magic of Whistle Down The Wind. See review. Glasgow: GFI'. I m Tho Last ltaldsrsst (U) (Bill Kroyer, US, 1992) With the voices of Tim Curry, Samantha Mathis, Jonathan Ward, Robin Williams, Christian Slater. 76 mins. 1n asecret forest world touchedby magic. a youngfairy , shrinks a human lumberjack, who then has to help save the rainforest from destruction. Eco-edged animation has a lot to recommend it other than its well ' g " lush colour, sweeping , aided ,andadecentsetof songs. One for the grown-ups as well as the kids. Glasgow: OFT. I A Few Good Ian (15) (Rob Reiner, US, 1992) Tom Cruise , Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Keifer Sutherland. 138 mins. Navy lawyers Cruise and Moore are called upon to defend two suspected murders, but as the case develops, it becomes clear that their superior officers (Nicholson and Sutherland) may have had a role in the affair. A fine return to real acting for Nicholson and yet another engrossing piece of work from Reiner. General release. I 1402: Canasta! Paradise (15) (Ridley Scott, US, 1992) Gerard Depardieu, Sigourney Weaver, Armand Assante. 150 mins. The best of the Columbus fleet casts its protagonist in tragic idealist mode. a man whose dream of a egalitarian paradise is set against the harsher dictates of the Spanish imperialists. A visual masterpiece by Sqott; a performance of truly heroic proportions by Depardieu. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I If“ llssls (15) (Pedro Almodovar, Spain, 1991) Victoria Abril, Miguel Bose, Marisa Paredes. 115 mins. More melodramatic frolics from Spain's finest, this time in the shape of a murderous triangle between a mother, her daughter and the latter‘s husband. While Almodovar isn’t quite at his best, Abril excelsas the TV news presenter who admits an air to her hubby's killing. Glasgow: Grosvenor. lllsnshlsaszzustls llaYort(U)(Chris Columbus, US, 1992) Macaulay Culkin,Joe Pesci. Daniel Stern. The McCallister family head off on holiday and leave little Kevin behind. Sounds familiar? More remake than sequel to the 1990 box office sensation, this time the brat ends up battling with his favourite burglars in New York City. Crass slapstick , uninspired writing. If you loved/hated the first one, you'll love/hate this one. General release. I m sum (15) (Woody Allen, US, 1992) Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Sidney Pollack, Judy Davis. 107 mins. The Roths (Allen and

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Farrow) find their domestic life rocked by the news that their best friends are splitting up. Doubts about their marriage are heightened by Mr R’s half-innocent dalliance with a young student (Cape Fear's Juliette Lewis). More than a life-initating-art movie, given the recent allegations about the Allen household: it is a searching and incisive character comedy, his best since Hannah and her Sisters. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Fife: New Picture House.

I In Bod Wllh Nations (18) (Alek Keshishian, US. 1991) Madonna, her dancers, the tour crew, a bottle of mineral water. 119 mins. This behind the scenes look at the world's top pop icon may not be the candid revelation the hype would have us believe, but newcomer Keshishian provides a constantly entertaining portrait of the artist, as she switches from super-bitch to mother mode. Concert footage of the Blond Ambition tour is impressive and tightly edited, but the highlights have to be Beatty and Costner making total prats of themselves. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Insole Fsvsr(18) (Spike Lee, US, 1991) Wesley Snipes, Annabella Sciorra, John Turturro, Spike Lee , Anthony Quinn. 132 mins. Black yuppie Ripper Purify (Snipes) launches into an ill-fated affair with his Italian-American secretary (Sciorra) and adds fuel to the fire of inter-racial tensions. Spike Lee's latest controversial work also includes a major subplot on drug addiction , which leaves the audience wondering if he has tackled too many ‘big‘ issues at once. Still, it's a stylish piece with some good performances, even if the director‘s message is not exactly positive. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Tho Lsstolths llahleass (15) (Michael Mann, US. 1992) Daniel Day-Lewis, Madeleine Stowe, Russell Means, Steven Waddington. 122 mins. James Fenimore Cooper's tale of the English/French colonial wars in America becomes the most thrilling movie of the year in the hands of Mann (Manhunter) and a splendid cast. Day-Lewis makes a fine Hawkeye, blending Native American and European nobility to create a sympathetic, truly memorable hero. General release.

I last Tango In Paris (18) (Bernardo Bertolucei , France/Italy, 1973) Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider. 130 mins. A young Parisienne meetsa middle-aged man with whom she develops an increasingly violent and purely sexual relationship. One of the key films of its decade, Bertolucci's powerful drama is a meditation on the expression and communication of personal identity through intense sexual contact. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Last Yoat In Iarlssltarl (U) (Alain Resnais, France/Italy, 1961) Delphine Seyrig, Giorgio Albertani, Sacha Pitoeff. 93 mins. Evocative and enigmatic tale of a man who meets a woman in a rambling hotel, and believes he had an affair with her the previous year. Past blends with present to the point where they are indistinguishable, and you can only really enjoy it if you don‘t worry too much whether they did or didn't. Not one for Blind Date enthusiasts. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I A League OlTholt Owl (PG) (Penny Marshall, US. 1992) Geena Davis. Lori Petty, Tom Hanks, Madonna. 124 mins. As World War 11 siphons off America’s baseball players, attention turns to the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The Rockford Peaches are one such team and Penny (Big) Marshall's latest chronicles their ups and downs with a richer characterisation than in your average spans movie. Central: MacRobert.

