I A Cinema Near You: Scotland‘s first regularTV look at films and filmmaking in Scotland makes its debut at 11.40pm on Tuesday 19


‘Don’t blow your cover’ is the simple warning DEA olticer Jerry Carver 3 (Charles Martin Smith) hands out to i

Januar on Scottish much can “"83" Stevens “any Television. Presented and Fishburne) while placing him on a produced by Seaman

dangerous covert mission to inliltrate LA's major cocaine cartel. Buying and selling the real stult to win the conlidence ot the coke barons, this . would-be hero in the light against ; crime winds up partnering ambitious attorney David Jason (Jeii Goldblum)

in his plans to flood the West Coast , market with a new superdrug.

‘I used to be a cop pretending to deal drugs, now I’m a drug dealer pretending to be a cop’ is Stevens’s succinct analysis oi the somewhat z . blurred moral imperative under which i ~ - ,

journalist and former NB frontman Allan Campbell, A Cinema Near You will take in reviews of new films, interviews with top names, location reports. cinema news, features on Scots working in the industry abroad and regular looks at Scottish filmmaking from college level to big screen epics. The programme goes out every three weeks, and the first show will include

he ends up operating, a theme which I . Deep Cover. uncompromising urban thrille bilgough raises this uncompromising urban T disturbingly OUiSteIidiflll es the metal Larry Fishburne, Jett Goldblum, and scmcnwmc, William thriller tar above lormula tare. Director , lawyer 0" a one-way Dewefifip to he". Victoria Dillard. 112 mins. From Fri 22. Goldman, as we" asclips Bill Duke seduces with his eye tor low Q Strongly feeemmended- (TJ) Glasgow: MGMs. Edinburgh: UCI. ofthis issue’s cover rent glamour and Goldblum is 3 Deep Cover (18) (Bill Duke, us, 1992) Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank. :9;qu Soft Top, Hard I still up his sleeve. IFrom little acorns. . .: _ I When the good guys are bad, the bad 9:10 ofthe ("05! h ; guys have to be even worse and so, in '" "Wile "ems 0" i, c MIDNIGHT STING orderto ensure audience sympathy tor OFT 1'“ for January '53

trio of graduation films made by Scots at the National Film and Television School. Those

E James Woods cooler and less edgy than usual is conman Gabriel Calne (part angel, part devil), just out at

Caine and Co, we're bludgeoned by Glllon’s londness tor extortion, swindling and even murder. At least

prison, but immediately back to his old this reminds us oi the genuinely brutal who dismiss ‘student' hustling tricks. Rolling into Diggstown, nature 0' this Dameu'af ‘Speft' beiefe mm “mm Pay “05‘” a backwater completely held in the F the tilm lapses into three-minute bouts attention ‘0 ‘his slimy hands at corrupt locai ' oi bone-crushing violence as Piog'am'i‘c‘ h‘?“’°".°" f‘s businessman John Gillon (Bruce Dern), entertainment Unashamedlv 'ft-lmdlfffs thc.f"St-S'g?$0f he puts his lite on the line in orderto set Old-taShiened and With a disturbing I ,ans'f‘c‘f.,',"(ng:‘"mi mm gue. enus up the scam ol the century, which calls tendency towards maehe elitism. it Peter). Gillies Mackinnon tor hlS lormer partner Honey Roy nevertheless Peeks enough of a comic (The Playboys, The Grass Palmer (Louis Gossett Jr) to knock out punch to go the distance. (AM) Arena) and Michael ten opponents in 24 hours. But Midnight Sting (15) (Michael Ritchie, Cammmncs (5C“"d“" g Palmer’s not so keen, Caine's matia US, 1992) James Woods, Louis Gossetl D“ H911yw”0d)' TWO backer is breathing down his neck and Jr, Bruce Dern. 98 mins. From Fri 22. scrccnmgs only 0" MO" 18 Midnight Sting: ‘packs a comic punch' the devious Gillon has an ace or two Glasgow: MGMs. All UCls. Jan at 3pm and 6pm

I Electronic Images: The first group of students studying for the new MSc in Film and Television

I froguncttiggcatclgltliggczgpf (r a s s Artin Dundee tooktheir

places earlier this month. The course. run jointly with Napier University, will play an important role in providing training that meets the specific needs of the production industries in Scotland The MSc is one ofthe courses offered by the College‘s School of Television and imaging, which was opened by E Scottish Secretary Ian 1 Lang in September. i

Ridley Scott’s seminal 1982 sci-ti

movie as the director intended. Gone

are the redundant, pseudo-noir

: narration by blade runner Deckard (Harrison Ford) and the tacked-on

happy ending where he and the

replicant Rachael (Sean Young) llew

oit into the sunset. More crucially, Deckard’s restored ‘unicorn dream’ is echoed by an origami ligure left by trailing cop Gall (Edward James

Dlmos), hinting that this memory is an implant and Deckard too a replicant. Everything else remains: Jordan

' Cronenweth’s dark, glistening cinematography, production designer , Laurence G. Paul's tuturistlc cityscape, 1 SFX man Douglas Trumbull‘s visual etlects, Vangelis’s electronic score

and, best oi all, Rutger Hauer’s

complex portrayal oi the doomed replicant Batty. A tlawed masterpiece

is now a restored masterpiece. (Nigel Floyd)

Blade Runner: The Director's Cut (15) (Ridley Scott, US, 1982/92) Harrison , . , Ford, Sean Young, Rutger Hauer. 116 5635.0" w'" 3'.“ Md." mins. From Fri 15: ucr Clydebank. “mm” ‘0’ "‘"m‘wc

. I \\ t \ 2‘ computer-generated 23$ Eggyhgilzzafg'lgla'rnlgeaue‘ I Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut: ‘3 images from around the

restoredmasterpiece’ world- (AM)

The College‘s video and computer centre has already won wide acclaim for its creative approach to training, and a series of video works produced in Dundee during 1988—89 will make up Made In Scotland 11, the first in a series of weekly I screenings at the Edinburgh Filmhouse. Starting on Tue 261an, the ‘Electronic lmages'

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