l m l Ricky. it‘ssoon yourturn scuqhmugh ISetutdey Night Live (BBCZ) 1.2.25—lam. i to get a wasting disease, More from the cult American live comedy . The "gum round up 0' Place your bets at the " 3 Show.

' beginning as to which 3.; i

vrs for?“ hm?“ "'3 character is dead as the ‘7' l 6

g 8 on s e as any 8' no" Eggcmdi‘s ’°"-(U) I Football Italla (Channel 4) 1.15—3.30pm. ; Rental . Alfifizgcm Mum 18 l m Peter Brackley provides commentary

. I sum 0, My Mom wm . '( ) from a Serie A fixture. with the Fiorentina j Shoot PG) 0 ) Sly The excellent Christopher 5 A selection of television highlights. listed by v Juvcmus Clash looking like the most

i Stallofm-S ciarctcfzctéur walkcn. plays a cymcal l “Yo "1 Chmnomfllcal ("d"- Talfll‘lon . attractive of today‘s fixtures.

. « streetwrse detective. Listings compiled by Tom Lappin. I The Smash Hits Poll-Winners Party

into broad comedy is less than impressive. He plays

a cop plagued by an overprotective Italian

mother (Estelle Getty of

Golden Girls fame) and the result is a one-joke turkey packed with

i stereotypesand weak

visualgags. (CIC) I Blue Tornado (15) Ersatz Top Gun meets Close

1 Encountersin a faintly


' adventure. Patsy Kensit is Isabella. a bit of a babe. and a shit-hot research

Decker. investigating a series of murders around a college campus. The prime suspect is misfit student Artie (Charles Schlatter). but Decker isn't convinced and gives Artie 24 hours to clear his name. (First Independent)

I The Playboys (15) Gillies MacKinnon‘s

3 atmospheric period piece ' set in a small Irish village

where a woman inflames local opinion by refusing to reveal the identity of

I Pole To Pole Only seconds after the last episode fades off yourTV screen. you can relive the former Python‘s latest globe-trotting adventure as he shunts his reticent camera crew from Arctic to Antarctic. Palin is a master of the ‘bloody hell. look at that' school of


I Hearts Of Gold (BBCI ) 8—9pm. The TV equivalent ofa war-atrocity. Esther Rantzen returns with the first ofthrce special shows devoted to embarrassing real-life heroes and samaritans. Mike

Smith is her partner in crime.

I The Face Of Tutanlrliamun: Everywhere The Gllnt Of Gold (BBCZ) 9—9.50pm. The five-part series on the greatest archaeological discovery of the century looks at the phenomenon of‘Tutmania‘ and examines how the worlds ofart. design. fashion and film were influenced by the treasures.

(BBC1)3.30—5pm. Live from London‘s Olympia. the pop awards show features Right Said Fred. Take That. East 17. Kriss Kross. The Shamen and Shakespear's Sister.

I Equinox: Toylng With The Future (Channel 4) 7—8pm. A topical report on the new technological toys that will be filling stockings this Christmas.

; I Funny Business: Let There Be Love

(BBCZ) 8.05—8.55pm. The complex relationship between comedy partners is explored in this in-depth analysis ofthe double-act.

I A Touch Of Frost (Scottish)