I Lethal Weapon 2 (15) (Richard Donner, US, 1989) Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Patsy Kensit. 113 mins. Wooden return for Gibson as Vietnam Vet turned cop, looking like a cross between Aled Jones and Rambo. With Eric Clapton pounding

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away on the soundtrack , Lethal Weapon 2 dredges up every action movie cliche the director and scriptwriters can think of. All escapist fluff of course, but nevertheless a disappointing follow-up to the original. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Lethal Weapon 3 (15) (Richard Donner, US, 1992) Mel Gibson. Danny Glover, Joe Pesci. 118 mins. Gibson and Glover team up for the third time, going though the usual motions to track down a crooked real estate and narcotics boss. Danlingly original it is not, but the spectacular explosions. car chases, shootoouts and comic relief from Pesci mean this one could run and run. Edinburgh: Frhnhouse.

I Lovers (18) (Vicente Aranda, Spain, 1991) Victoria Abril, Jorge Sanz, Maribel Verdu. 103 mins. In Franco's Spain of the mid-505. a young man completes his military service and plans to wed his fiance. While looking for work, he shares a flat with a glamorous older woman (Abril) who offers him more than a roof over his head. Abril carries the movie, which has a straight melodrama plotline that Almodovar would have camped up to high heaven, but it's still a treat of truly trashy proportions. Glasgow: GFT.

I lads In Scotland ll ( 15) A compilation of video work made at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee during 1988/89 by Scottish artists. The first in a series of screenings of recent video work with introductions and discussions, all under the heading Electronic Images. See Film News. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Ian Iltss Dog (18) (Remy Belvaux/Andre Bonzel/Benoit Poelvoorde, Belgium, 1992) Benoit Poelvoorde, Remy Belvaux, Jenny Drye. 96 mins. Somewhere in the unexplored hinterland between Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and This Is Spinal Tap came three young Belgians, who spruced up their graduation film. Horrifically comic mock-doc on a poetry~quoting mass-murderer, it soon sharpens its serious edge and becomes truly shocking. A real chin-dropper of a film if ever there was one. See preview. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I In Trouble (15) (Bob Rafelson, US, 1992) Jack Nicholson, Ellen Barkin, Beverly D‘Angelo. 99 mins. Nicholson runs a down-at-heel LA guard dog agency, but thinks he‘s found his saviour in concert soprano Barkin who needs canine

protection. Part mismatched lurve story, part screwball comedy, Rafelson ‘s sagging pace fails to improve matters. It’s hard to believe that this many talented people could combine to create something so shambolic. See review. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: UCl.

I Ilfllnlll Sting (15) (Michael Ritchie, US, 1992) James Woods, Louis Gossett Jr, Bruce Dem. 98 mins. Conman Woods sets up the scam of the century by betting his boxer partner can knock out ten of a small town’s inhabitants in 24 hours. Before long, it's bouts of bone-crushing violence as entertainment and a disturbing tendancy towards macho bullshit. Nevertheless, it's old-fashioned enough to pack a bit of a comic punch. See review. Glasgow: MGMs. All UCls. I "0' Money (15) (Peter McDonald, US, 1992) Damon Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Stacey Dash. 90 mins. Attempt at comedy vehicle for Damon (Last Boy Scout) Wayans doesn't quite come off. Along with brother Marlon. he’s on a credit card scam, trying to impress a lady exec and avoid numerous hitmen. No interest on this account. Edinburgh: UCl. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank. I Monsieur llalot's llollaay (PG) (Jacques Tati, France , 1953) Jacques Tati , Nathalie Pascaud, Michelle Rolla. 91 mins. M. Hulot, the bachelor with the accident-prone touch, arrives at a jaunty coastal resort and devastation very soon ensues. Comic timing at its most irresistible , as Tati gets away with a number of memorable, slow-burning gags, all undercut by the stabbing notion that we all have an uncle exactly like Hulot. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Tho Muppet Christmas Carol (U) (Brian Henson. US/UK. 1992) Michael Caine, Kermit, Miss Piggy and other bits of foam. It‘s Christmas time , and nasty old miser Scrooge (Caine) needs taught a lesson by three seasonal ghosts. Colourful version of Dickens‘ classic tale that will please the kids and keep the adults smiling with its little irreverent spices. General release. .

I I1 Own Private Idaho (18) (Gus Van Sant, US, 1991) River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, William Richert. 105 mins. Shakespeare‘s Henry IV Parts I and 2 are given a sleazy, contemporary twist in Van Sant's follow-up to the admirable Drugstore Cowboy. Screen heart-throbs Phoenix and Reeves make brave career moves by playing a rent boy and the preppie layabout object of his affections, but to good effect. A compelling, idiosyncratic, left-field gem. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Nosferatu (PG) (FW Mumau, Germany, 1922) Max Schreck , Alexander Granach, Gustav von Wangenheim. 72 mins. Schreck is a truly terrifying figure as Bram Stoker’s famous vampire . looking more like a skinned bat than a human being. A wonderfully visual movie, with twisted shadows and sexual undercurrents placing it well above the Kinski/Herzog remake.

