Glasgow’s top

watering holes

I-‘rom (,‘hristmas through to Ilogmana): Glasgow and Highland Spring u'ill bubble with goodu'ill. .So/or diners and party-goers in (ilasgou' one of the most hospitable cities in the a Wild u 'e 're listing eight o/‘the city s/‘inest hotels and restaurants.

In each you'll find some of (ilasgou's Wise .llen and Women u'ise enough to knou' the best places to celebrate. sit“! in each of course. you'll find Highland Spring. Scotland's premium natural mineral u'ater. Still. lightly Spar/cling and the full jestil'e fizz of Spar/cling. You will also find Highland Spring at I’i::a Hut and Bee/eater r'estam‘ants throughout Scotland. Highland Spring natural mineral water adds a special something to the holiday spirit helping to make a merrier Christmas and a happier New Year.

'I’lel T'S ().\'I. )'.\';l 77 'RJ I..

'l'he (lopthorne llotel (Zreme de la Creme

George Square 10"! Argyle Street

Guzzini (Iafe ltalia 'l'he Buttery

lilohn Street (between ( Ioehmne 63.2 Argyle Street

Street and Ingram Street) a Moat House Int. 'l'he (Ientral llotel (Iongress Road

9‘) Gordon Street Ubiquitous (Ihip llo Wong Restaurant 12 Ashton Lane (off Byres Road)

8.! York Street

Highly Individual Highland Spring

Highland Spring Ltd, Stirling Street, Blackford, Perthshire PH4 1QA. Tel. 0764 82444.