8. 15—10. 15pm. A somewhat unpromising

SCicmi-‘tu’bml' H” the father of her newborn travc-lcommcmary’ i ICheers(Channel4)9.30—10pm. After newdcthivc hitsthc screeninthcsmpc . boyfriend‘Dirk Benedict. : I makingupin ordinary i mon h Ofclassic m cats wc.rcinma of Detectivelnspectorlack Frost son. Trouble escalates bl k h . h l l 5 P i . o . . . .. . - hasanasw cncoumcrwith ; o ec umminessw at l brand new scri S. Rebecca fantasiscs (geddit. ) although as he splayed by Davrd . 'whenshefallsfora h .t u l k l C .. -. . . . . t. : analicn mun/and gctsthc . I . . CSO pdcn y. ac Sln i b0 ama WM ‘Samfmmsa Jason.iicould be interestingThc first = - "avcmngdcmr'finc ' profundit orinsi ht I 8 mm gc‘ IL feature-lenith drama be insw'ththe l bramy Patsy 0“ thc C350 . performances from Robin i BBC£lOy99 g ' l victims‘ support group after his sports car i . ' '5 . g I pronto. Daft storyline but 5 Wright Albert Finncv i ( ' l , isstolcn. :1 5Cdr9h f"rdm]55|ngthlld- T . . .. t. to, r _‘ , - I80bbyDoertleltl(PG) ' , : ILooltAtltThisWay(BBC1) , some nca .ic it n . . i and Aldan Qumn([:ox) . (Video Le endsflz 99) | INurses(Channel4) 10—1l).3()pm. A i 9 “LI” W Th‘ I d. ' t f l SCQUCDCCS- (30120V1510n) i IFrled GreenTomatoesAl In“, Gmgmacew)’ ' patientholds the staffatgunpoint to ; lit. Cf tpf'i'htfc‘.’t':cEtlngp".:h‘:h s : newmsuestopcaietpci : (More ems-m 99) dcmandbcmlwd- ? trill'liiiilléfiooif 25.131135.“ c i ' Ba hdad Ca emeets i g i ICllve Anderson Talks Back(Channel4) ' . . . . 8 f IThG bill!" I i » ~ . l - .. . . . . . . I e um a a y(PG) I . ' ‘d (Nathaniellarker)facingserious l M‘s‘mflpp' Bummgmth's l (Video Legends £12 99) i 10'30_11'10pm' 1 he found”) Lhdnmgc i problems with the police . I any-able tale of cafe folk I More Dance m one offers more gags and chat: . g. N I The Longtime Companion (BBCZ) 9 fo'l'ngthCIocalKu Klux (CyberspaceThc eni matic .ances(BBC1)llpm—I'ISdm'stmd ll) 15 m—midni ht Shown to mark ; Klan, Kathy Bates and . Dr Devious Lange stars as theill-fated actress Frances I 'IAIgDS' 0 than t. L JessicaTandy star. ianothcr ba‘mhonhi, I Farmer.whose refusal to conformto fl: eff”?! 'Ofljh‘, ' ‘tdyf'th'sd". mg . (ColumbiaTristar) . mar rave visuals; ff_ Hollywoodexpcctations led to herbeing g I] m 0 '0‘“ L???“ 0‘ 'c is???" ' .smne Co|d(pG) igglgurfuland u committed to an asylum. fmf’"fgf{g’i°_‘fpél§j¥ (COlumbia TriStar) mcsmcrisin animation (Channel4) : . IsmnmkWPGHCIC) 1and light patgterns cut toa 11'10pm_12'10am'AddiCtiVCIy 1() 35 11 ()Spm Rik Mavallpl'ivs [Brain Donon(PG) ! , amateurish pop gossip and nonsense with l . '; ' . I i " . ; (CIC) tzcinaoufifg' :trtctfmom Terry Christian. Dani Behr. Katie Puckrik i “grail? AEl‘m B $931M]??? [3380 m? .Revengemme "emu" :y . s e and Mark Lama”. : 0. me sin uropein ar san Jrans .Christmas party. (Screen . : hit-or-miss comedy. (PG) (Fox) :Emcnainmcmflo 99) lTho Funny Farm (Scottish) | ‘m '; A 11.10—11.40pm. Fred MacAulay hosts l 7 77‘ C) 9 [7 I]! x more stand-up comedy. with Perrier , .. )6 CL we Award winner Steve Coogan. local boy i I Doctors To Be: In AtThe Deep End(BBC2) .. . I I V (J r a {)1 k \ Kevin Kopfstein and Australian Shane 8.10—9pm. Our newly-qualified junior ITriumph OlThe Heart‘lt x’ . ® 4 Bourne. ; doctors find themselves ill-prepared for takes a special love to fight f I, V .\ 1.1L 5 the pressure and workload thatawaits

them in their first hospital jobs.

IGetBaclr(BBC1)8.30—9pm.Martin I The arms" comedy Awardswgz ' (Ray Winstone) lands himself a job at last.

‘cottish 8.()5—1().()5 m. Jonathan Ross , . .

