Lux? Schmux!

What a load of nonsense Lux Europae is. Although some individual pieces are impressive I just can’t warm to it. To me, it is a cold and cynical attempt to buy us off. When the Euro Summit hits town in December, Edinburgh will experience the biggest police clamp-down on freedom of movement the city ever seen, and in return they give us neon lights and marbles.

Lets face it, if Euro politicians weren’t coming, it would not have happened at all. Funding for arts projects should be all year round and for all of us, not just a pathetic political circus. The real purpose of Lux Europae is to divert our minds from the realities of the recession, water sell-off and increasing unemployment, inflicted upon us by grim men in grey suits.

Gill Young Broughton Street Edinburgh


Lighten up, Gill, and have a bottle of wonderful golden tequila from Jose Cuervo, which should see you through the dark days of the summit!

Fag end?

I agree entirely with your correSpondent Susan McGinnis, on the subject of smoky pubs. I am sure there would be a great marketing opportunity for ‘Glasgow’s first smoke-free pub’.

Scott Simpson

Novar Drive


Auld Reekie

I am afraid that I am unable to contribute any ideas to Susan McGinnis in the way of smoke-free pubs in Glasgow. However, if she is ever over in Edinburgh, she could try out the Filmhouse bar and



cuscow AND romeuncu mann-

GOT IT covenEi


Lighting up Edinburgh, more smoking in Glasgow and unphased international guests. Oh, we do get funny letters at List Towers now the summit is near. If you think

restaurant. While passing a suitably , alcoholic evening in there recently I

was very surprised, and rather

: pleased, to notice that there was no one in the room who was smoking.

More please! James MacDonald Eire Crescent Edinburgh

Ignorant critique

I write in response to Ms Etta Stanhope’s letter published in issue 188 of The Lisa in which she submitted a rather ignorant critique ofthe Rory Donaldson/John Yeadon exhibition currently at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

It must be said, that Ms Stanhope, for all her experience as a ‘trained nurse‘, appears to be living in somewhat of a political time-warp in her view on censorship and her embarrassingly poor working knowledge ofthe visual arts. I would suggest that Etta and her husband make some effort to broaden their

, vision of the world, rather than J exercising their offensive bigotry.

84 The List 20 November 3 December 1992

My company is regularly host to many international guests, the most recent of which I am proud to say, I have personally taken to CCA, and through the supposed ‘controversial‘ exhibition. Wake up Etta! Unlike your letter, these artists are

you have something to say, then drop us a line. Those very decent people at Jose Cuervo will give a bottle of their completely divine Gold Tequila to the best one we publish.

is more confusion in the world than


Kirstine Davies

Co-ordinator Kirstine & Kirstine Inkorporated Cleveden Drive

Glasgow. I Fair game

7 What on earth were you doing listing an antiques fair with over halfa

million quids worth of antiquated,

g overpriced rubbish in the Open

Listings? Surely this part of the

magazine is your bid to include agit-prop on the agendas of your readers? If it had been in aid of 3 charity that would have been 3 suitable, but not something to line 9 the pockets ofthe smug traders in the . people‘s past.

Actually, I would not have been

I moved to write about this matter if

you had not included the ‘bizarre artefact ofthe fortnight‘. An

e lephant's foot fashioned into a coal

bucket! I am quite flabbergasted at

g the very idea that you could highlight : such an event at a time when firstly

the coal industry is being flushed down the swanee by a hopelessly incompetent government, and

secondly, there are moves to lift the

ban on ivory trade. which will even further jeopardise the existence of

the elephant.

Andrew Galloway

consciously demonstratingthatthere Lillybank Gardens Glasgow

.42 a,

Separatist accents

I have just returned from a performance of The House Among the Stars at the Traverse Theatre, and feel I must correct the highly belligerant misrepresentation of the 3 play which you published as a

‘review’ in issue 188. Ignoring your

reviewer’s obviously fallacious

, statement that this is a ‘theatrical TV movie‘ and his failure to even

1 attempt to outline the plot, his

j comment concerning the use of language is simply ignorant. He has failed to grasp one of the play's

i central aspects: that each generation of the family speak in very different dialects, representing the changes brought about in the playwright’s native Quebec.

This is the play’s premiere outside Canada, which surely indicates the high level ofconfluence between Scotland and Quebec. The old Scottish, Glaswegian and anodine English accents used by the three generations, accentuate this confluence and clearly express the sentiments which have made the Scottish theatrical establishment take Michel Tremblay to their hearts.

Catherine Salway Comely Bank Edinburgh

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