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I Without that vital tacial hair prop, the world’s best-loved comedian is a nobody, as Robert Downey Jr discovers in Dickie Attenborough's Chaplin biopic. See Film review.

I Niki De Sainte Phalle poses with a collection at the women our designer attempted to chat up at Hogmanay. The work in question is ‘Nanas’. See Art preview.

I Apache Indian, bringing Bhangra to dancetloors across the nation. He's gonna be biggerthan Erasia. See Clubs Preview.



‘Saying you don’t like violence in movies is like saying you don’t like slapstick comedy, like saying you don’t like dance sequences. I think something‘s gratuitous ifit’s badly done. It‘s gratuitous ifyou have a musical that has six good songs and a seventh really bad one.’ Writer-director Quentin Tarantino defends his non-gratuitously violent debut movie, Reservoir Dogs.

‘Ifsomeone puts you on a list like this, you can rest assured you’re well and truly mediocre.‘

A comment on a recent list of the 20 Best Young British Novelists by Julie Burchill who, ehm, wasn ’t on it.

‘This country is based on the fact that you’re allowed to say what you want and protest if you want. That is your right. And I do not agree that a fascist is okay as long as he‘s an American fascist. That’s what the government does and I think it’s absolutely insane.’

Tom Cruise gets passionate about the political climate in America.

‘One of my colleagues who has worked abroad has drawn an analogy between us and Soweto.’ Rudy Crawford, an accident and emergency consultant, on the news that Glasgow Royal Infirmary treats more knife injuries than anywhere else in Britain.

‘We have come through a difficult period in the last couple ofyears and I believe we are now in the position to win quite remarkable economic prizes. The framework for recovery is in place.‘

It may be a new year, but Scottish Secretary Ian Lang is still dancing to the same old tune.


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