Press Officer

SALARY £22,617’LZ4,3OO

Can you write Press releases in crisp, lively style, work to Scottish Opera seeks to appoint two tight deadlines, cope with seemingly endless enquiries

Staff Producers, to mke up position from from the media, compile inodepth features for our award Winning newspaper. 5th July 1993.

If you can do all that as well as research and write

Preference will be given to candidates with briefing and speech notes, produce copy for leaflets and suitable ex fience in Opera. brochures, work on your own initiative and at all times pc remain unflappable you may be the person we need to Applications close on 29th January 1993 join a hardeorking, enthusiastic and highly professional team of Press officers in the Public Relations Department please apply. with fun Cy. W- of Britain's largest local authority. Richard larman You will already have newspaper or broadcasting Managing Director experience and will be educated at least to Highers or Scottish Opera A level standard. Knowledge of local government would 39 Elmbank Crescent be an advantage. Glasgow There is a car leasing system or mileage allowance 62 4” available. Samples of recent work should be included

Scottish Opera is an equal opportunities employer. with applications for the post.

Applications are particularly welcome from members of black or ethnic minority communities which are under—

SOLAS represented in the department. HIV AIDS CENTRE A detailed job description is available from the FUNDRAISER Head of Public Relations, 20 India Street, Glasgow G2 4PF, tel: 04142? 3470. 6 MONTH CONTRAgSI‘H'IgUCROxggrATERNITY LEAVE to whom all applications should be AP “£14,”. . nu“) no RATA returned by Monday 25 January 1993. W SOIASwasfonnedtosupporttheyowingmnnbersof \\ IQI \I UI’I’URH \llll\ \l IIIURIH people who are HIV positive or have AIDS and the voluntary organisations, families and friaids who care for than. The SOUS Centre, which opaied in November 1991, provides social, advisay and mastic services and acts as an information base for Edin- mun": "Emu burghan emnomdingareas.SOIASisseekingsomeoneto v cover forlsix months gum 15.293) when our fundraiser is (It P5330" "no" matemity cave. 'I'here ' be an opportunity to apply for a jobshare required for recording “"‘°°‘“°‘“‘°"‘“€"‘i‘¥°°'?’n .. THEATRE OF sons AND DANCE S‘“d‘°’vid°°P’°d“°“°" . . post pnmanlyinvolve organising evens already company. Applicants must be m the casein: fundrmmg with trusts and businesses and self-motivated, confident, me pu c . nous/press and pubhctty wads. , flexible, level-headed, With 0 . The ideal person W111 have excellent organisational and VIII be held bl good secretarial skius(wp5.1). mam “1" Will be “’1‘ w m “mm mm 'bh w ME DARLING Please send CVS to workmtheirowninitiativeand willbesaisitivetotheissuesofl-IIV/ . . “OCNMOM “scum.” AIDS. Expres'iatetlzofpworking Wmedil wouldbeanadvantage (the follow-up to The Boyfriend) at Stockbndge House. “Inbmfi EH91,“ ° '99 Y- “‘e “a “’8‘” W“ ' W “m”! Cheyne Street Stockbridge Edinburgh during week ' ywrmsmsfwapplyingtheskillsandexpedeneeymwillbringto . ' . ' the job and describing an event/piece of wink youhaveorganised to: PM u begrmng “11th ' Penso" FRIDAY MARTHA emu-z no on has to in t. ndes‘ Centre. . . . h th e co'os'g’flm" Edinburgh. We would particularly like to hear from $23,, 3352?; 1,330 204 Anagmoum anyone Will an active interest it musml’ theatre. help self-employed person with ' ' d rocessing, basic EDINBURGH ans am To arrange your audtion, please telephone “’°’ P . . book-keeping, filing, phone 031-“1 0982 031 662 1469 (day) or 031 557 0238 (evenlng). ands, please send cv 013' a.» for application-191.93 ¥ caus’ e" m2" “I W m £273.93 with two referees to Pleasenohthatahofllishdearflihbsodywillbeemd. “fawn/“’1‘


68 The List 15 - 28 January 1993