European Treasures: The Shared Inheritance '

Until 30 Apr. A sumptuous display ofold books. manuscripts and maps from the library‘s collection. illustrating the ancient links between European countries. The exhibition includes the only known copy of the first book to be printed in Scotland by ; a Scot who learned his trade in France: Mary Queen ofScots' last letter. written to her brother-in-law. the King of France. and the 1-156 Guttenberg Bible.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE -13 1 liin Street. 556 9579. Mon—Sat 1(lam—13tlpm. [D]. Cafe. Also admits to the John Knox House. a picturesque 15th century building. reputedly the home ofthe notorious Scottish church reformer.

f Admission £1.2(l£1'5(lp.

Works bythe Embroiderers’ Guild t'ntil Sat 19 Dec. Traditional and modern work. ranging from cushion covers to bats and jewellery.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland Street. 557 1020. Mon-4% lilam—opm. Sat lilam—-1pm.

Christmas Exhibition: On a Small Scale tintil Wed 23 Dec. Contemporary British paintings. ceramics and prints. as well as jewellery by Rachel Gogerly.

Deieunersur L‘herbe Sat 9—28 Jan. Mixed show of works by Bond. McArthur. Morrocco. Scouller. Gillespie and others. loosely based on the theme of Manet‘s famous painting. a source ofscandal in 1863. See ‘In the Frame'. Also.

contemporary British crafts and jewellery.

I PORTFOLIO GALLERY -13 (‘andlemaker Row. 22() 1911.Tue—Sat l2-5.3Ilpm. Closed 24 Dec-4 Jan.

I-O Nationale Until lb Jan. Photographer‘s and artists from the twelve [{(‘countries

1 probe the cultural aspect of European union. addressing the kind of issues which

' are unlikely to be debated at the Summit:

the legacies. sometimes very painful. which each country brings to the new Europe. the importance of religions

- differences. industry. class. nationalism

and capitalism. Some works will be shown

' at the 369 Gallery. I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556

8921. Mon—Sat 1(Iam—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

1 Closed 25'26 Dec and 1.2.4.Jan.|D].


Scotland's bonniest and beastliest

monarchs. politicians. writers and artists-- and a very fine cafe. The Stones of Venice Until 14 Mar. The

famous art critic. John Ruskin. explained

his belief that the personality of a people could literally be 'rcad' in itsarchitecturc in The Stones of Venice. published in 1853. This exhibition comprises some of Ruskin's text. alongside images by 19th

century photographers (‘arlo Ponti and Carlo Naya.

Scotland Observed: A Decade of Collecting Until 28 Feb. Works. either by Scottish artistsor on Scottish themes. which have been collected by the National (ialleriesoi Scotland over the last ten years. a

1 foretaste of the proposed National Gallery of Scottish Art and History.

I OUEEN'S HALL Clerk Street. oos 3-156. Daily IIIam—bpm. or later on performance nights.

Glasgow Group L'ntil Thurs 2-1l)ec. Founded in 1957. the group countsartists Rosemary Beaton. George Wyllie and

' Dawson Murray among its members.

I ROYAL eornirc GARDEN Inverlcith

Row. 552 7171. Mon—Sat 9am~sunset1 Sun

Ham—sunset. Cafe. ID]. Exhibitions 1(1am—4pm. Admission £2 (£1 1.

Now featuring Henry Moore's Reclining Figure: Hand 1979. on loan from the Henry Moore Foundation.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 225 753-1. Mon—Sat

10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Cafe. [1)]. Closed 25 and 26 Dec. I and 2Jan. The Discovery Room is open again. with a j variety of ‘hands-on’ exhibits for children over six.

Seeds of Change Until 7 Mar. Murray Grigor organised this exhibition which

focuses on Scottish inventors and intellectuals. like Charles Mackintosh. Robert Adam and Mary Sommerville. the molecular and microscopic scientist. From the Heart at Europe: Art Treasures of Hungary 896-1896 Until Thurs 31 Dec. £1.50 75p. Twenty years after the last British exhibition about Hungary. this celebration of the country's cultural history includes metalwork. armour. jewellery and textiles as well as photographic archive material.

A Brush with Nature - Watercolours oi North America by Sir Daniel Wilson Until31Mar. 21K) watercolours marking the centenary of the Scottish scholar's death. recording his journeys in the wilds of()ntario and northwest L‘SA.

I ROYAL OBSERVATORY Blackford I lill. (this 8105. Mon—Fri IIIam—4pm: weekends holidays noon-5pm. [1)]. £1.51) 75p.

l'p-to-date information on the Big Bang and everything else you ever wanted to know about the universe. Telescopesare open every clear weeknight until 31 Mar. I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 225 0671. .\ion— Sat mam—5pm; Sun 2-~5pm.