Liststhc {annual awarfig ceremonvlivc Lnfortunately it isasa debt collector.and “on; London Televisio‘n ccmw with he soon finds a familiar name on his list of assorted prizes going out to thclaughing “cums' P . i . .g be“ and girls I I The Blackheath nison ngs (suittish)

- . é‘asuam (B'BCI ) 8 154) 05pm “on”, : 9—l()pm. The first ofa three-part Victorian ' General is the scene for a more than i j “E's/ancwcm i usually preposterous storvline whena : ' .g . .

' ' dies apparently of food poisoning. his son

fora miraclc' goesthe blurbline andittakesa special kind ofdigestiye system to hold on to your lunchwatchingthisone. Mario Van Peebles is the ' saintly football star Ricky Bell who is determined to improve the life ofa handicapped kid Ryan (Lane Davis). Cue


Fleagle. Greascball.

. . g W... Snorky or whatever circus owned by Rula Lenska hitstown. , a A . . , moving sequences of they“: called are ; .S"(Channc'l4)9_mpm Asmof Iaulseeks out thetruth. (.ontinued on : and g IHouse Partle (15)(First currently picking upa . documentary Shown to mark/\le ; Tuesday and Thursday. developinglurvve as Ryan Independent) . i . , H , , A I . IUnnaturalPursurts(BB(2)9—9.3()pm. . . . biggcrfollowingthan . Awareness Week..lohn Dovleasksyoung . . . . begins to gain in EThe Swordsman(15) Paula Yatcgon The 81. - Australians about their ,lttit'udcg mg“ ' T he first episode ofaquirkytwo-part confidence. But lookout (Columbia Tristar) g i ' ' a musical fantasy.written by Simon Gray.

Breakfast. so why not get a tape and lie in bed a little

longer. Featuring the Arabian Nights. All

together now: ‘size ofa

donkey‘. (First

Independent £8.99)

I Peterllamlll— lnTtie Passionkirche Weird old prog-rocker turned arty elder statesman of rock

1 Hamill. captured live in

' Berlin earlier this year.

Frankand funnvin'i Down Undersortof . . l ' Alan Batesstarsasthechain-smoking

:avfi'eekend M Bemie.s(BBC1) dipso playwright Hamish Partt who 925—] lpm. A so-so black comedv starring EPrli‘f‘CSCPCFfCIC‘Jfl in “Siting if nm in is ie. .oncu e on e nes av.

’5’;{‘v‘lrrigvargfadégzypfi33:35:12” I Film 92 (BBCl) 10. 1(i—1l).4(lpm.'Barry employees who mm up at their corrupt Norman investigates the latest‘vehicle for bossk beach house to find him dead and objectionable brat Macauley Culkin.

Home/110,192 Lost In New York.and

themselves implicatedin hismurder. C, h .48 “I t .H W I IPertorrnance:AlterThe Dance(BBC2) "’ m . ym“ 5 " 0 . '9 e“ ' , I Catholics And Sex ((,hannel4) 9.25—11pm. Anton Rodgers. Gcmma . . ~ . , A . , llpm—12am. Kate Saunders and Peter Jones.John Bird andImogen Stubbsstar SI. f (H k'uh‘c' th I. Ch h.s inTerence Rattigan‘ssatire onfading ‘m or 00 d L d O 'C urc

l This and the next tape are bright young things trying to recapture attffkdcf’ mamagc, and the “Home available from aGcrman . their youth and instead finding mid-life prawns“ monOgdmy' . company. if you can‘t find ' crisis and self-doubt. _ them in the shops. Call I Les Valseuses (Channel 4) 8 Horst on 010 4930 i lOpm-IZ. 15am. The TV premiere of I A Question Of Sport (BBCI )8.30—9pm. 321 1007 (Studio K7) Bertrand Blier‘s controversial road movie David Coleman, Bill Beaumont and Ian I The Oyster Bend Mutant l starring Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere Botham are the regulars for the perennial { ~ I English folk music from i as a couple of amoral lads carousing their sports quiz. with the scores currently level. "#9 -. " crusty darlings ofthe way across France. Isabelle IIuppert and I Without Walls: The Great chtetor \ ' ; w summer festival circuit. Jeanne Moreau are among the women (Channel 4) 9—9.3()pm. Linal Haft looks at \ V ' (Studio K7) who get in their way. how the figure of Adolf Hitler has been

64 The List 4— 17 oékhmr 1992