. FFVF: Media in Mind 9pm.


Lothian Road, 228 2688. Bar. Restaurant. ; [E]. [D]. Matinees£2 (Child/Student! UB40/OAP£1.50); shows commencing before 7pm £2.50 (Child/Student/ UB40/OAP £2); shows commencing after 7pm, double bills and Sunday Matinees £3.30 (no concessions), bookable in advance. No concessions on Sats.


1. Waterland (15) 2.30pm, 5.05pm. 9pm.

A Nasty Piece oi Work: personal appearance of Spitting Image’s Roger Law. 7pm.

2. Wayward Girls and Wicked Women, prog 2 (15) 3pm, 5.10pm, 6.45pm.

FFVF: Independents NDW18.30pm.

FFVF: The Body Politic 10.30pm.


1. Femgully: The Last Rainiorest (U) 2.30pm.

Waterland (15) 5.05pm, 7pm, 9pm.

2. FFVF: Tackling the Issues 1 lam.

FFVF: First Heels 1pm.

FFVF: First Beels Forum 3pm.

FFVF: Electronic All from Berlin 5pm.

FFVF: State otthe Mellon 7pm.

FFVF: Straitgate 11pm.


1. Thunderheart (15) 3pm, 8pm.

2. FFVF: Tackling the Issues 2 11.30am. FFVF: Artist's Eye 1pm.

FFVF: Artist's Film a Video Forum 3pm. FFVF: Seeing Clearly 5pm.

FFVF: Best oithe Fest7pm.


1. The Big Blue (15)2.30pm. Thunderheart ( 15) 6pm, 8.20pm.

2. Things to Come (PG) 3pm. 6pm, 8.20pm. TUESDAYS

1. Thunderheart (15) 2.30pm, 8.20pm. The Big Blue (15) 6pm.

2. Daughters oi Darkness (18) 3pm. 8.45pm.

Things to Come (PG) 6.30pm. WEDNESDAY 9

1. Husbands and Wives (15)6.30pm.

8. m.

2. Rocco and His Brothers (18) 2pm, 5.25pm.

Daughters oi Darkness ( 18) 8.45pm. THURSDAY 10

1. Husbands and Wives (15) 2.30pm, 5pm, 7.05pm.

Nell Innes Live on stage! 9.15pm.

2. The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On (15) 3pm, 7.30pm with lecture.


ICAMEO Home Street. 2284141 . Fri 4:

1. Peeping Tom (18) and The Honeymoon Killers (18) 11.30pm.

2. Peter's Friends (15) 11.45pm.

3. Di Mice and Men(PG) 11.55pm.


1. Bitter Moon ( l8) and Last Tango in Paris (l8)11.30pm. : Cinemas 2 and 3 see Fri 4.

I UCI Kinnaird Park, Kinnaird Road, 669 0777. [D]. (Over l8only). Fri 4/Sa15:

. SisterAct(PG)11.30pm.

Death Becomes Her (PG) 11.45pm. The Last oi the Mohicans ( 12) midnight.

1 Single White Female (18) 12.10am. f Unlawiul Entry(18) 12.20am.


I KINGSWAY Market Street, Galashiels,

0896 2767. £2.40 (Child/OAP£1.30)

; The Last oi the Mohicans ( 12) 7.30pm.


IALLANPARK Allanpark Road, Stirling, 0786 74137.£2.50(ChiId/OAP/Student/

UB40£1.30. NB: Student/U340

concessions not available Fri-Sun). No 1 unaccompanied children after 6pm.

1. Sister Act (PG) 2.20pm (Satonly).

; 5.55pm, 8.25pm; Sun 7.25pm only.

The Man Hypnotist: Sat only 11.30pm. 2. Single White Female (18) (not Sun) 5.25pm, 8pm.

Peter Pan (U) Sat only, 2.45pm.

Home Alone 2 (PG) Sun only, 7pm.

I CALEDONIAN Almondvale Centre. Livingston, 0506 33163. £2.60 (Child/OAP £1 .30). Family ticket £7—£9. 1. SisterAct (PG) 1.45pm (Satonly), 5.45pm, 8pm.

2. Sneakers (12) 1.45pm (Satonly), 5.15pm, 7.45pm.

I CANNON Princess Street. Falkirk, 0324 23805. £2 (Child/OAP£1.30).

1. Death Becomes Her (PG) 2.20pm (Sun: 2.50pm), 5.20pm, 8pm.

2. SisterAct(PG) 2.30pm (Sun: 3.10pm), 5.40pm. 8.20pm; Sat 1.40pm,3.55pm, 6.05pm, 8.20pm.

3. Single White Female (18) 2.40pm (Sun 3.40pm),5.10pm (not Sun), 8. 10pm(Sat 7.30pm, 10pm).

Home Alone 2 (PG) Sun only, 5pm.

I MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE Stirling University, 078661081. [D] [E] £3 (£2). Belle deJour(18) Sun 6, 7.30pm.

