Activities and Fun. I HAGGS CASTLE 1()() St Andrews Drive.

i 4272725.

Christmas Activities Thurs 24 Dec. Sat 26—Thurs 31 Dec and Sat 2-Wed 6Jan. Free. 11). 15am and 2. 15pm (Sat and Sun. 2.15pm only). A changing daily programme that includes parlour games. stories and dressing up. Booking from Sat 19 Dec after 10am.

I LITTLE MARCD'S Templeton Street. 554 7184. Mon—Sat lflam—7pm (Closed Fri 25 Dec and Fri 1 Jan). £3 for ninety minutes. A children‘s indoor rampage area with a bouncy castle. slides. ball pits and soft play area. Children must be under 4ft 7m and under 3s must be supervised.

I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Bunhouse Road. 357 3929. Daily 10am—5pm (Closed Fri 25 Dec and Fri l Jan); Sun 1 1am-5pm. Trams. prams and automobiles. this museum has an example ofalmost anything that ever rolled on wheels or tracks. It also has a reconstructed Glasgow street from the 1940s.

I PRINCES SOUARE 48 Buchanan Street. 221 032-1.

Story Time in Princes Square Sun 20 Dec-Sun llllan (Closed Fri 25 Dec. Fril

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eme us SHOW

l J The Queen's Hall

Clerk Street Edinburgh £118 910 Mon 21 - Wed 23 Dec 11.003"!

Tum Elucbmnn “Bum Sidekicks!!!me HallBoxOffice

Tel 031 668 2019


. B8


Sponsored by

Radio Forth 97.3 RFM

Jan. Sat 2 Jan). Check venue for times.

indoor funfair with loads ofsickening rides

Join Cinderella to hear her story.

I SECC Finnieston Quay. 248 30111). The Carnival Fri 18 l)ec~-Sun 17Jan (Closed Fri 25 Dec and I’ri l.lan). l.45—1().45pm. Admission 811p. lluge

including Terrrrt'rramr. a gravity-defying gondola and Shake. a ride built around a Coca Cola bottle.


I MUSEUM OF EDUCATION Scotland Street School. 429 1202.

Six OI the Best Fri 4 Dec-Sun llilan (Closed Fri 25 Dec and Fri 1 Jan). Children‘s art work from six divisionsof Strathclyde region.

Peepholeinto China Fri 11 Dec~Sun Z-Uim 1 (Closed Fri 25 Dec and Fri 1 Jan). Paper cuts and puppets feature in this fascinating ' exhibition of traditional arts and crafts from China.

Workshops Sat 1‘) Dec. () and l6.lan. 1(l.3()am--noon and 2.3(k-lpm. Sun 211 Dec. 1()and 17Jan 2.311-4pm. Booking essential. In conjunction with Peep/rule into China. a range of activities for children.


I THE GLASGOW ROYAL CONCERT HALL 2 Sauchiehall Street. 227 5511.

Christmas Kettle Show lintil Mor1281)ec (except Sun 21). Thurs 25.1-‘ri361)ec). Various times. Kids £3--£5; adults £~Lv£6 The Singing Kettle in a tinsel and bauble-decked show. Music. singalorrg fun and laughter for 4—lll-year-olds.

I PANTOS See main Theatre listings.

Outside the Cities

I NEW LANARK WORLD HERITAGE VILLAGE New Lanark. (1556661345. Magical Disney Style Ride limit Sun llllan I (except 24-25 Dec and 12 Jan). Daily 11am—5pm. Kids£l.6(); adults £2.45; T family £7.95 (children under 2 free). The voice of Magnus .‘vlagnusson. the sights. sounds and smells of Christmas past. plus

a free gift for all children. Santa will also

be in residence every weekend and then

i daily from Sat 1‘) Dec when he will be


Adapted by Stuart Paterson

working a bit ofovertime (Slip).

11 December - 2 January

"....r/u'rmmlar good/int " The Scotsman

BOOK NOW: O31 229 9697


Trista 18 bazaar '1 69—23—14 array 169—3—

What do almost a hundred miniature bottles of whisky, a piece of cake from ancient Egypt and a build-it-yourself clinker fishing boat have in common? They're all waiting to be discovered in a brand new exhibition which investigates the traditional and the contemporary, the myth and the reality ofScofland.

Scotland’s past makes fascinating reading: the fishing and farming communities, the Ayrshire lace industry and the whisky trade. But now you can see, smell, hear and touch while learning about them in this excellent, ‘hands-on’ show.

