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: broadcasts its sessions of the year on Tue 29 Dec (10.10pm. Radio Scotland and Radio 5). Featured are Del Amitri. Gun. Teenage Fanclub with Alex Chilton. BMX Bandits. Goodbye Mr Mackenzie. The Joyriders and at least six more. This could be your last chance to hear Chilton and the Fannics doing their version of the Gerry And i The Hornets chestnut ‘I’attiGirl‘. l

lTlie Unemployed Workers Centre in Broughton Street. Edinburgh had its funding withdrawn in June 91 . and since then has been in urgent need of money to keep going. The Centre is now letting it be known that it‘ll take any enquiries from bands interested in gigging or puttingon ceilidhs there. Good payment can't be guaranteed. but bands won‘t be put at any financial risk as there is no hire charge for the hall. ‘and we have found a vocal PA to be perfectly adequate in the past. even | with very noisy bands.‘ Phonell315570718for further information. or write to EL’WC. c/o 1st Floor. 20 Melville Terrace. Edinburgh El 1‘) lLY.

I Children from Sciennes Primary School in

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I appearances around the summer according to plan this year. but it‘s i making the media generally more ' Edinburgh are doing their

. festival circuit and a 25—date dil'l‘iCUll to get an idea ofeverything . receptive to what we‘re doing I‘ve I b" h." a ‘B-wcr O-rld w

5 European tour. ()ctober saw the that‘s going on when you're on the recently seen us described asb“world [tiriéchtjlilf (ff utillnfflcyh release of (,‘y; Out. Fm cigh1-iruck road or in and out of the studio.‘ he music on your doorstep”. But on top } figiffimjmlflmi‘, UL compilation oi rcmixcs and [WC says. ‘People hand you press cuttings I of that I think we‘ve progressed to a I Bruce’s Records. with

, tracks. which brought fans up to date and Chart information every now and i stage musically where what we‘re { help from staff and

' on the band's fast—evolving again. but it's hard to keep track of it . doing is far more palatable to a larger i “WW” and JCWCI and concoction of electronic wizardry. 2111 tutti] you actually stop for a while. ' audience. without compromising too i Bk Valle 0’“ch and dance beats and traditional Scottish [1'8 goOd to be touring right up to ? much on what we believe in. in terms ; m“: hacking 0f HSh' The songs and tunes. as well as providing Christmas. though. because it means v of roots and traditions.’ ()ne Chlldrc." r-cwrdgd ‘8“th

' a taster of their highflcmnc lit-c 51:15. you can then sit back at the end of the . wonders. however. how far thev riirrntigc,13:23:}:

which can come as something ofa year aiidget some kind of might be forced to compromisedby _ . music infilmrfigd surprise to those familiar only With perspective on what s been record company money-men as thev ; promoting a message of Delirium 's gentler touch. And they happening? move further into the mainstream environmental iiWiifCMSX are already at work on material for a : market. PWCCCdS “0m "5 Sale-“m new album to be recorded next ‘I suppose that‘salwavs at the back g"ingt"(lr°°”p°“cc‘

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; WW “Wk “1“”‘90 WWW“ ‘I’ve recently seen us "mm mm“ 5"“ “dm““‘ W m“ i u A new. much needed

: Though hardly an overnight descnbed as “world mus": on musicallv at the moment has a more mhwrwl midi” has ~ ; success-smry _ ncxi year marks the your GOOFSTED.” progressive feel than what we were ,[ffiffii’f ‘3 tenth‘anniversary of the band‘s domg “'hcn WC WC” fir“ SignC‘L and namfof'l’heLiNomfi. it‘s L I genesis in aynuilt. near ()ban the company aren‘t going to try and equipped with a 300w PA ; C apercaillie s swift progress up the Capercaillie have undoubtedly Change us When things are gong well SFSICM micml‘h‘mcs- greasy music-biz pole during 1992 is struck a skilled and thoughtful and records are selling. Also. I‘d kci‘bt’éir¢15.0ff00l5- amt“ ' an impressive achievement. balance between old and new. hope that having gone so far in that and dmmkil' The mm“ {M ; espeCially given the industry‘s walking the fine line between giving kind ofexpcrimcmal dirccmm‘ on this package are £4 per entrenched indifference to most traditional music a contemporarv the next album we can pull back a bit ; hour for pc.“ “mcfs and U Scottish sounds. Not that the band shot in the arm and killing the patient on a couple of tracks and do . T’ffipf‘llziggcflfslf have had much time for with an overdose ofcommercialism. something FCiillV acoustic imd 1 the b’tllltii:l‘:n'1nd back-patting; the current Scottish But what is it about their sound that traditional in the middle of members will soon fie-lime ! dates follow another English tour. has enabled them to succeed where everything else. just to remind .9 to avail themselves offree and Capercaillie’s co-founder. so manv other Caledonian hopefuls ourselves and other people of what I tuition in a variety of accordionist and keyboard-player. f have failed? WC‘YC 3” “301113 E mbjcm from drum Donald Shaw. sounds like 21 man 1 ‘It alwavs comes down to a number programming m Simple looking forward to a well~earned ofthings." Shaw says. ‘but I think the : nilmc muiiagii‘mcm' re‘st‘. . 1 whole world music/acoustic vibe Capercaillieplay Glasgow i :{xflti'ttitillllzin‘l’s-ll in 'I hings have gone more than l thing has helped dramatically. Barrowland on Fri 18 [)(’(‘. I l 1997 orilHl 946.13%:

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