havoc. Endless visual gags and

' could have been dreamt up by the protagonist. Wonderfully amoral comedy of manners.

; I La Belle llolseuse Dlvertlmento (15) (Jacques

traditional and computer animation techniques. General release.

Ieeethovee (U) (Brian Levant. US. 1992) Charles Grodin. Bonnie Hunt. Dean Jones. 87 mins. A small St Bernard pup escapes from an evil

it grows to enormous proportions and begins to

good timing. particularly from Grodin. enliven what might have been a run-of—the-mill mutt movie. Strathclyde: Kelburne.

I Belle De Joer (18) (Luis Bunuel. France/Italy. 1967) Catherine Dcneuve. Jean Sorel. Michel Piccoli. 100 mins. The beautiful but bored wife of

a surgeon spends her afternoons working in a brothel where she meets an odd assortment of . characters. Bunuel‘s treatment of the bourgeoisie

is typically cool but unforgiving. and his blurring of the line between fantasy and reality sosuccesful that by the end. we are unsure if the whole movie

Glasgow: GFT. I La Belle llolseuse (15) (Jacques Rivettc. France. 1991 ) Michel Piccoli. Jane Birkin. Emmanuellc

Beart. 240 mins. Jaded painter Edouard ' Frenhofer (a tremendous performance from

Piccoli) finds inspiration in a new model. the effects of which spill over to his private life. Rivette's absorbing film mirrors the process of painting minutely observed details build into a powerful artistic vision. Central: MacRobcrt.

Rivette. France. 1991) Michel Piccoli. Jane

' Birkin. Emmanuellc Beart. 126 mins. Shorter version of Rivette‘s film in which a painter finds

inspiration in a new model. the effects of which spill over to his private life. Slightly different footage and re-editing gives a fresh. faster paced slant to an absorbing drama. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Betty Blue (18) (Jean-Jacques Beineix. France. 1986) Jean Hughes Anglade. Beatrice Dalle. 120 mins. Tempestuous love gone mad as an older handyman and a free-spirited woman embark on a passionate. peripatetic fling that ends in tragedy. Filmed with a dazzling technique and an irritating emptiness by the maker of Diva. Edinburgh: UCI. I The Big Blue (15) (Luc Besson. France. 1988) Rosanna Arquette. Jean-Marc Barr. Jean Reno. 120 mins. Barr and Reno. friends since they were children. are divers competing to reach the greatest depths without the aid of breathing equipment. and also rivals for the romantic attentions of Ms Arquette. A commercial smash in its native France. Besson‘s film is a stunningly photographed visual experience in varying shades of blue. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Bill a Ted's Bogus Journey (PG) (Peter Hewitt. US. 1991) Keanu Reeves. Alex Winter. George Carlin. Joss Ackland. 93 mins. Evil robot versions of that most excellent duo totally kill our heroes. causing them to take on the Grim Reaper at party games. make a quick visit to Heaven and eventually win the day. A triumphant sequel. slightly more coherent than the bodacious original in Bill and Ted terms. at least. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Ooh Roberts (15) (Tim Robbins. US. 1992) Tim Robbins. Alan Rickman. Giancarlo Esposito. Gore Vidal. 103 mins. Man-of-the-moment Robbins takes over as director. writer and star of this wonderfully sharp satire on contemporary American politics. The eponymous Roberts is a right-wing folk singer with senatorial ambitions. appearing here in a mocked-up Spinal Taptype documentary. Glasgow: GF'T.

I Boomerang (15) (Reginald Hudlin. US. 1992) Eddie Murphy. Robin Givens. Martin Lawrence. 120 mins. Eddie Murphy stops the downward spiral of his career with this slick tale of a notorious womaniser who meets his match when he finally falls in love. Not the continually outrageous Murphy of old. but all the better forit. General release.

I Daily The Vemplre Slayer ( 12) (Fran Rubei Kuzui. US. 1992) Kristy Swanson. Luke Perry. Rutger Hauer. 94 mins. Highschool cheerleader becomes vampire slayer in this insult to the intelligence horror-comedy that is neither funny nor scarey. With its dialogue slapped together from hip-for-fifteen-minutes phrases overheard in a shopping mall. it should have been staked at birth. Glasgow: MGM Parkhead. Fife: Robin's. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride. WMR.

I Calliorlia Hal (PG) (Les Mayfield. US. 1992) Sean Astin. Pauly Shore. Brendan Fraser. 88 mins. College loser and spacedout buddy dig up a prehistoric caveman. tidy him up a bit and pass him off as an Estonian exchange student as a means of wowing the babes. Substandard Bill dz Ted fare that adds even more loopy teen vocabulary to the Wayne's World dictionary. General release.

I Carry On Columbus (PG) (Gerald Thomas. UK. 1992) Jim Dale. Maureen Lipman. Alexei Sayle. 91 mins. Map shop proprietor Chris C gets an expedition command and takes off across the Atlantic pursued by Ahmed the Turkish spy.

