Ten travellers’ tales

Having spent the year telling you where we’ve been, we thought we’d ask a selection of punters, professionals and pundits about the ups and downs of going away.

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twins ofJennv Brown of Scottish This year’s holiday: Davy thinks for a Television‘s Scottish Books. Iew seconds and then sticks out his

' tongue sign language. we are

l TOM informed. for 'l'ongue on the north

This year's holiday: We were near the coast of Scotland. beach and we found sheep poo and a Earliest holiday memory: I like my sparkling stone. granny. and I like to fire a toy

I Earliest holiday memory: Bayorca crossbow and lick the arrow and let it (Majorca) which was full of stick on your nose. excitement. There were kittens and Holiday dream: To go to Australia to Mr I Ielados. the ice-cream man. . buy a boomerang and see dingo dogs Holiday dream: To go to France to the and crocodiles and cut their heads off shop that sells Barbar and ('eleste. with a boomerang.


I KRISTINA WOOLNOUGH Travel editor. Scotland on Sunday. This year's holiday: Finland - i‘m half-Finnish. and because I travel for a living. going somewhere I know

well is like a real rest. Favourite destination: Any Spanish city during Fiesta time.

Earliest holiday memory: Being bitten f by mosquitos in Finland. 5 Typical holiday souvenir: i still can‘t resist bringing back the equivalent of I the Spanish donkey.

I ERNIE ROSSO raconteur and wit.

I TQM JOINERvacl agent. DioPlacido delicatessen. Edinburgh. I SAW" HASTINGS Scottish Rugby Worldbeater Travel. Edinburgh. i ""8 yea' s "outlay: Frommde ' Captain. This year’s holiday: The closest l ' Manchester 8.1”": end?‘ NOVWI’CF- This year's holiday: Northern . came to a holiday was a business trip Favour"? damnation: (JrcanlCh ' Queensland. Australia at the end of ' _ . to London. ; Village in New York. a the Scottish Rugby TOUL ; I MARK HAILLAY (‘eramlc artist. Favourite Destinauon: Jamaica _ = Earliest holiday memory: Going to my ; Earliest holiday memory; gmmmn in . This year’s holiday: Skye lots of ; terrific ambicncc‘ weather. beaches grandfathers home in Viticuso. near : Argy“ _ a fabulous placu ; open space and no people. i and coconuts. but if] had a free . Monte Casino. from Edinburgh via ' Honday nightmare; Losing n1" Favourlte destination: Northern coast l Choice I would love to Visit South i Rome by tram. boat and train again. passport in transit and being unable of Spain: 1 Africa. l It‘s like Italy‘s versron othbet you I to get into a country on arrival, ! Holiday nlghimare: Southern coast of i Holiday nigmmare; Riyadh‘ Saudi i wake UPIn thCQOmgIOgom bells 9 Typical holiday souvenir: Thingsthat Spain- _ ' Arabia. ' I 0“th mountainSldc- l are local. lfl‘m in New Zealand I‘ll Earliest holldav memory: Making Something I TCIII’ZIEI. l bring back Something “'ith a Maori SEIIIdCZlSIlCS 0n IhC de Of the indiginous. a happv reminder ofmy Wine.“ hal'day s.°“"°""9”’b5‘ origin; in Ausmlll" I bought 3‘ L()'.rc' . . ' travels ' Plastic 0f marIIImC- Drizabonc war Typical holiday souvenir: A suntan.

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