The Discovery Room is a vast sensory experience. Split into half a dozen sections, each dealing with a different topic, the room employs a wide range of aids, including the latest technology, objects, microscopes, models and workcards. Either on your own or with the help of a ‘facilitator', a member of staff who wanders round and casually offers to explain and

assist, the room is a mine of information and fun.

Taste the mall grain as you find out how malt whisky is made, lie on the floor and wrap yourself in a plaid, a traditional kilt, try on a fisherwife’s costume, design yourown funkytartan or mill some cats on a quern-stone before nibbling on some tortilla chips. One of the most popular activities is a talking computer which speaks in Scots dialect. Here you can find out what a chanty and a quaich are.

Designed forthe curious, each section has boxes waiting to be opened, activities to be tried and buttons ready to be pressed. Enter at

your peril. You could be there for longerthan you realise. (Beatrice Colin)

The Discovery Room is atthe National Museum of Scotland. Children under six are not allowed for obvious reasons.

Activities and Fun

I THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS (ieorge Street. 5583319.

Christmas Shoppers Creche Mon 21 't hur‘s 24 Dec. 9am—5pm. £1. l-‘orchildren between two and ten. a creche organised by The lidinburgh ( 'reche ( ’oop.

I EDINBURGH SUBURBAN LINE 539111813 or 4-13 2550(evenings).

Santa Trains Sun 2n Dec. 11.3mm. 12.15 and 2pm. £4. A festive 156 Sprinter willr Santa on board w ill transport you around the ll-mile lidinbur'gh suburban line. 'l'icket price includes a pressre from Santa. I EDINBURGH ZOO (‘or‘stor'phine Road. 33-19171. Daily (inc It i 35 Dee and l'ril .lan)‘)am 5pm. Kids £1311; adults £4.31]; family (two adultsand twochildreniiell. Pop into the too to see their new csl addition. Shimba. the baby rhino.

I ST JAMES CENTRE 1.eith Street. Christmas Shoppers Creche l'ntill41)ee. 9am - 5pm. £1. For children between one and ten for up to two hours.

I WALPOLE I‘IALL Chester Street (Ull Palmerston Place). 337 38911.

Family Ceilidh Dances Sat 1‘) Dec and 9 Jan. 7.3llpm. £3.51) before 8pm. £3.50 after. The (‘aledonian (‘eilidh band host a no-smoking. child-friendly night out. Bring your own food and drink.

Exhibitions I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 2‘).\1arket

Street. 325 2383. Lettering with Lino Sat 1‘) Dec. 3 5pm. £3.

Make a Christmas card or illuminate y our initialsrn this workshop wrthprrntmaker' Heather \Vilsott.


325 2-124. .‘ylon Sat lllanr 5prrr((‘losedl*ri

25 .\lon2t\l)ecandl*rrl .\1on«l.lan).

Europe AIPlay'l'ocomplementthe Iiur'opean(’ouncrlSummit.anexhibrtion

ol 311th century toys from around liur‘ope.


Mound. 5568031. .\1on Sal Warn 5 Hit; l

\onpollutra. a metropolis designed by . school children from Denmark. .\'or way.

Sun 3 5pm.

Once Upon a Time l'nrrl Sun 3“ Dec

(( "losed hr 35 .rrrd Sat 36 Dee). ( ‘hildren‘s book illustrations from the ear ly 19th century to the present day \Vorkslrorn Izdward l.ear . Hcalt r.\ Potter and Ralph Sleadnran are among the "llwatereolour's. drawings and prints on display.


('alcdonian l lall. 33" 834".

The European Children's Eco-City 1 bill .s‘ar l‘)1)ee.lllam 4pm. Discover the('ity ol I (iet‘ttiany and Scotland. w here nosrnoking l is allow ed and cable cars and trains run through mountains so commuters can read cave paintings.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambers Street. 335 "534.

Discovery Room (Suitable for o y earsand oy er) runs until 24 .lan. During school holidaysH-‘ri 18 Dec Sun llllaniopening timesare .\1on Sat lllam 5pm;Sun noon 5pm (closed l-‘ri 35. Sat 26 Dee and Hi 1 . Sat 3 Jan). ()utw ilh school holidays (lltttilSttttZ4.l;tltlMon l-‘r'rl 5pm;Sat lllam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. See panel. I PANTDS See main 'l'heatr'c listings.