18 The List 20 November 3 December 1992

Without the effortlessly zany presences of Sid James. Kenneth Williams et al . this new generation Carry On is noticably hollow. Sadly unfunny. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.

I Cinema Paradise (PG) (Giuseppe Tomatore. Italy/France. 1988) Phillipe Noiret. Jacques Perrin. Salvatore Cascio. 123 mins. Told largely in flashback . Cinema Paradiso traces young Salvatore's infatuation with his village cinema. and his growing friendship with its projectionist (played to perfection by Noiret). A recognition of the price we pay for our maturity. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Crylng Game (15) (Neil Jordan. UK. 1992) Stephen Rea. Forest Whitaker. Jaye Davidson. 112 mins. A disillusioned IRA terrorist strikes up a friendship with the black British soldier he has kidnapped. and subsequently finds himselfin London and in love with the latter‘s girlfriend. A

bold. unpredictable film that has plenty to say about notions of personal and sexual identity. If

only all British movies were as good as this. Edinburgh: Cameo. UCI. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank.

' I Dark Star (PG) (John Carpenter. US. 1974)

Brian Narellc. Dre Pahich. Cal Kuniholm. Dan O‘Bannon. 83 mins. Carpenter's excellent. low-budget debut has four 22nd-century

i astronauts and their extra-terrestrial pet freaking 5 out on an interminable journey through space. { Witty and ironic. it satirises US society. popular

culture and 2001 .' A Space Odyssey while providing solid entertainment. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Denlog1-5(Krzysztof Kieslowski. Poland. 1989) The first half of Kieslowski's remarkable set of hour-long films. loosely based on the Ten Commandments form a diverse and profound look at the lives of ordinary people in a Polish

housing block. Sunday 29 Nov only. with Parts 6—100n 13 Dec. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

IThe Detective (15) (Gordon Douglas. US. 1968) Frank Sinatra. Lee Remick. Jacqueline Bisset. 114 mins. Following on the heels of Tony Rome. Sinatra plays a good cop in a corrupt city investigating the murder of a homosexual. Tough and outspoken for its time. some of the attitudes have dated. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Dive (15) (Jean-Jacques Beineix. France. 1981) Frederic Andrei, Roland Bertin. Richard Bohringer. 117 mins. The twisted fate of two tapes. one an illegal recording of an American opera star. the other exposing a crime ring. is the central strand of this daffy Gallic cult favourite. Style exudes from every sprocket hole. Edinburgh: Cameo. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank.

I Don't love. Dle. Rise Again (15) (Vitali Kanevski, USSR, 1990) 105 mins. Two children use their wits to survive in a post-war Russian rrtining town, where the long-suffering miners co-exist with slave labourers and Japanese prisoners of war. Although filmed with detailed realism. it captures the sense of optimism that pervades Russian folksongs and which is hinted at in the regenerative title. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I The Mia Life of Veronleue ( 15) (Krzystof Kieslowski. Poland/France. 1991) Irene Jacob. Philippe Volter. Alexander Bardini. 110 mins. Two girls one Polish. the other French are born at the same time on the same day and come to discover that their fates are bound up together. An eerily fascinating and disturbing erotic dance of love and death from the director of Dekalog (The Ten Commandments). with an extraordinary twin performance by Cannes award-winner Jacob. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Strathclyde: Cannon Kilmamock.

I Europe Europe (15) (Agnieszka Holland. France/Gennany. 1991) Marco Hofschneider. Julie Delpy. Halina Labonarska. 112 mins. In an attempt to avoid the death camps. a young Jewish boy tries to pass himself off as a member of the Hitler Youth. Despite touching a few raw nerves on home territory. the films uses its 'based on a true story‘ caption as the excuse for all manner of unbelievable coincidences and laughable situations. A real disappointment. Fife: New Picture House. Strathclyde: Cannon Kilmamock. I Evergreen (PG) (Victor Saville. UK. 1934) Jessie Matthews. Barry Mackay. Sonnie Hale. 91 mins. Matthews takes on the dual roles of a music hall star and the struggling chorus girl who impersonates her. Strong Rodgers and Hart score lends weight to this vehicle for one of Britain's most popular singing stars of the 305. Glasgow: GET.

ITbe Exorcist (18) (William Friedkin. US. 1973) Linda Blair. Ellen Burstyn. Max Von Sydow. 110 mins. Earnest priest Von Sydow steps in to save poor little possessed girl in this hugely effective scarefest. Dead good. dead scarey. dead priest. Fife: Adam 18mith.

