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' American ‘civilisation’.

‘Swamped by modernism , liberalism,'and feminism, the Church of England will soon be no more than a rotting carcass.’

One gets the impression that Rev Francis Bown was not in favour of last week ’5 historic decision to allow women into the priesthood.

‘I would certainly not have looted downtown, I would have started on Rodeo Drive. If you’re gonna loot, you might as well get stuff you want.’ Whoopi Goldberg gives her slant on the LA riots.

m I Humane vermin

extermination. just one at the nappy-go-Iucky topics tackled in Natural theatre

Company's ‘anti-panto’ Nutcrackers, in Paisley. See Theatre listings.

‘Very nearly a bullet.’ I PC Ray Hall describes what went through his mind when fired on by I IRA terrorists in London. '

The List 21) November ~ 3 Dcccmhcr WW 3