Exlilbitions are listed by city. then alphabetically by venue. Shows will be

listed, provided that details reach ouroitices at least ten days betore publication. Art and Exhibitions listings compiled by Miranda France. . Where Christmas and New Year opening hours are not specified. ring galleriestor details.

I ART EXPOSURE GALLERY 38 Bath Street. 353 2361. Mon—Sat 10.30am—hpm. Christmas Exhibition Until Thurs 7 Jan. Every inch of wall space covered by paintings by young Seottish artists.

I ART GALLERY G MUSEUM. KELVINGROVE 357 3929. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm: Sun 11am—5pm. Cafe. [1)] \'oluntaryguides are available free ofcharge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. Ask at the enquiry desk. (‘Iosed 25 Dec and 1 Jan; open noon—5pm 2(i1)ec and 2 Jan.

Will McLean Until 28 Feb. Touring from the Talbot Rice Gallery. this is the first major retrospective of the Scottish artist who draws on his Highland inheritance and love of fishing communities.

Ernst Barlach Until 17 Jan. Around 70 lithographs and woodcuts by the expressionist artist ( 1870—1938) whose uncompromising work was inspired by the politically troubled period between the two wars. and was subsequently banned by the Nazis.

Antoni Tapies: Monumental Prints t'ntil Sun lOJan. A series on4 prints by the versatile Spanish abstract painter.

Walter McGowan: World Champion Boxer Until 31 Jan. Photographs. trophiesand other memorabilia piece together the rags-to-riches story of one ofScotland's greatest sportsmen in 1966 McGowan held five major titles.

Take a Line Until Sun 10Jan. Drawings from the permanent collection. covering 300 years of European art. including Matisse. Peploe and Wiszniewski. Dancing Through Time Until 17 Jan. Showcasing Glasgow Museums‘ costume collection with around 30 complete outfits from the last two centuries.

New Arts: Ben Kelly Design- Door. Window, Staircase Until Sun 3 Jan. A specially commissioned installation which convey s the spirit of Ben Kelly‘s recent work. tising familiar objects in unfamiliar ways and putting industrial materials to innovative

Exploitation Earth Throughout Dec. A timely examination ofsome of the ways in which natural resources are exploited and for what purpose; the exhibition explores

various ’environment-friendly' alternatives.

New Arts: Gavin Evans Fri 15 Jan—28 Feb. Evans uses the latest digital paintbox technology in a series ofphotographs exploring the political. sexual and economic implications for the art world of the removal of borders within Europe.

I BLYTHSWOOO GALLERY 44 \Nashington Street. 204 277‘). Mon—Fri 10am—4.30pm; Sat Illam—lpm.

A Christmas Exhibition t,’ mil Wed 23 Dec. Scottish paintings and drawings by 19th and 20th century and contemporary artists.

I BURNSIOE GALLERY I90 I)ukes Road. Rutherglen. (i133oo3. 'I'ue—Sat 9.30am—5.30pm.

Inaugural Exhibition Until 3012”). Paintings. prints. ceramics. jewellery and glass.

I BURRELL COLLECTION l’ollokshaws Road. 64‘) 7151 . Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 11am—5pm. Cafe. [1)]. (‘losed 25 Decand IJan; open noon—5pm 26 Dec and 2Jan. The collection of Iidwardian tycoon William Burrell. including furniture. paintings. ceramics and glass. housed in an elegant purpose-built gallery. Recorded descriptions and thermoforms available for the benefit of visually impaired visitors.

Boudin at Trouville t'ntil 28 Feb. A rare chance to see a large show of works bythe 19th century artist. most of whose output is in private collections. Small. intimate paintings of holidaymakers and working people at the seaside resort of'l'rouville. and rare market and street scenes. as well as a selection of contcmporaneous costumes; Boudin was noted for his elegant depictions of the periods fashions.

I CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS 346-354 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521.

Tue -Sat 11am 5.30pm. [1)]. (‘losed24 I)ec4~4 .lan.

Steve Dilworth: Acts of Faith tfniil 23 Jan. A touring exhibition from 1.anntair Gallery in Stornoway. Dilworth'ssy mbolic sculptures are made from the materials he finds on the Isle of I larris. where he lives—- fish hooks. wood. ys'halebone. animal remnants.

I COLLINS GALLERY l'niversity of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400ext 2082. Mon «Fri Illam- 5pin;Sat noon- 4pm. [1)] A European Vision: Robert Adam's Glasgow L'ntil Wed 23 Dec. Far and away the most spectacular celebration in a year ofevents marking the Scottish architect's bicentenary. SIuIti-media exhibitsand computers explore Adams's influence on the changing face of ( ilasgow. and the winning costume from the gallery'spcriod fashion competition is on show.

I COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent Street. 221 (i370. .\Ion- Sat 10am~5.30pm. Closed 24 25 Dee.

Christmas Show l'ntil 27.1an. More than 400 paintings. prints. sculpture. ceramics and jewellery -works tend tosell very fast .

I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 West Regent Street. 221 3095. Mon-Sat 9.30am—5.30pm. Closed 24 ‘25 Dec.

The Winter Collection Until end Jan. Including works by Gustav Klimt. Derain. Eric Gill. Penrose and well-known Scottish artists.

I EWAN MUNDY FINE ART 48 West George Street. 331 2406. Mon-Sat 9.30am—5.30pm.

