Iced out

Reviewing Ice Cube‘s album The Predator. in The List 190. Philip Dorward writes: ‘It‘s difficult to

j condone his attitude toward women. alcohol. homosexuality and

Q violence.‘ although he cannot ‘argue f with him (Ice Cube) or his lyrics.‘

i which are ‘unsurpassed.‘ I‘d say Ice

Cube‘s ‘attitude‘ is difficult to condone because it is utterly reprehensible.

The fight against racial oppression and poverty is entirely honourable. but Ice Cube and similar performers (Public Enemy. NWA) are pushing something else. Their version of political strength lies in their shared vision oforganised martial hypermasculinity. an elevated gang

culture with a vigorous fascist


ideology. Hence women and queers are as much a threat as the white American purity.

The ethos of The Predator is the celebration ofviolence. Women and gay men. whether black or white. are always aware of being particular targets for violence and violation. whether we live in South Central Los Angeles or South Central Edinburgh. Philip Dorward‘s easy dismissal of this is alarming and depressing. but then. ofcourse. perhaps he doesn't care.

No Respect.

A.C.Miller Leith Edinburgh.

Absolutely marvellous

I would like to thank Carl Honore for his interesting review and heartfelt comments on my costuming abilities (The List Arts Section 190).

May I suggest that in order to convey literally the presentation of a theatrical garment or accessory it is of the utmost necessity to begin by compiling the correct facts.

The ‘Thigh Pouches‘ as he so eloquently described them are in fact boned paniers—specific to authentic tailoring patterns of 1782. Contrary to his description of ‘leather thigh boots and and leather hotpants‘ the fabric used in construction of all the

Disappointed by Father Christmas’s presents? Too much

' accessories was in fact 1()() percent

Latex Rubber. It should be noted that the art of

costuming is not purely a matter of : clothing or taste. it is the portrayal of E a character. a concept and a mood.

Theatre design is about evoking a

5 response and with that point in mind

I thought your article was wonderful. Alison Mitchell

Theatre Department

Edinburgh College of Art

Lauriston Place.

List journo can 'I tell leather from later shock .’ Who said we were all degenerates?


Am I the only reader to be disgusted by the BBC‘s coverage of the Democracy for Scotland march? Tens of thousands ofScots turned out on a cold Saturday morning to show their support for constitutional change. striding through the capital city ofa country which first asserted its independence over 600 years ago. But neither BBC early-evening news bulletins mentioned the biggest demonstration Scotland has seen in years. Instead we were spoon-fed a quick congratulatory run-down of John Major‘s summit ‘triumph'. and

' then on to Princess Anne's wedding.

Having marshalled such massive

; support. why did the organisers not

use it in a way which would have hit the headlines? A march on Holyrood. a sit-down along Princes Street. some kind ofdirect action

pudding? Never fear. The List letters are here! Send us your letter, it could answer all your prayers: the writer of the best letter published next issue will receive a bottle ofthe completely wonderful Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila. Happy New Year!

instead of an obedient trail away from where the action was. I‘m not advocating that we start chucking rocks at people. but at least the whole of Europe knew what the French farmers were upset about.

It didn‘t happen because the pro-referendum movement is dominated by careerist politicians. members ofthe Scottish ‘left-wing' establishment. scared ofscunnering their future parliamentary prospects. Until this is changed. protests like Saturday's will continue to act as a safety-valve for popular frustration. not a vehicle for change. IIelen Christie Dumbarton Road Glasgow.

4 '4



How about being spoon-fed a quick congratulatory run down ofJose Cuervo Gold Tequila? Nip in to our G lasgo w office where a bottle aii'aits.’

': \

0n yer bikes!

SUMMIT: How about Several Useless Morons Mastermind International 'I‘ransport'.’ Do those Euro-leaders in Edinburgh for the summit know anything about real life‘.’ Whisked in luxurious air-conditioning to air-conditioned luxury. how can they possibly be in touch?

Imagine them negotiating

! transport policy: ‘Oh I say Delors my

old bimbo. there‘s no need to cut

back on cars is there? Those Greenpeace chappies have got their knickers in a twisted metaphor over N03 emmissions. I‘ve been driven around Edinburgh today and I can

quite frankly say that I did not see one piece of traffic at all.‘

The single good thing about the

' summit has been the lack ofparked cars in central Edinburgh. making the free passage oftraffic easier along those roads which weren‘t cut off. and the life ofcyclists a lot less

dangerous. Allan Dunnett


{ Edinburgh.

Stuck up

. Bit stiff. all that condom testing.

Why not go all the way and tell us

what the firm favourite was. and whether there has been a resultant

big rise in condom use? It was such a hard topic to cover. I don’t know

' how you managed to put it out on time. You are to be congratulated

, for your tumescence!

If you want to raise the tone ofthe letters page why not celebrate the

t festive season of good will to all

letter writers and give me the 'I'equila‘.’

Andrew Ross

Alfred 'l'errace


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