Big Wednesday (PG) Mon 7, 7.30pm. Pepi, Luci, Bom and All the Other Girls ( 18) Wed 9, 7.30pm.

I REGAL North Bridge Street, Bathgate, 0506 634 152. £2.50 (Child£1.50) (OAP/Student/UB40 £1.50 Mon-Thurs only).

The Last oi the Nohicans (12) 5.30pm,



L I CANNON High Street, Kirkcaldy. 0592

: 260143.[D](screcnsZand3).£2

f (Child/OAP£1.30).

; 1. Death Becomes Her (PG) 2. 10pm (not

I Sun),5.20pm.8.2()pm.

2. SisterAct (PG) 2pm (not Sun).5.30pm. f 8.10pm.

: 3. Single White Female (18) 2.20pm (not

Sun). 5. 10pm, 8.25pm. I GLENROTHES CINEMA Church Street.


2o 11.; it's-£4 Iii December 1992

PES‘CB ur‘aflt

10,.anchor close, Cockburn street

BAEDQCXD\ “sensed

LUNCH 12—2.30pm EVENINGS 6—11pm (last orders 10.30pm)

EDINBURGH 226 5145 50, east iountainbrldgo EDINBURGH 228

Glenrothcs 0592 750 980 £2 (Child £1.10). Closed Sunday. 1. Sneakers 12) 7.3 m.

2. Strictly Ballroom (PG) Fri/Sat8.15pm, Mon—Thurs 7.50pm.

Beauty and the Beast (U) 2pm (Sat only). 6.45pm (Fri/Sat only).

Home Alone 2 (PG) Sun only. 2pm.

I NEW PICTURE NOUSE North Street, St Andrews 0334 73509. [D]. Cinema 1: £2.30 Circle, £2 stalls (Kids/OAPs£1.50); Cinema 2: £2.30 all seats. Closed Sunday, except during school holidays.

1. 1492: Conquest oi Paradise (15) 7.20pm. The Commitments (15) Wed 9, 11pm.

2. The Last oi the Mohlcans (12)8pm.

I ROBINS East Port, Dunfermline 0383 623 535. £2.50 (concessions £1.50). No concessions Sat evening. Monday, all seats £1 .50.

1. Death Becomes Her(PG) Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon 6. 15pm, 8.45pm. Tue/chfl‘hurs 7.45pm only. Sat mats 12.30pm, 2.30pm. Sun mat3.30pm.

2. Sister Act (PG) Fri/Sat/Mon 6.30pm, 8.30pm. Sun 3.15pm,8.30pm. Tue/Wedffhurs 7.30pm only. Sat mats 12.15pm, 2.45pm.

Special Preview: Home Alone 2 Sun 6 Dec 6.30pm.


I CANNON Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock, 0563 37288. Adults £2.30, children/CAP £1.50.

1. Death Becomes Her (PG) 1.25pm (not Sun), 3.40pm, 6pm, 8.45pm.

2. Sister Act (PG) 1.25pm (not Sun), 3.30pm, 5.50pm, 8.40pm.

3. Single White Female (18) 1.10pm (not Sun). 3.30pm. 5.55pm (not Sun). 8.45pm. Home Alone 2 (PG) Sun only, 5 .45pm.

I KELBURNE Glasgow Road, Paisley, 889 3612. [D]. £3.20(Child/OAP/Student/ UB40£1.80).

Phone for details

I ODEON Burns Statue Square, Ayr. 0292 264 ()49. [D](cinemas 2. 3 & 4 only). Bar. £3.75 (Child/OAP/Student/ UB40£2.75 for performances starting before 7.30pm). Bookable luxury seats £4.50 (all screens). Saturday Lates £4.50; morning shows £2. Family ticket £10 before 4.30pm.

1. SisterAct(PG)1.10pm,3.40pm, 6.10pm,8.50pm, 11.05pm (Satonly).

2. Single White Female (18) 1.15pm, 3.45pm.6.15pm,8.40pm.11.15pm(Sat only).

3. Beauty and the Beast (U) Fri—Sun only, 1.20pm. 3.50pm.

The Last oi the Mohicans (12) 1pm (not Fri—Sun), 3.30pm (not Fri-Sun), 6pm (not Sun),8.35pm, 10.55pm (Satonly).

Home Alone 2 (PG) Sun only. 6pm.

4. Death Becomes Her (PG) 1.05pm, 3.35pm, 6.05pm, 8.45pm, ll.20pm(Sat only).

Kids Shows Sat morning only:

SisterAct (PG) 10.40am.

Caliiomia Man (PG) 10.45pm.

Beauty and the Beast (U) 10.50am.

Freddy as F.B.D.7. (U) 10.55am.

I ODEON Townhead Street, Hamilton.

0698 283 802. [D](cinemas 2 & 3 only). £4 and £3.50 (Child/OAP/Student/U B40 £2) Early evening performances £2.50n and £2.20; no concessions on final shows.

