on a regular fortnightly basis (bookings confirmed!) at Bar 10. If that’s notenough to satisfy you, then head on up to Woodlands for the full-length-dancefloor- action-included version the following night.

I Hullabaloo at The Mayfair. 10.30pm-3am. £2.50. ‘Toe-tapping fun for tip-top people’, ie a new night of house, garage and disco.

I Jam at The Cotton Club. 1 1pm-3.30am. £2. New night of ‘garage, house, classics and rare grooves’ with DJs John and Michael.

I Malarkey at The Sub Club. 1 1pm—3am. £3. 28Jan only. Glasgow’s favourite friendly club crew return with another end-of-the-month extravaganza, following their unfeasibly popular Hogmanay party. The only major change appears to be that DJ Kevin is now styled ‘Sir Kev’; when asked how he managed to earn his place in the New Year honours list, he revealed: ‘for services to the house movement’.

I The Men's Room at Club Xchange. 11.30pm-3am. £2.50/£2 with flier. ‘Raunchy‘ men-only night with infamous live act Caged Muscle and Rolling Rock for £1.

I Shall at The Cathouse. 1 lpm—3am. £1. No relation to the Edinburgh club of the same name , but 705 disco nonetheless!

I The Slow Club at The 13th Note. 8pm—midnight. Another survivor from the Apollo, the excellent Slow Club brings you some of the best ‘ambient’ sounds around in a suitably candle-lit atmosphere. Full of unexpected delights and a refreshing change from your average club night.

I Strathclyde University Onion 9pm—2am. Free.

I The Tunnel 1 lpm—3.30am. £4/£2 with matric card. Well—mixed indie and dance tunes for the assembled student throng.



I Beatbox at Teviot Row Union. 8pm-2am. Free for students, £1 for guests. Top floor Inertia, bringing back long lost memories of big, badly-lit school discos. Downstairs is Strangeways for the more indie orientated among you.

I Blow at La Belle Angele. Times and prices to be confirmed. 15 Jan. A new dance night with a wide playlist and an intriguing ‘anti-techno‘ policy.

I Bubbblegum at Potterrow. 8pm—lam. £2/£1. Popular student night playing a mix of indie , indie dance and dance sounds.

I Boneremwns 10.30pm—3.30am. £1.50 before 11.30pm/£3 after. Mainstream chart sounds mixed with soul , oldies and rave. Available Mon-Thurs for private parties.

I Cathouse at The Mission. 1 lpm—4am. £5/£4 with flyer. Weekly rock night with a wide playlist covering the whole spectrum of rock music. Happy hour from 11.30pm-12.30am.

I Century 2MB 10pm-4am. £3 before midnight/£5 after. Fairly middle-of-the-road dance night in an extravagant setting.

I Cubik at The Music Box. 10pm—3am. £5. Members/guests. Good upfront dance club, with excellent regular DJ 5, regular guest DJs and occasional guest PAs.

I Evol at Wilkie House. 10.30pm-4am. £3/£2.50. DJs Kieren, Paul and Amanda playing indie sounds from the 605, 705 and 805 through to the current releases on the indie scene.

I Finsbury Park. llpm—4am. £2. Chart sounds.

I Firefly at The Pelican. 10pm-lam. Free. DJ Jorelle spins some classy soulful house , deep warming and underground.

I Fruity at The Vaults. 11pm—4am. £4l£3

members. 22 Jan. New fortnightly club promising progressive, contemporary dance and soulful garage, with regular DJs Terry, Jason, Christian and Carol.

I ltatch at Shady Lady’s. l 1pm—4am. £5/£4 with flyer. Popular indie club with a very wide playlist, playing 805 and 90s indie dance.

I Madison's Bock Night 10pm—43m. £2. Paint on those tight jeans and get out the hairspray, for this weekly night of rather predictable rock music.

I Marley's lieggae Illub at Cavendish. 10.30pm—4am. £2.50. The city‘s longest-running reggae night (fourteen years, believe it or not) , with roots, ragga, lovers, heavyweight dub and dancehall. I Messenger Sound System at Wilkie House (upstairs). 10pm-3am. £3/£2. Settling in nicely in their new home and still spinning the usual floor-shakin‘ dancehall, roots and reggae.

I Passion at The Calton. llpm—Sam. £6. ln yer face trance from the regular DJsJon Mancini, Larz, Cutmaster B and Dell, with regular guest DJs and occasional PAs.

I Pure at The Venue. 11.30pm-4am. £5/£3 members. Upfront, hard-edged underground progressive dance music. Still one of Edinburgh’s busiest nights, occasional guest PAs and DJs.

I lied Hot Pepper Club 10pm—4am. £4.

