I Ask yourselt seriously:

I Witty, wacky. weird and. . . Canadian. They’re Barenaked Ladies, huge in the land at lumberiaclts and Bryan Adams, nobodies over here. That may change with January gigs at Edinburgh Venue and Glasgow King Tut's. See Rock listings.

Is this the man you meantto

vote The List's bestwriter? R D


‘I wanted to propose in the most - romantic place in London. and Eros came to mind. I knew it was a symbol

= ' ofsomething—godofstripjointsand


Men. See Film review.

‘We were in McDonald‘s when she pulled out what I thought was a pencil. I said “What’s that‘.’“. then I realised it was a home pregnancy kit and it was showing positive.‘

. . . which is more than can besaidfor fellow comedian. the recently engaged Vic Reeves.

, ‘_ ’i :J " r2 IDemi Moore knowsthe f f an: arcade games. scum as Lieutenam u Paul Merton reveals himself to be a command-"Joanne 'i i‘.‘ - bit ofa misguided romantic. . . Galloway in A Few Good , i

‘lt‘s like Kylie Minogue leaving Neighbours.‘

An Australian journalistsees the separation of the Prince and Princess of Wales as part of an on-going soap opera.

‘1 have all these children. you see. So I never get to party or ‘rage‘ or ‘rave‘ or whatever it is. because I‘m always tired.‘

Meryl Streep doesn ’t quite keep up with the times.

‘Steamier footage was shot. but it was really out of keeping with the tone ofthe film, which is much sweeter than that.‘

Kevin Costner hints that he and Whitney Houston won 't be getting their respective kits offfor new movie . The Bodyguard.

I ‘Gorblimey, strikealight. howsyertather’ and other chirpy bogus Cockney banter, interspersed among the songs in Me And My Girl. starring Gary Wilmot

I and Jessica Martin at Edinburgh Playhouse. See Theatre preview.

5 ‘Don‘t people expect nuns to know about the human body? God made

; pubic hair and to think of it not

quite nice is to criticise the work of

the Creator.‘

Art critic and Carmelite nun Sister

Wendy Beckett defends her

enthusiasmfor some ofthe more

explicit works of the art world.



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