1. SisterAct (PG) 12. 15pm,2.50pm. 5.30pm, 8.20pm.

2. Single White Female (18) 12.35pm, 3.10pm, 5.45pm (not Sun), 8.20pm.

Home Alone 2 (PG) Sun only, 5.45pm.

3. Death Becomes Her (18) 12.25pm, 3pm. 5.35pm, 8.25pm.

I LA SCALA Hamilton Street, Saltcoats, 0294 62051 [D] by prior arrangement. £2.50 (Child/Student/UB40 £1 . ; OAP 80p) (£1.50 Mon,Thurs).

1. Glengarry Glen Ross (15) 7.50pm.

2. Caliiomia Alan (PG) 1.45pm (Sat only). 8pm.

I UCI Clyde Regional Centre, Clydebank, 041951 1949/2022. [D]. Shows commencing before 6pm £2.50; after 6pm £3.60 (Child/Student/OAP £2.25 allday). Death Becomes Her (PG) 1.45pm, 4.20pm, 6.50pm,9.10pm, 11.50pm (Fri/Satonly). SisterAct(PG)1.35pm,4.10pm,6.40pm, 9pm, 11.40pm (Fri/Sat only).

Single White Female (18) 2pm, 4.35pm. 7.10pm, 9.40pm, 12.05am (Fri/Satonly). Sneakers (12) 1.25pm, 4.30pm, 7pm, 9.45pm, 12.20am (Fri/Sat only).

Beauty and the Beast (U) 12.30pm (Sat/Sun only), 2.35pm, 4.45pm, 7.20pm.

The Last oi the Alohicans (12) 1.55pm, 4.40pm, 7.15pm. 9.55pm.

Unlawful Entry (18) 5pm. 7.40pm (not Sun). 10.10pm.

Tvrin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (18) 12.45pm (Sat only), 3.40pm (Sun: 4pm), 6.30pm,9.20pm, 12.10am (Fri/Satonly). Peter's Friends (15) 2.45pm (Sat/Sun only), 5.15pm, 7.50pm,10.15pm. Boomerang (15) not Tue: 4.55pm,7.30pm, 10pm.

Caliiomia Man (PG) Sat/Sun only 12.50pm, 2.55pm.

Bully the Vampire Slayer (12) Sat/Sun only, 1pm, 3pm.

Patriot Games (15) 9.30pm.

Gone With The Wind (PG) Tue only, 2.45pm, 7.15pm.

Betty Blue (18) Extended Version, Fri/Sat only, 11.55pm.

Home Alone 2 (PG) Sun only, 7.25pm.

I UCI Olympia Mall, East Kilbride, 03552 49622/49699. [D]. Shows commencing before 6pm £2.25; after 6pm £3.30 (Child/ OAP/UB40 £2) (Mid Week Saver Tue and Thurs: All tickets £1 .95).

Death Becomes Her (PG) 1.40pm, 4.05pm, 6.50pm, 9.20pm. 11.45pm (Satonly). SisterAct (PG)'1 lam (Sat only), 1.55pm, 4.15pm, 6.40pm. 9.05pm, 11.30pm(Sat only .

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Ale (18) 12.50pm (not Sat/Sun), 3.35pm, 6.35pm (not Sun), 9.30pm (Sun: 10.10pm).

Single White Female (18) 1.50pm, 4.20pm, 7. 10pm, 9.35pm.

The Crying Game (18) 2pm, 4.30pm, 7.35pm, 10pm, 12.20am (Sat only). Sneakers(12) 1pm. 3.50pm, 7pm,9.45pm. Peter's Friends ( 15) 2.20pm, 4.55pm, 7.20pm (notThurs), 10.15pm.

The Last oi the Mohicans (12) 11.10am (Sat only), 2.10pm, 4.45pm. 7.40pm (notSun), 10.10pm.

Unlawful Entry (18) 9.55pm.

Beauty and the Beast (U) 12.20pm (Sat/Sun only), 2.45pm, 5.05pm, 7.25pm. Caliiomia Man (PG) 10.50am (Satonly), 1.25pm (Sat/Sun only).

Rocky Horror Picture Show ( 12) Sat only. 12.15am.

Home Alone 2 (PG) 10.30am (Sat only), 7.20pm (Sun only).

Prospero's Books (15) Thurs only, 7.20pm. I WMR FILM CENTRE Bank Street, Irvine, ()294 79900. £2.50 (Child £1.50; OAP- Mon—Thurs only £1.50). Family ticket (2 Adults, 2 Children) £6.20.

Sister Act (PG) Fri: 7pm, 9pm; Sat: 2.40pm,6.30pm,8.15pm, 10.15pm; Sun—Thurs: 8.15pm.

Bully the Vampire Slayer ( 12) Sat only,

lpm. Home Alone 2 (PG) Sun only, 6pm. j