Edwin Morgan‘s superb Scots translation of Cyrano de Bergerac for Communicado demonstrates what Scottish theatre is capable of. with an encouraging number ofother Scottish companies jostling for a recommendation.


1)Mim support in the art stakes. with l 2) Read My LipS Catalan artist Miro milesahead of ' Iramway sstriking multi-media

I 3)Boudin . .. . exhibition tackling AIDS. and the

9 Surreal Spanish wit wins your impressionism of Boudin.


1) PoorThings Alasdair Gray 1 ) Bill Clinton 2) The Liar— Stephen Fry 2) Neil Kinnock 3) Mostly Harmless— Douglas 3: ) john Smith


Gray‘s rendering of Frankenstein as a tale of our times was voted book of the year. Stephen Fry’s articulate honesty comes in a worthy second. while Douglas Adams demonstrates f his enduring popularity. winning plaudits for the fifth addition to the long-running Hitch-hiker series.

3: ) Tommy Sheridan

Triumph. sympathy. optimism and defiance have given all the important votes to the socialists. pseudo or otherwise. Bill Clinton can do no wrong it seems. while bizarre voting patterns have put John Smith and Tommy Sheridan on level pegging. Poor Neil. meanwhile. can‘t even

l i i l

l i

win a majority in a readers’ poll.


1) Mrs Clinton

2:) k.d. Iang

2:) Fergie

2:) Madonna

This year‘s baffling configuration has

Mrs Clinton leading Fergie. k.d. lang

and Madonna: whether Fergie won

votes for her part in the discrediting

of the monarchy is difficult to say.

but this eclectic mix of royalty and

pop stars suggests very superficial

consideration of a section filled by

Jill Morrell.-Mary Robinson and Liz cColgan last year.


cmgtiw mi [mneuagn‘ rv'mscuip;


1) Sandra Bernhard 2) John Major

3) Flowering Passions


1) Muriel Gray

2) John Major

3) Single White Female

The Edinburgh Festival cover in August. Sandra Bernhard has clearly lodged in your memories while the gaily-clad snowbound Muriel Gray is memorable for being entirely unmemorable. As for the other covers. placing John Major on both lists suggests that some readers can‘t recall a cover beyond last month’s.

Ll ’Ll’ T SL4!

'1'! i .It

(‘4 ~ g“

I ) John Major (and the government) 2) Norman Lamont

3) David Mellor

Any questions?


1) Olympics 2) European Football 3) Olympic athletics


It had to be Barcelona. while our readers' preference for athletics is demonstrated by a separate vote for athletics at the Olympics. only narrowly displaced from second place by European football. . _. ' ' -. " 3 l


\(‘\t‘\' rm ‘1‘»? I‘

1) General Election 2) Maastricht 3) Miners‘ job losses

: The General Election was the political issue we botched and are now paying for it with a host ofother issues you raised (miners‘ job losses. the recession. unemployment. water privatisation. Scottish independence and Lamont’s Access bill).

. Best Writer 1)Tom Lappin 2=) Alastair Mabbott 2:) Craig McLean 3) Thom Dibdin No. we don‘t mind that you all like Lappin. just you go ahead and vote for the writer who receives more hate mail. death threats and unsavoury propositions than the rest ofus put together. Anyway, it‘s not as if he needed your plaudits having won the Scottish Showbiz Writer Award earlier this year. Jealous, us? ! Not at all. just as long as you vote for someone else next year.

1) Peace in Bosnia

2) Independence for Scotland

3:) Employment for all

3: ) General Election

Lots ofwishful thinking in this section. with peace in Bosnia cited as your major hope for 1993, despite not electing it a political issue. Support for Scottish independence notches a high percentage. swollen no doubt by hopes for full employment and another General Election.

The winner of the Readers" Poll prize draw was David England (Glasgow). For further details see Competition [ l Winners, page 101. The List 18 December 1992 14 January 199319