i MUSIC FOLK & WORLD ti I cleans Cailidil Sloans Ballroom, Argyll I premiere of James MacMillan's 227 5511 (Ticket Centre, Candleriggs). Edinburgh . Street. 7—11pm. £5. Bar. Live bands. t Sinfoniefla. with the Violin Concerto and I 3pm. £3 (£2). Sea Fever, a specially , , i I black Ball Folk Club Black Bull Hotel, 1 Symphony No I by Sibelius. Jerzy ; devised programme from Csardas to I "'0 Rococo Dams“ CUlmral lnsmmc :3 f Milngavie. 8.30pm. £2.50 (£1.75). The Maksymiuk conducts and Kurt Nikkanen t complement the Burrell‘s major autumn l 09""? Tenacc' 225 7189' 7309'“ DamSh t a.“ m. . ts soloist. i exhibition. French composers and sea t trio w1th works by lbert, Niels.E]e,Corea. ‘1 I Scotia lilies Scotia Bar, Stockwell ' I F0108 “WWW” 30000830” Guinness ; themes are to the fore in works by Thomas Clauscnfmfl Tedcscm' i Street, 552 8681. 3.30pm. Free. The Blues Room, RSAMD. 100 Renlrew Street. 332 ; Saint-Saéns, Faure. Satie, Elgar and t I co" m "me ng sncalrc‘ Lac" i , 5057. 8pm. £4 (£2.50). French and 5 Ireland. % ismr‘tflcfi‘f‘ 2321,4339 (2:33?“ French-inspired music for mezzo soprano, ? I The Ci of GI; ow Chorus and S no 59 Y 0'“ i .fgc ~ M 0 N DAY 30 flute and music technology, tnctudtng t anhcflgaty H29", Candtcfiggs. $7" "y 5 7.15pm. Extra datethr127..£10—£35. T I Debussy, Messiaen and Janet Beat. 5511, 7.30pm. £4.50_£8_ First concert by Womenare like that ls‘the literal ! h the New Glasgow Singers in their 3 translation of Mozart s opera oflovc, i I Utilitpr Folk Club Black Bitch inn, 9 1 reincarnation celebrates the group‘s 10th lcalcfusl and mmg‘lc' SFOltO'Sh Opera t l West Port, Linlithgow. 8.30pm. Members I [autumn unmnny Cong." Reid anniversary with blockbusters including reveal 11k? Whal— w'lh “mil” ",cf’tmcm : i £2, non-members £2.50, eoncessions£2. Concert Hall, Bristo square. Free at door. t Zadok the Priest, Walton‘s Crown ' for me" _ '" um rcv‘val “f'th Elgdbmh , i : Guests this week Val iiaila. Hopm, OrganistDouglasuomckpiay, lmperialand Dvorak's Te Deum. i rsgfrggggfimgfimggngf"8rKW 1 the Prelude and Fu ue in E at b Bach. i I Jail" CWT“ Sinfln and menu"! . 'r i v I Edinburgh Univerfity Concfrt Rzid I Stevenson Hall, RSAMD, 100 Renfrew I Jifhntlligllfingu‘igmowmggg :(flzncen i I Pandemonium Hutcheson's Hall, Concert Hall, Bn’sto Square. Tickets: ; Street, 332 5057. 7.30pm. £8 (£7/£4.50). 32gcnmsmdsd-f 196 tires; £3)~Th ‘- t . Ingram Sttcct 7.30pm. £4 (£2.50) EUMS Members, 7,30pm, Music for ': Not quite the right season but who cares? - L‘ p ' j . t ' (sfm y. ' [L 5 . , _ , . . . . . - ondon Cantllcna Wind Qumtet play .' film Tryst. Ticket information see Sun strings from Edinburgh UniverSlty String . Summer Songs by Frank SPCddmg are _ B, nok F ' I . B tr. F. t D. . I i 22. In memory of Hugh MacDiarmid Orchestra, whose programme covers teamed With the Requiem by Faure. ' d ' ' ' r‘mc‘m“ ° ‘0‘ dun“ ‘mz' i . . . . . . . and Hailam. . mm" [,1ch magazine has brought . Mozart 5 Ease Klelne Nachtmusrk, Bach I I “cum, Edinburgh Soctcty of i I togclhcr Poets arid writers inelu‘llngl'l" and Mendelssohn ' Musicians, 3 Belford Road. Further info- i Crichton Smith and George Bruce with guest 3 I 880 Usher Hall. Lothian Road. 228 z I Edinbumh University Cancun St 9 225 5366 (French Institute). 7.30pm. The I mUSiCianS. 1155' 7'30pm' EXtra dale: 53121 i E Stephen‘s Chumh» foo‘ 0f Howe Street. Cock and the Harlequin or Paris in the 4 Glasgow “25413.50 Ail-Rus§ian night Tickets: at door. 7.30pm. Rossini‘sPetite 3 19203. Colin Kingsley gives thc last : i 1 ' w‘lh Alexander Lazar" Conduamg ? M8356 3010'1'19119 P”formed by Edinburgh i instalment of his three part series of . i Romeo “’“U‘d‘e‘ 39d the P01th ! UHiVCTSil)’ Singers- 5 musical life in Paris in the years following i Edinburgh i Symphony by Tchaikovsky. wrth : I Scottish Sintonia Queen’s Hall. Clerk 5 the Second wmtd wa,_

j Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No I in { Street, 668 2019. 7.45pm. £4.50 (£3.50). 5 l "l" cum" smut/“I'm ' thc middic- English music from Parry and Elgar t U R S