Society at Scottish Artists and Artist Craftsmen: Third Annual Exhibition L'ntil Fri 18 Dec. £1 .50 (75p). I’aintings.sculpture. ceramics. silver and glass by artists living and working in Scotland. This year's invited artists are Tove Anderberg. \"era Szekeley and Finn Karentius.

I SCOTTISH GALLERY 9-1 George Street. 2255955. Mon-Fri lilam—bpm; Sat ltlam- Iprn.

Christmas Exhibition lintil Thurs 2-1I)ec. Small paintings by Blackadder. Byrne. Houston. .‘slorrocco. Mulholland. Rae and others. Contemporary enamel jewellery by Zsuzsanna Morrison and eight other jewellers.

I STEPPING STONES THEATRE ANO GALLERY 112 West Bow. Mon noon—7pm: Tue Sat 11am—7pm: Sun noon---1pm. Czech-Mates ['ntil Wed 23 Dec. Paintings by three contemporary Czech artistsand paintings and textile work by people with learning disabilities iii Britain and Czechoslovakia. All proceedsto iidtnburgli L'niversity Czech-Matt’s project. which offers support to disabled people liv ing outside institutions in Czechoslovakia.

I STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street. 557 11411. Tue—~Sat Ham—5.30pm. Closed 24 Dec-1 Jan.

Aqua Vitae Part 2 l'ntil IbJan. Six newly commissioned works by artists photographers on the theme ofthe waterway ~ ancient source of folklore. food. trade and the foundation ofmany towns and cities. Maclean. Donaldson. Greenhaulgh. lleyer. Peace. Haddow, llamlyn and Jenkins took part in the show. which also includes archive material from the Summerlee I leritage Trust. The project was organised jointly by these two galleries and Street Level Gallery. Glasgow. Works will be shown at Stills and Street Level. then exchanged at the end ofJan.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY iidinburgh [Tniversity ()ld College. South Bridge.(t5() 2211. Mon— Sat 1(lam—5pm; Sttn 2—5pm. Peter Brandes lintil Fri 19 Dec. The first British one-mart show of this unusual Danish painter. photographer and creator of the largest ever ceramicist vase eight tons. it was displayed outside the Danish Pavilion at lixpo '92. His work embraces two themes the legend of ()rpheusand the sacrifice of Isaac.

I 369 GALLERY 233 (‘owgate. 225 31113. Tue—Sat noon—6pm,

I-O Nationale See under Portfolio Gallery. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 Hamilton Place. 225 79-12. Mon—Sat 9.3(Iam-«5.3()pm. ('losed 2-1Dee—3Jan. John Fraser: Place and Time Throughout Dec. A young Tayport photographer combines image and poetry in this personal assessment of the changes that

have taken place in his home town over the last two decades.

Bridges Project: No Embargo Throughout Dec. Recent works from young people involved with the Bridges project. an organisation which provides support services to people aged 16—22. many of whom are or have been homeless. The Art Group allows these people to experiment with a wide range of materials and techniques.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. 228 1411-1. Mon—Sat Illam~ late; Sunday evenings.

Colin D. Duncan: New Paintings-A Neapolitan Allegory Until Thurs 241m: Series inspired by Duncan's research at the Naples aquarium and hissnorkelling and diving experiences(researcli'.’).

I WASPS GALLERY Stockbridge. Patriot Hall. off i lamilton Place. Firebirdt.’rtti1231)ce. I—(ipm. l-rec. Paintings and prints by Lunn Ahrens.



I CRAWFORD ARTS CENTRE 93 North Street. (133-1 7-1610. Mon—Sat IIIam--5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Closed 24 Dee—7Jan. Fireworks: Scottish Contemporary Metalwork t1nti12-1Jan. Various new works by the British Artist Blacksmiths Association. whose members feel titeir art should have a wider audience.

Margaret Smyth: Images of Nepal Limit 34 Jan. Smyth interprets the colours. textures and patterns of Nepal'sornate architecture in her own mixed media works.

Nepal Interlink Until 2-1Jan. Metalwork. jewellery . textiles. woodcarving. musical instruments and handmade paper. shown by an organisation which ensures that the profits go to the producers first and foremost.

TALBOT RICE alum __ University of Edinburgh, Old College,

South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL. Tel. 031 650 2211



Tues-Sat 10am-5pm

Admission Free Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council


National Identity in the New Europe

A Portfolio Gallery Exn/b/tson

5 December Tuesday Saturday 12

16 January

Portfolio Gallery

43 Candlemaker Row Edinburgh

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369 Gallery 233 Cowgote Edinburgh



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