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I Glasgow female (23) What can you say in thirty words? Attractive, bubbly, passionate. Libran undergraduate, loves pubs, clubs, theatre. romantic encounters, seeks stimulating male companion(s). Interested? Photo preferred. Box No 190/10.

I Ayrshire guy, 45 going on 25 seeks 30ish woman who likes Ian McEwan, Pauillac, Puccini and fun. Box N0190/11.

I Edinburgh male (33) Attractive, warm. passionate, spiritual. practical and caring. Interested in travel. photography, cycling and holistic health. Seeks female to exchange massages with in front of an open fire. Box No 190/12.

I Christmas Special Artistic. caring, tolerant, fun male (32), seeks attractive female companion for fun. films, food and drink. Accountants. reflexologists and vegans need not apply. Box No 190/13.


i I Bicycle seeks Fish Box No 190/14.

I Professional man (45) interests include history, psychology, theatre and travel. sometimesin Edinburgh. would like an educated, non-smoking woman friend for conversation, culture, and comparing notes on iife. Box No 190/15.

I Lonely-at-heart professional, Edinburgh male (32), seeks warm-at-heart female (20—30) to rekindle joie de vivre and share thoughts, dreams, good humour and sumptuous pasta dishes with. ALA. Box No 190/ 16.

I Caring, attractive, Glasgow male (32) likes music. tennis, sailing, travel, conversation, laughter. Seeks younger, intelligent, interesting, unpretentious. gentle, honest, considerate, compatible male. If interested, please reply. Photo appreciated but not essential. Box No 190/17.

I Glasgow two gay men already in a relationship seek male/female gay friends for friendship/socialising. Interests: gigs. cinema. music, theatre, pubbing. ALA. Face it, it‘s better than sitting in! Box No



IPrint in and send to: [CLASSIFIED ADS, The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh, Elll ITE lor CLASSIFIED ADS, The List, The Old Athenaeum Theatre, 179 Buchanan St, Glasgow, G] 217..

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I Edinburgh lesbian (27) seeks similar for friendship. relationship. New to scene. problem too many straight friends. Likes kd lang. politics, sports. nights out, slightly shy but loves a laugh. Box No

190/ 19.

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I Edinburgh professional male (31) seeks female to share the good things in life. So get your pen and paper out and give it a try. Photo optional. Box No 190/20.

I Male (27) Strange and Exciting Business owner, romantic, caring and thoughful, good sense of humour. Likes music, travel, outdoors, cinema R-evenings. Non US. Seeking attractive slim female (24—29) for all life’s great adventures. Please send photo. ALA. Box No 190/21.

I Edinburgh professional straight-acting guy (32) seeks guy (21—35) for friendship, fun, possibly more. Interests include music, cinema, travel, opera, trying to keep fit, and beer. Photo if possible. Box No 190/22.



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I 30 words, not enough! Suggest no obligation drink after work? Married man (young 36), tall, attractive, professional, interesting, genuine (and honest!) seeks attractive, similar female also seeking uncomplicated. discreet. fun relationship. Box No 190/23.

I Looking for Avalon chct. sensual, loving woman to be cherished by dark. handsome, professional male (44) in sensitive, caring hopefully permanent relationship. Photo essential. Box No 190/24.

I Thoughful, intuitive, caring resourceful, slightly unconventional man, fit 45. graduate. seeks intelligent. compassionate. grown-up woman for honest relationship, sharing friendship, fun, adventures, and pleasures of body and soul. Edinburgh. Box No 190/25.

I Sexy, hairy, funny cuddly. Iucky?'? Frenchy gay man is looking for someone to show him places of interest. Photo appreciated. Box No 190/26.

I Male professional (late 20$. reasonable looks), based in Glasgow, looking for an interesting, intriguing woman companion for the arts, nights out. travel, conversation and to shake up his world view. Box No 190/27.



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I Professional female (28) slim, attractive, down to earth, enjoys good music, cinema, meals out/in, theatre, concerts etc. Seeks similar. down-to-earth male with sense of humour for friendship initially. Box No 190/28. -

I Sexy lady (33) seeks gorgeous guy for sensual, discreet relationship. You must be tall, dark. handsome and fun. Into theatre, travel, romance, music, with a passionate soul. Photo please. Box No 190/29.

I Attractive female companion sought (25—30) to share interests in Scotland. Shostakovich and world travel (N/S only), by male (31). Box No 190/30.

I Sensitive guy (27) intelligent, warm. caring and sincere, seeks similar quiet girl for fun, friendship and lots more. Glasgow area. Photo appreciated. not essential. All letters answered. Box No 190/31 .

I Good-looking Edinburgh male fit, healthy, enjoys city and great outdoors. seeks attractive, intelligent, liberated, modern female (25—35) for uncomplicated good times, pleasure and fun. Photo ensures reply. Box No 190/32.

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