Gillies/Sarcoma Stevenson Assembly I trombone/Electronics Recital Sculpture

. . alongside Haydn's Trumpet Concerto and i G I w ¥D(l)‘mt:,g€(tg§618t::cté 220 43f28. 8.30pm. ; gourt,tEdiPr'llburgl212Cér)9|:lfigle oft/343. , Dvorakrs Symphony No 6. t go ic e . n e uroca can 3 uns on ace, ex . ' l , _. , evening of poetry with original music for f 7.30pm. A programme of music for an???“ it:le {Vlfifctdriszélz‘lsns‘zl the Scottish small harp from Savourna. ; trombone, tape and live electronics by i , (Tcsk ‘tcC [gtc ' d1 1C. c 12 3(‘ I Penlctilk Folk Club Navaar Hotel, John Kenny- also on alphorn and John , 1C C en rc‘ an Uiggsh ' )pm'

£3 (£2.50). The Edinburgh Quartet are I Lunchtime comm" HUtChcsons Halli 2 ; joined by ciarinettist Lawrence Gill for 1

John Street. Tickets: at door. 1.15—2pm. MozattvS Clan-net Quint“ £150- PuP‘ls 0‘ the MU“ SChOOI 0‘ I Lunchtime Concert Concert Hall.

Penicuik. 8pm. Singaround. Whiting.

I Edlnli ll Univers String Orchestra 2 Reid Courigert Hall, gyristo Square.

G Tlcl‘cm' at door' .7'30pm',£4 (£2250) Ewe i Douglas Academy ale guests 0f . ; Glasgow University. Free at door. . . “glue Nacmmuslk’ BaCh S Slate m B i Strathdydc umvcmty Mus“: 5003‘)“ i l 15 in An hour ofviolin and iano music I Los Supreme: Cottiers, nghburgh minor, the Concertina Pastorale by t . 5 f‘ pM' l. ' F h, ' ' d Ed p, d w] Road. 8pm. Free. Ireland and Mendelssohn‘s String Edinburgh i ’9’" '55:. t or? “GT? if . 1 cs’ I Val Halla Scotia Bar, Stockwell Street, symphony N012 make up this student I Edinburgh "Mum" Comm Reid 9 int 15 year s asgow USIC 552 8681' 8'30pm' Frce' sump S amadwc pregrammc' Concert Hall, Bristo Square. Free at door. 5 I Academy Wind Orchestra Stevenson Edinburgh SATURDAY 21 1.10pm.Afterthe TrystbyJames T Hall, RSAMD, 100 Renfrew Street,332 i MacMillan is the centrepiece of violinist 3 5057. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). Works by . “WWW” Folk “up cafe Royale Gabriella Lester and Alexandra Bernstein, Stravinsky. Maw and Dana Upsmmi we“ ch‘Stcr Slice“ 557 4792' Andrievsky‘s programme of music for Wilson. 89m 8 (a)' seasonal cell'dh and dance I “80 Glasgow Royal come" “31112 violin and piano, completed by Beethoven ! I 880 Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 2 i With the ‘0‘" Women and “"0 "‘6" 0m“? Sauchichall SW36!- TicketSI 227 5511 and Ravel. Sauchiehall Street. Tickets: 227 551 1 i cum". mum“ (Tleet camel Candlenggsl- 730W“: I ll Trovatore King’s Theatre, Leven (Ticket Centre, Candleriggs). Extra 5 TH U R 3 DAY 3 “25-51850- 366 PH 20. Edinburgh Street. Tickets: 220 4349 (Ticketline, 2 dates; Fri 27, Edinburgh and Sat 28, ' Assembly Rooms, George Street); ; Glasgow. 7.30pm. £4.25—£18.50. Russia 7.15pm. Extra date: Sat 28. £10—£35. ' and France are the countries featured , I Edinburgh Royal Choral Union St Scottish 0 rain 3 new roduction of toni ht with Prokofiev and Tchaikovsk ' 3W5" 9'“ Glasgow 50W“)? t Cuthbert’s Church, toot of Lothian Road. Verdi's coriiiilex but woiiderfully italian t follogwcd by Debussy. Ravel and Bizet,ihe ; Music‘anst 73 Berkeley 5"“1' bcs'de ' Tickets: 668 2019 (Queen’s Hall Box romantic opera. Musical Director in f latter‘s Symphony in C providing the '

