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hours winter holiday. The photos below also appear :

I Band REM.

: consumer testing as possible.

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Well, you had your say on the previous pages. Now it’s our turn. The Scrooge-like Mr List has handed us all our Christmas bonuses (the hard toffees from his Quality Street tin and a bruised

Cox’s Pippin) and told us to fill in our writers‘ polls before we slope off to enjoy our customary three

in the Amnesty International brochure.

BEATRICE COLIN I Film The Last Of The Mohicans/ Toto The Hero.

I LP It’s A Shame About Ray The Lemonheads.

I Theatre show Gaudeamus Maly Theatre Company.

I Art exhibition Sebastian Salgado at Glasgow Art Centre/Salon Glasgow CCA.

I TV show Without Walls.

I TV soap Blind Date.

I Book Outerbridge Reach Robert Stone.

I Festive plans malt whisky. Maltesers and Monopoly.

I LP Renewed Testament Chapter And Verse.


Herman De Vries. Botanics. I Radio show The Moral Maze.

I Soap TheArchers.

I Book Loaves And Wishes women writing on food. I Sporting highlight World Latin Dancesport Championships. Meadowbank. If you thought they took themselves seriously in Strictly Ballroom. you know nothing. I Festive plans London: chestnut stuffing and beaujolais. Islay: salmon. malt whisky.


I Film The Player.

I Band Edward II for putting on a genuine two-towel show.

I LP Sounds OfAfrica— The Kronos Quartet.

I Theatre show The Telling Of The Tales.

I Art exhibition Flora Photographica/Read My Lips.

I TV show Have I Got News For You? on a good night.

I Soap The Archers there are no other soaps worth any suds.

I Book The Crow Road— Iain Banks. I Sporting highlight The finals of The Lt'st’s good condom guide.

I Festive plans To do as much


I Film The Long Day Closes (albeit inferior to Distant Voices Still Lives) I Band XTC (hatch).

I LP Nonsuch XTC (one of the ten best LPs ever recorded).

I Theatre show Communicado‘s Cyrano De Bergerac. with strong competition from 1953. Zenith. Merlin. Camel Gossip and Life Of



I Film Strictly Ballroom.

I Band Alan Davie and Barry Guy improvising on piano and double

bass at McClellan Gallery. surrounded by Davie‘s canvases. l

L__-- _. ., __ . . 20 The List 18 December 1992 14 January 1993

I Theatre show Michael Clark. DV8.

: IArtexhihition PeterRandallPage: 1

I Art exhibition John Byrne at the Scottish Gallery cos I bought one. I TV show A bsolutely Fabulous Lappin was wrong about Jane Horroeks.

I TV soap Lifebuoy does the trick every time.

I Book Chalk/zills And Children Chris Twomey.

I Sporting highlight Me not knowing the names of any sports people and admitting it.

I Festive plans Oh no. surely not the Festival already. . .

MIRANDA FRANCE I Film Husbands And Wives.

I LP Solace— Sarah McLaughlin.

I Theatre show Communicado‘s Cyrano De Bergerac.

I Art exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci‘s Madonna ofthe Yarnwinder/John Bellany A Long Day‘s Journey Into Night.

I TV show Have I Got News For You. I TV soap Casualty.

I Book Dali— Meredith Etherington Smith/Odeobs—John Updike.

I Sporting highlight Linford Christie. I Festive plans Last year I tried to give up chocolate. This year I‘m giving up herbal teas. very low-fat yoghurts and self-help remedies. not to mention arguments about the state ofthe nation.


I Film The Double Life Of Veronique.

I ConcertJames MacMillan's Percussion Concerto played by Evelyn Glennie.

I Architecture The new Traverse theatre an extraordinary achievement to have created a space that really is bigger and better than the original.

I Theatre show Ancient Trilogy at the Corn Exchange during the Festival; Communicado‘s Cyrano de Bergerac.

I Dance Michael Clark‘s Modern Masterpiece at the Tramway.

I TV Show Billy Connolly on the

South Bank Show. It sounded like

the classic recipe for dull TV

I AND anEsr


serious. arty analysis of a tired old comedian. Instead the Big Yin turned out to have no shortage of original. perceptive and. yes. very funny material.

I Book Voyage To Arcturus by David Lindsay - the latest in the must-have series of Canongate Classics.

I Festive plans Learning to paraglide.

TREVOR JOHNSTON I Film The Long Day Closes.

I Band London Classical Players (live).

I LP Yefim Bronfman‘s all-Russian piano disc on Sony Classical.

I Theatre show Die Frau ()hne . Schlatten at Fovent Garden.

I Art exhibition Magritte at the Hayward Gallery.

I TV Show Channel 4‘s Cinema!

Cinema! (and accompanying season).

I TV soap Lost touch. I‘m afraid.

I Sporting highlight As an Irish rugby fan. don‘t talk to me about sport!

I Festive plans Lots ofold movies on TV.


I Film Juice— Ernest Dickerson.

I Band Galliano The best live band I‘ve ever seen.

I LP3 years. 5 months and 2 days

Arrested Development. I Theatre show Blok And Steel. I Art exhibition The Cracker Factory

' (great initiative and great talent).

I TV show Have I Got News For

You? (and The Banana Splitson The Big Breakfast. although I'm hardly

ever up to see them).

I TV soap Nayburrs.

I Book Yardie— Victor Headley. I Sporting highlight The frog race in

the Waterhole in Neighbours. ; I Festive plans Not worry about my . overdraft. go sledging and have

snowball fights.


I Film Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Who needs Coppola when you‘ve i got Buffy? 3 I Band REM/Teenage Fanclub.

I LP Automatic For The