Antwerp is City of Culture, in China it’s the Year of 1


Sega Pomp Rock


Roman Catholicism

High art in low places Virtual reality sex

Good old-fashioned tunes Benynn

Cults of impersonality Hats

Brainy pop stars

The disenfranchised

Free flights to outer space String

Royal funerals

Doc Martens



Willie-flavoured condoms Ceilidhs

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the Rooster and in Europe you can be part of one big happy family. Despite all this, there are twelve months’ worth of reasons why you should stay in Scotland. The List’s crack force of crystal ball gazers looks into the future.



I If it's on, it’s in Flick through the pages of this very edition of The List for comprehensive details of what‘s happening until Thurs 28.


Him I Bram Stoker’s Dracula Francis Coppola‘s opulent version of dreaded Count's penchant for Victorian virgins actually opens on 29 Jan. but expect its bite on the box office to last for some time. Britain‘s Gary Oldman and Sir Anthony Hopkins are Dracula and Van Helsing. Coppola interview next issue.

I Toys Putting Robin Williams in charge of a toy factory is a bit like putting Dracula in charge of a blood

bank. but here he is trying to stop his McLean. Sultans of Ping and Tasmin

nasty uncle from turning the family business into an arms plant. Barry Levinson directs. but will it be marred by Williams‘s typical lapses into sentimentality?

I Under Siege Action man Steven Seagal establishes his big screen. rather than video. credentials as an ex-Navy SEAL (now a ship‘s chef) who single-handedly takes on the terrorists who have commandeered his vessel. Gratuitous violence galore.


I Rock Breathe in and check out this little lot who are playing in Glasgow and Edinburgh in February: Joe Satriani. The Stranglers. Stereo MCs. Mary-Chapin Carpenter. Chris Rea. Pantera. John Martyn, Arrested Development. Dinosaur Jr. 8-525. Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet. St Etienne. Alice in Chains. Gerry Rafferty. Dougie

r » Ninja Turtles '

Toeiobs Nationalism Nintendo Horse-shoe pitching . Vegetarians Evangelism

Low art in high places Comedy improv

Crude oil supertankers Speedcore



Panty pads with wings Dummies

Free flights to Europe Trainers without laces Pop Tarts

Angus Deayton I The Femidom

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