18 fire Est—isoe’c'effiber 19952-714-Jan‘uary 1993*



Forget the election, the National Sex Survey and calls

for a Euro Referendum, the only Poll that matters this

year is of course The List Readers‘ Poll. And here, after

hours feeding all your comments into our state of the art

computer, are the results you have been waiting for— the final verdict on the year.


1) The Player

2) Delicatessen

3) Peter’s Friends

Robert Altman‘s Hollywood satire just pipped cannibalism into first place, while the vote for Peter's Friends is perhaps more indicative of short memories than artistic merit.


1) Basic Instinct

2) Carry on Columbus

3) Wayne‘s World

Michael Douglas curried no favours in the controverisal sex-and-sweat thriller, which even left the red-faced boobs-and-buttocks cast of Columbus trailing far behind. Neither is anyone still chortling at

} the wacky vocabulary of Wayne and t _ Garth. And no. we won‘t say it . ..


Best 1) Have I Got News For You?

2) Absolutely Fabulous

3) One Foot in the Grave , This time last year Twin Peaks still ! had everyone talking. but Angus Deayton‘s snide wit has made a

winner out ofCurrent Affairs. with


% rv ADVERT 1

twice as many votes as the two runners-up combined. Within a month of her return to our screens. however, Jennifer Saunders has left us in no doubt of her uncrowned status as queen of the comics.

Most Dire

1) Eldorado

2= ) The Word

2:) Gladiators

No surprises here. although the BBC‘s unmitigated flop of the century only just pushed the Neanderthal content of The Word into second place. a position it retains for the second year running. Gladiators should have beaten them all ofcourse, if people were able to decide ifit was for real.

1=)Tennent‘s Lager

1=) Irn Bru

3)Tango I Having spawned a Number One pop I song in the intervening period. I Tennent‘s Lager remains in pole




position. alongside lrn Bru. which took second place last year. Bizarrely. readers are swayed by big men In orange suns commitrng GBII. electing Tango to a close third.


1) Brookside

2) Coronation Street

3) Eastenders

The battle of the soaps was tensely fought all the way, but in the end it was the mod cons of Brookside that took the lead. reversing the position of last year. when Channel Four‘s ten-year-old soap was squeezed into second position by the epic Street. Eastenders. as usual. trails close behind in third.

1)Jo Brand 2)Bruce Morton

3: )Bill Hicks/Sean Hughes/Jack Dee

Out-manouevring the others. Jo Brand‘s deprecating wit has won her the title which the Perrier (‘omedy Award narrowly denied her. She's your favourite. but the efforts of Bill Hicks. Bruce Morton and Sean Hughes don‘t go unnoticed either. while the heap of winners who

straggled in last year. including Mike

McShane. Tony Slattery. Rab (‘. Neshitt and Dawn French. are nowhere in sight.


1) k.d. lang— lngenue % 2) REM Automatic for the People 3) Crowded House Wood face

k.d. lang‘s classy. heart-felt material has won her a legion of admirers. which not even REM's new release could displace. while New Zealand , halts the Scottish advance. with Crowded House narrowly squeezing , Del Amitri and Annie Lennox out of i the running.

I 1)k.d. lang 2) Erasure 3) Prince

' this Christmas. giving her an

' unmistakable lead over mega-names Erasure and Prince. whose high-profile appearances in Scotland this year were no match for lang‘s

l loyal legions.

l ! k.d. lang‘s acolytes are out in force


l Best

I l) Cyrano de Bergerac—


I 2) A Clockwork Orange - TAG . 3) Brace Up Wooster Group