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The history of Kelvinbrigde as it looks today. with its impressive terraces ofGeorgian and Victorian architecture. can be traced to Glasgow‘s part in the Industrial Revolution. Following the demise of the tobacco trade and with the influx ofimmigrant workers from the North and Ireland to cope with the industrial boom. the city‘s moneyed set relocated from the Merchant City to the West End. Kelvinbridge became a middle-class mecca. Its status was further enhanced in 1870 when Glasgow University abandoned its city centre location to take up imposing residence on Gilmorehill.

Today Kelvinbridge remains on the campus fringe. with its considerable student population determining the area‘s vibrant outlook. Its other testament to academia can be found in the shape ofthe prestigious Glasgow Academy.

It is dominated by the Great Western Road a bustling thoroughfare that slices through the area. bounding Kelvinbridge at one end with St Georges Cross and at the other with the glass dome of the Botanic Gardens. The bridge that gives the area its name is a central feature. as is the Episcopal Church of Scotland Cathedral with its vertigo-inducing spire cutting the skyhne.

In Kelvinbridge you will find Glasgow‘s highest concentration of specialist vendors outside the city centres opulent designer malls and second-hand arcades.

I Back Street Pine 439 Great Western Road. 334 4610. As well as a full selection of pine goods imported from all over the world. Back Street Pine sells cane and Chinese lacquered goods. including bedroom and dining room furniture. mirrors and the like.

I Bay Tree Cale 403 Great Western Road. 334 5898. The small. friendly Bay Tree is Glasgow‘s only vegan cafe, though many non-vegans come to enjoy the homemade food— anything from tea and toast to the famous vegeburger or a full three courses and cappuccino. Most popular are their soups and vegan chocolate cake. The cafe is not licensed to. but customers are welcome to bring their own wine to


Bookshop stocking exclusively books on Food, Drink and Cookery,

new and second-hand

Mail order service available Requests for out of print titles welcome 29 Bank Street, Glasgow G12 8NE 041-357 4282





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I Brothers Grimm 91 Great Western Road. 332 0868. A modern but intimate hairdresser‘s which accentuates simplicity but individuality in its styling policy, and seeks to build a lasting rapport with its clients. Proprietor James MacAleer has worked in Paris and Southern Europe, as well as alongside Glasgow’s established hairdressing names.

I Harbingers 431 Great Western Road, 339 9999. An upmarket gift shop which the proprietors view as a mini department store, such is the

variety of items on offer; jewellery,

handmade cards, ties, clocks. small pictures and ceramics many manufactured by small businesses are all sold to the mainly

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student-based clientele, as well as novelty gifts like juggling clubs. There’s also a selection of toys and children’s books for Christmas.

I Lost Chord 11 Park Road, 334 5528 Lost Chord’s painted facade with its multi-coloured menagerie has been confounding shoppers in Park Road for fifteen years. Inside you will find a selection of new and second-hand records, tapes and CDs, covering all genres from rock to classical, soul to jazz, as well as music books, videos and blank audio tapes. LPs start at 49p and there are a few collectors‘ items to be found in the racks.

I 908 Gallery 12 Otago Street, 339 3158. The 905 Gallery provides an unassuming and welcoming environment in which to view a whole spectrum of contemporary

Scottish art and design. Artists range from the up-and-coming to the established, but all work in Scotland, and many are Glasgow School of Art graduates. The gallery’s Christmas show features 300 paintings by Scottish artists like Lys Hanson. Annette Edgar, James Gorman and the world’s top-selling print artist Richard Akerman.

I Oslrl: 487 Great Western Road, 337 2999. Named after the Egyptian god of the underworld, Osiris suitably sells a selection ofgothic, alternative and antique clothing, together with soft furnishings, rugs, candles, oil lamps and jewellery at inexpensive prices, with a 10 per cent student discount.

I Sculptor 326 Woodlands Road, 337 3353. This hairdressing salon offers

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