EDINBURGH Christmas Pub Guide

Alan Morrison tours some of the pubs where you can be sure of a warm welcome this Festive season.

"Was that with or without an umbrella, sir?"

THE WORLD'S END BAR 4 High Street, Edinburgh

where we understand our customers


"The Inn Place to Hang Out"

I Black Bo’s 57/61 Blackfriars Street, 557 6136. When the tartan tack ofthe High Street and the late-night bustle of the Cowgate becomes too much to bear, you can be sure that sanity always prevails at Black Bo‘s. Small and friendly, with a perfect balance of beers of the tap and bottled varieties. The adjacent restaurant is 100 per cent vegetarian, with no Christmas compromises ie, don’t expect veggie turkey, just decent veggie grub in its own right which means that Black Bo’s also provides some of the best bar lunches in town. I Olly Cafe 19 Blair Street, 220 0125. The one thing you can be sure of, as Edinburgh fashions come and go, is that the City Cafe will always act like a magnet for the capital‘s stylish set.


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The engaging blend of Art Deco and American black and chrome designs remains ever popular and. as well as being the night-time meeting place of the seriously trendy, it‘s worth checking out during the day for a bistro-style snack. a cappuccino or a much-recommended hot chocolate.

~ The new basement bar City 2 will be

open in time for the festive period, providing the perfect complement in terms of atmosphere and design to the upstairs space.

I The Last Drop 74 Grassmarket, 225 4851. What would the Grassmarket be without pubs of the calibre of The Last Drop? So-named because it overlooks the site of many a public hanging, this big and busy bar can be bursting to the seams at weekends,



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so be sure to get along early. It also knows how to handle a fairly nifty pub lunch. with a good selection of student specials. An Edinburgh drinking experience you‘ll want to sample again and again.

I The World's End 4 High Street. 556 3628. You don‘t have to walk to the ends of the earth to find a good. sturdy pub with an excellent selection of beer and spirits, just to the edge of the former Old Town. Good value, tasty pub lunches. a cracking juke box, a testing video quiz machine and staff that can cheer up the drizzliest Edinburgh evening in other words, everything that your throat and stomach could ask for, all under one roof.

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Enjoy a homo-made pie "the best in town”

Opening Times Monday - H'cdncsday 11am - llpm Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11am - 12pm Sunday 7pm - 11pm

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