I Skye Club at The Cavendish. lOpm—4am. £3/£2. 22 Jan only. Women‘s disco playing a wide range of good dance music with DJ Julie providing essential sounds.

sni 5w

I Snipe at Club Snipe. 6pm—2am. £2.50. Established club opening up in what used to be the Penthouse at Tollcross. Expect the usual excellent upfront sounds of hip-hop, ragga, dub, soul and reggae. Happy hour till 8.30pm with all drinks£1. I Spacehopper at The Vaults. llpm—4am. £4/£3 members. 15 Jan. 70’s sounds, from funk to glam to indie to Abba. Leave youre credibility in the cloakroom and get youre dancin’ shoes on. With food now on sale in the cafe all night.

I The Tardls 8.30pm-4am. With a restaurant, three cocktail bars, cabaret and live music, The Solution provides the more mature clubbers (over 255) with a relaxed venue for late night socialising.

I Tribal Funktion at the Blue OysterClub. llpm—4am. £3.50. Funky sounds, fresh popcorn, table football and the ever popular chill out room. One of the busiest and one of the best of Edinburgh's clubs. I Twiggy at Moray House Union. 11pm—4am. £3/£2.50. 15 Jan. Busy student orientated club, playing a wide range of 605 sounds, ‘Classic Pop' for ‘Classic Popsters’.

I Wide Awake Club at Millies. 11pm—43m. £2. Everybody’s fave gay club. What more need we say?


I Banana Love at The Pelican. lOpm—lam. Free. DJ Philippo bringing lbiza sun beaming down onto the lovely Cowgate. I Banshee at Madisons. 10pm—4am. £2. 16 Jan. The once a month incarnation of the Monday Club, the best in Edinburgh’s alternative club circuit, attracting people from near and far.

I Blue Oyster Club llpm—6am. £2 before 12.30am/£4 after.

I Buster Browns 10.30pm—4am. £2 before 11.30pm/£4 after. See Fridays.



sponsored by BACARDI RUM




Alan Jones from Music Week reviews this week’s BACABDI Beat Dance Chart.

Dance music throws up the most unlikely hitmakers. A year ago, bookies would have given you very long odds on Kim Basinger having a top ten single, but that’s exactly what she did when she teamed up with Ozzy Osbourne and Was (Not Was) for ‘Shake Your Ilead’.

Well, now it’s Lulu’s turn to ride Into the chart with a dance hit. Taste- makers and tlpsters are united in predicting that lulu will have her first hit since the 1986 re-issue of ‘Shout’ when ‘Independence’ is released later this month on EMI’s Dome label. A propulsive house record giving Lulu plenty of room to demonstrate her soulful, r ’n’ b style, it has been mixed by Brothers In llhythm, whose revolutionary re-think of Ileaven 17’s ‘Temptation’ was recently a major success.

Before they blew their credibility with the nauseating ‘Frankle’ in 1985, Sister Sledge recorded some of the tastiest and slickest hits or the disco era, with ‘IIe’s The Greatest Dancer’, ‘Lost In Music’ and ‘We Are Family’ to name but three. To help stimulate interest in an upcoming

Greatest Illts package, due In February, the last of these has been remixed In 90s house style by Sure Is Pure. In the shops in a couple of weeks, It’s already filling the dancefloor at upfront clubs.

The trend towards reviving 70s pop hits in dance style continues to throw up unlikely hits, and one of the first and biggest of 1993 will be a revival of ‘Music’, the John Miles hit. Mastenninded by Italian DJ Fargetta, and featuring the 49ers London-bum vocalist Anne Marie Smith on vocals, it’s a strident, assertive tour-de-force that is destined to be a smash. It’s already around in limited numbers on the bizarrely named Synthetic Softcore Phonography label, but switches to the long-established Parlophone In a couple of weeks. Watch this one cross over in a big way.

Finally, watch out for Undercover to complete a hat-trick of hits with a new version oi the old Gallagher 8. Lyle song ‘I Wanna Stay With You’. Very similar stylistically to the band’s two previous smashes, It’s already been slated by Graham Lyle who reckons It’s ‘bloody awful’. Purlsts should find the original hit on one or the ten three-track CD singles of hits from the MM records archives.

BACABDI rum was first produced in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi and is still imported from the Caribbean.

The list has two selections of this week’s Top Ten records to give away to two competition winners, plus a miniature bottle of BACAIIDI rum and a BACAIIDI rum drinks guide for each of ten runners up. Just answer the questions below and return the form no later than 29 January, when a draw of all the correct answers will take place. Entrants must be over the

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1. Where does BACAIIDI rum come from?

2. What band is at number three in this week's BACABDI Beat Dance Chart?

3. llama a mixer with which BACABDI rum can be enjoyed.


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