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pubs Glasgow has to offer.

may HAPPY nouns MON 5-7 I TUES 5-7 I£I PINT WED 5-7 191 GLASS THURS 5-7 ] VINO FRI 5-7 }£I PER SAT 5-7 } SPIRIT ; SUN ' S-i I 1 g , LIVE JAE AND BLUES .' SUNDAYS 4-7 :

375 Souchiehall St, Glasgow. : . tel: 041 332 5736 l

Cafe - Bar - Restaurant Call

041 - 552 8587

for enquiries or reservations

63 Trongate Chisholm Street Glasgow


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; M" [ii RIF RUM). (il.;\¥(;(ll\' 94The List 18 December 1992— 14January 1993