I Fear (18) (Rockne S. O‘Bannon. US. 1990) Ally Sheedy. Lauren Hutton. Michael O'Keefe. 95 mim. Sheedy stars as an LA psychic with a talent for tracking down psychopaths by reading their thought patterns. Takeing on one last case. she fails to predict that this time her quarry has psychic powers too. Po-faced and rather silly

chiller. with nothing new to add to the genre. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride. I Fellallly: The Last Ralerorest (U) (Bill Kroyer. US. 1992) With the voices of Tim Curry. Samantha Mathis. Jonathan Ward. 76 mins. In a secret forest world touched by magic. a young fairy shrinks a human lumberjack. who then has to help save the rainforest from destruction. Eco—edged animation has a lot to recommend it other than its well-meaning intentions: lush colour. sweeping computer-aided cameras. and a decent set of songs. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Fork Few Dollars lore (PG) (Sergio Leone. Italy/Spain/Germany. 1965) Clint Eastwood. Lee Van Cleef. Gian Maria. 130 mins. Two bounty hunters (Eastwood and Van Cleef) join forcesto hunt down a crazy bandit and his gang. The second of the Man With No Name series. with the usual stylish camerawork and Morricone score. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The Four Horsemen olttie Apocalypse (PG) (Rex Ingram. US. 1924) Rudolph Valentino. Alice Terry. Nigel de Brulier. 114 mins. Dramatic and atmospheric tale of a family torn apart by war and loyalties. it made Valentino the greatest star of his generation. The special effects are striking for their time. With live piano accompaniment. Glasgow: GFI‘. I 1492: Conquest of Paradlse (15) (Ridiey Scott. US. 1992) Gerard Depardieu. Sigourney Weaver. Armand Assante. 150 mins. The best of the Columbus fleet casts its protagonist in tragic idealist mode, a man whose dream of aegalitarian paradise is set against the harsher dictates of the Spanish imperialists. A visual masterpiece by Scott; a performance of truly heroic proportions by Depardieu. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cameo. Borders: Kingsway. I Freddie As F.R.OJ. (U) (Jon Acevski. UK. 1992) With the voices of Ben Kingsley. Jenny Aguttcr. Brian Blessed. Nigel Hawthorn. A French prince turned into a frog becomes F.R.O.7.. the toast of the secret service. The first in a planned series of animated features is certainly well cast in the voice department. but the animation reminds you more of the substandard world of Dangermouse than the wonderful world of Disney. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. I The French Lleuteeent's Women (15) (Karel Reisz. UK. 1981) Meryl Streep. Jeremy Irons. Leo McKcrn. 123 mins. Past and present. reality and artifice. passion and scandal are artfully juxtaposed in Harold Pinter‘s masterful adaptation of the John Fowles novel. which contrasts the Victorian romance of a scholarly gentleman with a fallen woman. and the contemporary affair between actor and actress portraying them in a film. Slightly starchy but rich and satisfying. Fife: New Picture House. I Fried Green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cate (12) (Jon Avnet. US. 1991) Kathy Bates.Jessica Tandy. Mary Stuart Masterson. Mary-Louise Parker. 130 mins. After the local Ku Klux Klan threatens the busy cafe in Whistle Stop. Alabama for serving coloured customers. the female owner and her black handyman find themselves on trial for an unsolved murder. A chronicle of courage and ingenuity that avoids becoming as overwhelmingly heart-warming as one might have feared. Glasgow: GFT. I From Here To Eternity (PG) (Fred Zinnemann. US. 1953) Burt Lancaster. Deborah Kerr. Frank Sinatra. 118 mins. Cinematic soap opera with all the necessary love and jealousy set in a Pearl Harbour army base before the Japanese bombing. Frank won an Oscar. while Burt and Debbie tangled with more than the seaweed on the beach. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I 8.i. Blues (PG) (Norman Taurog. US. 1960) Elvis Presley. Juliet Prowse. Robert Ivers. 104 mins. First of Taurog‘s Elvis vehicles has the King 5 as a musical G. I. in Germany. sleepwalking his ; way through romance. punch-ups and songs. I Edinburgh: St Bride‘s. I Sleeper" Glen Ross (15) (James Foley. US. 1992) Al Pacino. Jack Lemmon. Ed Harris. Alan E

Arkin. 100 mins. The combination of Foley's camera and Mamet’s dialogue makes for verbal choreography in this hard-hitting. word-heavy account of the bonding and back-stabbing in a US real estate office. The cast are magnificent. Pacino and Lemmon outstanding. Underrated director Foley does wonders to break out of the stageplay format. Not easy going. but an unforgetable achievement. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Dominion. Odeon. UCI. I Bone Will! The Vllnd (PG) (Victor Fleming. US. 1939) Clark Gable. Vivien Leigh. Olivia dc Havilland. Leslie Howard. 220 mins. This new print has restored the original colour to the classic. fifty-three-year-old tale that brings alive the era of the civil war through gripping narrative and characrerisation. remaining faithful to Margaret Mitchell's powerful novel. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride.

I Gulliver's Travels (U) (Peter Hunt. UK. 1976) Richard Harris. 81 mins. Inoffensive treatment of Swift's raucous parable for the matinee market. Interesting as a pre-Roger Rabbit example of the