Mnehcu Theatre' 8pm ’2’ songs and Office). 7.30pm. £6. A concert ofEnglish waiting Richard Armstrong conducts, and § closing work. humour from veteran "eh Fm" church music marks the centenary of the Leonora is sung by 1991 Cardiff Singer of ! Ed . b h birth of organist and composer Herbert the World, Lisa Gasteen. I" u '9 Howells with several of his works, notably I Concert ior Action Aid Queen‘s Hall, g I Chamh" Music at Queen Street BBC I snugglenlny La Belle Angele, Hasties the Te Deum, plus choral music by his Clerk Street, 668 2019. 8pm. Serenata, Broadcasting House 5 Queen Street.‘ Close, behind 369 Gallery, 225.2774. contemporaries, Parry, Bairstow and conducted by Peter Jones, and the BBC Tickets: BBC Reception. Edinburgh m by - 9.30pm—lam. Free. Celtic mu51c sesswn. Elgar. Timothy Byram-Wigfield conducts. Scottish Brass Ensemble, directed by post from Room 1 13. BBC. Queen

I "in." “it Clflb Dean Tavern, ; I Edinburgh University Concert MeEwan Nigel Boddiee, play music by Grieg, Margaret Dn-vc Glasgow 012 8DG Newtongrange. £2 (£1). 8pm. Singaround. Hall, Bristo Square. Tickets: EUMS Telemann, Elgar and Mozart, a world (please enclose gac). 1_2pm. Extra date: Contact 663 1514. Tickets only for the : Members. 7.30pm. A scratch premiere by Nigel Don and Portrait of Fri 27‘ Glasgow (different programme) MINORS. l performance of Mozart‘s Mass in C minor 1 Scotland from the players‘ own Free. Roll over Beethoven? pianist 1 led by Edinburgh University Musical manuscri 0 ts. Michael R0” plays ttv0 Beethoven ISM.“ Gum.” mum" Stcccmals IJulius Caesar King's Theatre, Leven 5 Hal" COWSa‘c- T'CWS: i“ do“ 7-45Pm- Glasgow Street. Tickets: 2204349 (Ticketline, £5 (£3). 17th century itallan andtGertnan . Assembly Rooms, George Street). 1 mum on original instruments w1th'Linda I Schools Peltormance J ordanhlll College. 7.15pm. £10435 Ohc Edinburgh 5 Howie, soprano, and Noel O’Regan, Further info: 552 4400 ext 3444 (A. performance only of Scottish Opera‘s new ; baritone. Directed by Murray Campbell. Tavener). 1.30-3.30pm. Strathclyde Handel production With Michael ChaneC m t I Charity Recital - Chiidlino Scotland University Orchestra. . making his debut with thc company in the i Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street, 6682019. I 8C0 City Hall, Candleriggs, 227 5511. title tote. Reviews suggcst your" love it or I Concerts enlisted by date, then by city. t 7.45pm. £5. New duo of Abigail Hopkins, 7.30pm. £3—£15. Premiere of Peter loathc it. 5 Classical Listings compiled by Cami Main. i bassoon, and Margaret J affrey-Smith, Maxwell Davies’s latest Strathclyde 2 I Y 2 T E piano, play Granados, Ravel and Ivor the Concerto N0 7 for double bass with the F R l } Engine in its original arrangement. composer conducting and Duncan MeTier G I as aw ' E N as solorst. Providing the frame are two 9 l . works by Beethoven, Coriolanus and the I mud" Cone," Stevenson Han, i I Midday Concert Stevenson Hall, G Piano Concerto No 2, directed from the RSAMD‘ 100 Rehttcw Street‘ 332 5057_ RSAMD, 100 Renfiew Street. 332 5057- keyboard by Peter Donohoc- 1pm. £2 (£1). Pianist Michael Roll in an all 1pm. £2 (£1). The Academy Strings play I Sunday Organ Concert Art Gallery and I Glasgow University Orchestra Bute Hall, Beethoven recital of thc 50mm, in A flat Bach and Tchaikovsky. Museum, Kelvingrove, 357 3929. Glasgow University. Tickets: at door. 0p 26 and Emtca Variations. I “C 880 Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 2 2.30—3pm and 3.30—4pm. Free. Alan 7.30pm. £4 (£2). A new work by Allan . I Sauchiehall Street. Tickets: 227 5511 Buchan of St Stephen’s Parish Church in Smith sits alongside the more familiar I ll b u rg h (Ticket Centre, Candleriggs). 7.30pm. Edinburgh gives today's informal recital. orchestral fare of Schumann's Manfred . i £3415. Start of the orchestra‘s main I artiste at tile cumll Burrell Collection, Overture and Rhenish Symphony and 35""b"g"l:";3"9""§ °°P°°"FR°‘d d winter series features the Scottish Pollok Park, Pollokshaws Road. Tickets: Mozart‘s Symphony No 38. The Prague. 1 olnccn F d guarch Sec :0“ L . 0pm. resco a l, uxte u e, ac J

40 The List 20 November 3 December 1992