Edinburgh: UCl (and Filmhouse as part of Dead By Dawn Horror Festival - see Screen Test). I Patrlot Barnes (15) (Philip Noyce, US. 1992) Harrison Ford, Sean Bean, Anne Archer, Patrick Bergin. 121 mins. Follow up to The Hunt For Red October finds Tom Clancy‘s hero Jack Ryan being tracked down by the brother of an Irish terrorist he killed while on holiday in London. Some good, tense set pieces - particularly the hi-tech ‘kill by satellite‘ sequence - but its meddling use of Irish politics and unwillingness to condemn the IRA make it of slightly dubious merit this side of the Atlantic. Glasgow: Grosvenor. Central: MacRobert.

I Peter’s Ftlonda (15) (Kenneth Branagh, UK. 1992) Kenneth Branagh, Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson. 102 mins. A decade after their last performance together, a varsity revue team reunite for a New Year break and discover that career security is no match for happy relationships. A highly assured, extremely funny and deceptiver touching character drama, whose only fault is that it sends up Branagh's media image a little too knowingly. Edinburgh: Cameo. Fife: New Picture House. Cannons: Falkirk, Kirkcaldy. Kilmarnock.

I Tho Phlladolohla Story (PG) (George Cukor, US, 1940) Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Stewart. 112 mins. 2 ' "", r ' Hollywood comedy with Stewart as a scandalsheet reporter covering the society wedding of recently divorced Hepburn , ex-hubby Grant lurking in the wings. and romance recurdling despite itself. Sparkling dialogue and tho! ismatic perfu-

all round make this one of the best of its kind. Remade as the musical, High Society. Glasgow: GFI‘.

I Tho Playhoys (12) (Gillies Mackinnon, UK, 1992) Robin Wright, Aidan Quinn, Albert aney. 108 mins. A young woman causes scandal in her small Irish village when she refuses to name the father of her newborn son; events only get worse when a troupe of travelling actors pitches its tent and she falls for the leading man. Tenderly acted by a uniformly magnificent cast and handled with care by the Scottish director of acclaimedTV films The Grass Arena and Conquest of the South Pole. Central: MacRobert.

I Tho Princess and lho Bohlla (U) (Josef Gemes. UK/Hungary, 1991) With the voices of Rik Mayall , Claire Bloom, Joss Ackland. 75 mins. Pretty poor piece of children‘s animation takes only the fairy tale cliches from a good original novel and has nothing other than Mayall‘s OTI‘ voice performance as the Goblin Prince to give it any life. I suspect that today‘s audiences will be a little too sophisticated for this offering. Edinburgh: UCl.

I liaising Arizona (15) (Joel Coen, US, 1987) Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter. 94 mins. Married ex-con Cage settles down to a life of crime once more and remedies his wife's childless state by stealing a millionaire's recently whelped quintuplet. Exhilirating, live-action cartoon combining non-stOp action, crazy situations and deadpan wit. This second feature from the Brothers (Blood Simple) Coen is a joy. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Balaan Gain (15) (Brian De Palma. US, 1992) John Lithgow, Lolita Davidovich, Steven Bauer. 92 mins. John Lithgow puts the ‘psycho' in 'psychologist‘ as a mind doctor growing more and more out of control. while his wife rekindles an affair and the police investigate serial murders. filled to overflowing with virtuoso thriller setpieces at the expense of characterisation, it will please cynical cineastes at least. Glasgow: MGMs. Edinburgh: Cannon. All UCls.

I Reservoir Dogs ( 18) (Quentin Tarantino, US, 1992) Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen. 100 mins. A gang of hoods, known only to each other by colour-coded nicknames, meets at an abandoned warehouse to figure how out their rigorously planned heist went so drastically wrong. The best debut in years from writer-director Tarantino, whose stylish violence seduces the audience into complicity. Brilliant in every sense of the word. See feature. Glasgow: GF'I‘. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank.

I llohln Hood: Prisca OlThlovoa ( 12) (Kevin Reynolds, US, 1991) Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Alan Rickman. 147 mins. Second outing of the year for the Nottingham legend, this time with Hollywood’s golden boy in the title role. Costner‘s Robin slips into Indiana Jones mode as he sets about undoing the wrongs of Rickman‘s scene-stealing Sheriff in a way that is wonderfully reminiscent of the best Saturday matinee swashbucklers. Fife: New Picture House.

I 81am White Female (18) (Barbet Schroeder. US, 1992) Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Steven Weber. 107 mins. Flatmate-from-hell scenario is in full force when Leigh moves into the appartment of Fonda and gradually starts taking over her looks, life and boyfriend. An intriguing character drama and rousing genre piece that packs a visceral punch without neglecting to keep one‘s grey matter engaged. Edinburgh: Odeon. Fife: New Picture House. All UCls.

24 The List 15 28 January 1993