Sir D.Y. Cameron and Katharine Cameron Until Sat 19 Dec. Paintings. drawingsand etchings.

I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 22 King Street. 5520704. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm. Christmas Show Until Thurs 24 Dec. More than 200prints by studio members.

Art Sale Fri 18—23 Dec. Prints. frames. postcards. etc.

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 167 Renfrew Street. 332 9797. Mon—Fri

10am—5pm; Sat lilam—noon. [1)].

Turning Points: East German Art in Revolution Sat 9—30 Jan.

Stuart Brisley: A Chronology of Work Fri 15 Jan. 1 lam. at the Glasgow Film Theatre. An illustrated account. accompanied by extracts from the artist's novel.

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of Glasgow. 82 Ilillhead Street. 33‘) 8855 ext 5431. Mon-Hi 9.30am-5pm: Sat ‘).30am—5pm. Closed 23 Dec—5 Jan. Printmaking in Czechoslovakia 1900-1950 Until Sat 9 Jan. Realist. Symbolist. Cubist and Surrealist works demonstrate that Czech artists were not only well aware of the avant-garde art developments going on in the rest of Europe. but that they made a significant contribution to these movements. The works are lent by the British Museum. which possesses Britain's only significant collection oszech prints. I RUNTERIAN MUSEUM Glasgow University. University Avenue. 339 8855. Mon—Sat 9.3Uam—5pm. Closed 24 Dec—4 Jan.

The bequest of William Hunter. a student of Glasgow University in the l73lls. who left his substantial collection ofbooks. prints. and various other curiosities to the university.

Earth. . . Lite Some of the niUseuni‘siiitist popular old exhibits alongside new displays in this exhibition about Earth and its inhabitants.

Artistic Circles: The Medal in Britain. 1880-1918 Until 27 Feb. A British Museum touring exhibition.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY I Grange Ave. Milngavie. 943 3247. Mon-Fri 10am—5pm; Sat and Sun 2—5pm. Closed 24 Dee—5 Jan.

Christmas Exhibition Until Sat 1‘) Dec. Christine lronside: Paintings from India Until Sat 1‘) Dec. lronside brings a Scottish dimension to these vibrant paintings inspired by the mythology and colour of Indian land and sea.

I Sue White Oakes: Sculpture Until Sat 1‘) Dec. Works made almost entirely from copper. by a process similar to silversmithing.

Scottish Photographic Circle Sat ‘)--23 Jan.

I MCLELLAN GALLERIES 270 Sauchiehall Street. 331 1854 . Tue—Sat 10am-10pm; Sun and Mon 10am-8pm. [1)]. Next exhibition. Niki dc Saint I’hullt’. starts 22Jan. I MITCHELL LIBRARY North Street. Mon—Fri 9. 30am-9pm: Sat ‘).30am—5pm. In the Track of the Comet Until 27 Feb. A pictorial record of the history of shipbuilding in the Clyde 1812— 1930s. as depicted by James Wotherspoon in the 4000 or so drawings he made of steamships. shipbuilders. owners and engineers. lighthouses and stations.

I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin Ilall.1 Bunhouse Road. 357 3929. Daily 10am—5pm; Sun 11am— 5pm. [1)].(‘1osed 25 Dec and 1 Jan; open noon—5pm 26 Dec and 2Jan.

John Smeaton (1724-1792) 'l‘hroughout Dec. A celebration of the life of the civil engineer who masterminded the building of the Forth and Clyde ('anaI.

I 908 GALLERY I2 ()tago Street. 3393158. Mon—Sat 10am~opm.

Christmas Show L'ntil Thurs 24 Dec. More than 300 works by gallery artists. including Ackerman. Graham and Cross.

I PEOPLE'S PALACE MUSEUM Glasgow Green. 5540223. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun I lam—5pm. [1)]. Cafe. Closed 25 Dec and 1 Jan; open noon—5pm 26 Dec and 2 Jan.

Once a museum for the working class. now a repository for all sorts ofephemera connected with Glasgow's history everything from old cigarette packets to suffragcttes' campaigning material. Glasgow's Good News: 500 Years olthe Archdiocese of Glasgow Until 17 Jan. An exhibition charting the course of Catholicism in Glasgow since 1492 when the city was elevated to archdiocese status focusing on education. the effects of Irish immigration and the changing patternsof devotion.

I PROJECT ABILITY Centre for Developmental Arts. 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. .‘sIon-el-‘ri l(lam--5pm. (‘Iosed 24 Dec—5 Jan.

Christmas Exhibition L'ntil 15 Jan. Drawings. paintings. ceramics and three-dimensional works by artists working with the organisation. including Bevan. Dodds. Iidgar and McKinnon.

I PROVANO'S LORDSHIP 3 Castle Street. 552 881‘). Mon ~15ri 10am— 5pm: Sun lIam-—5pm. (‘losed 25 Dec and Han; open noon -5pm 26 Dec and 2.1an.

The only surviving medieval house in Glasgow. built in 1471. Period room displays range from 1500—- 1918.

Thomas McGoran: Half a Kitchen An appropriate venue for .‘\te( ioran's paintings recalling his childhood in an East lind tenement. McGoran took up painting five years ago. on his retirement from the railways.

I ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART 134 Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon—Fri

9. 30am —5 .31 lpm .

Glen Scouller: Travels in France and Morocco Until Tue 22 Dec. The old culture


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