I Edinburgh Festival Fringe The size of the world‘s largest arts festival appears to be inversely proportional to the depth of the recession could this year‘s jamboree be even bigger than 1992's record breaker? Whatever the case. there is already the promise of more major Castle Esplanade concerts organised by Unique Events (along the lines of last year's Mike Oldfield gig). a striking production by Neil Bartlett‘s Gloria at the Traverse. and rumours ofa bumper feast ofcomedy taking place across the major venues in town. Sun 15 Aug—Sat 4 Sept.

I Edinburgh Book Festival Your biennial opportunity to rub shoulders with the people you usually thumb. The crowded

programme ofevents will again be

taking place in Charlotte Square

. alongside the magnificent Beck's

Spiegeltent. Sat 14—Mon 30. I 47th Edinburgh International Film

Festival Last year‘s efforts got the

ElFF back under control and proved

that it is still a player on the world

festival circuit -— world premieres of (1‘ [en garry (ilen Ross. Bitter M 00/2 and Wuthering Heights. as well as umpteen first UK screenings. It‘s a bit too early to predict what will take

. the key slots this time. although the popular US independent section will

remain. a new midnight cult/horror season is on the cards and there may be a focus on recent Mexican

; cinema. Sat 14—Sun 29.

I Edinburgh International Jazz Festival It was on the brink of

extinction until Lothian Region

stepped in with a life-saving infusion ofcash in December. Expect a

. considerably more modest line-up

than last year‘s costly extravaganza.

and a return to the traditional and mainstream virtues associated with

é this event. Sat 7—Sat 14.

I TDK Round Midnight Jazz Festival Assembly Direct‘s long-running event will continue at the Queen’s Hall. perhaps with a switch to an earlier week ofthe festival. The fairly conservative nature of recent programming has mirrored the economic difficulties of the period. but the names have certainly been big enough. and that is likely to



I Jurassic Park If the early word is to be relied upon. then this will be the film event ofthe year. Steven Spielberg adapts Michael Crichton‘s novel about a dinosaur theme park

AUGUST: Neil Bartlett

gone haywire. with Jeff Goldblum (see Film Preview) taking on the Tyrannosauri Reges.


I U2 The rockingest Dubliners that ever there were will have accumulated a small fortune in interest (the equivalent to the GNP ofChad. we reckon) on the tickets that sold out a good eight months ago at a cool £22 each. so there‘d better be a stroboscope. Or at least a mirror ball. Sat 7 and Sun 8.



I Rising Sun The second blockbuster of the late summer based on a Michael Crichton novel. this time with Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes as LA cops embroiled in murder. industrial espionage and more-than-a-little lap-bashing. Philip Kaufman directs.


I National Orchestra at Scotland Likely first performance of the merged BBC $80 and the Scottish Opera Orchestra at Edinburgh‘s Usher Hall that‘s ifit‘s not one of Brian McMaster‘s scoops for the Festival (see above).

I Composers’ Competition No Musica

Nova this year. but instead the RSNO presents its first Composers'

Competition. Tonight at Glasgow

City Hall. five new work. will be performed with a £7000 prize for the winning entry. Sat 18.


I A Scots Duair Inspired by the success ofits highly-rated mixed-media production ofSunset Song (revived for Mayfest. see

above). TAG theatre company is set ' to stage the rest ofGrassic Gibbons' epic Scottish trilogy which also

I Western meeting, Ayr Top class Flat

includes Cloud Howe and Grey Granite.


racing comes to Scotland. Sat 18—Sun 19.



I 2nd French Film Festival Having found its footing in 1992. this bold

venture again brings to the screens of

the Glasgow Film Theatre and


Edinburgh Filmhouse those French movies that may not be seen on these shores again. Expect the odd big name to put in an appearance. as the event has already gained the respect of many in the industry across the Channel.

I Aladdin Those who thought Beauty and the Beast was the best yet from the Disney stable could well have a surprise in store when the studio unleashes its latest animated feature. Can Robin Williams pull off the remarkable feat ofgetting an Oscar nomination for a voice performance as the genie‘.’ Unlikely. but he certainly steals the show.


I Jazz Directions ll Assembly Direct returns with another winter season ofconcerts featuring international jazz names. with a sprinkling of native talent thrown in for good measure.

I Te Deum The RSNO opens its winter season in grand style with performances of Berlioz‘s Te [)eum under conductor Sir Alexander Gibson and a cast of thousands at Glasgow‘s Royal Concert Hall and Edinburgh's Usher Hall. Fri 1 and Sat2.


I Bondagers The theatre highlight of 1991 . Sue Glover's all-female lyrical Borders drama. is revived by Edinburgh‘s Traverse Theatre

before a Scottish and possibly international tour.

Spon I Skol Cup Final The first major

trophy of the new soccer season. Sat 31.



I National Tree Week An eleven-day week. apparently. giving you plenty of time to forage through the forests, wander through the woods and trip through the trees. Thurs 25 Nov—Sun 5 Dec.


I Kennedy Assassination It was 30 years ago on Monday 22. that John F. Kennedy stole the headlines for the last time. Hey. let‘s re-run all that black and white footage again.


I Russian Gold The People‘s Palace. Glasgow. displays a trove of archeological treasures on loan from the museums in Rostov-on-Don and Azov. An insight into the trading links between Russia. Asia. the Middle East and Greece. From Fri 12.


I Hogmanay Unique Events. purveyors of large-scale outdoor entertainment such as the Castle Esplanade concerts and the Euro-Summit street party. are already working on a way to see 1993 out with a bang. After that we‘ll all come round to your place; that OK? Film

I Frankenstein Okay. so it hasn‘t even begun filming yet. but there are hopes for a Christmas release. Will star and director Kenneth Branagh do for bolts in the neck what Coppola did for fangs? Perhaps at last the cinema will do justice to the real themes of Mary Shelley‘s novel.


I Degas Bronzes The Burrell Collections hosts a major exhibition of bronze sculptures by one of the

5 most famous ofthe Impressionists.

from the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo in Brazil and complemented by the Burrell‘s own priceless collection of22 Degas. From Fri 3.

OCTOBER: Bondagers .