This must be due as much to the fact that there is a thriving multi-ethnic community as to the fact that migration from Britain was pretty much complete by the mid-19705. Most under-21$ here will have British-bom parents but won’t have seen Britain and they are as likely to eat in a Lebanese, Thai or

For the youth of the city, the - centre at their culture is the beach, lull stop.

Malaysian fast food joint as to dine on fish and chips. In the bustling suburb of Glebe, I counted ten different nations of take-away on a

200m block.

For the youth of the city the centre of their culture is the beach, full stop. But for the visitor, there is much to admire. In the Darling Harbour development - Sydney’s ‘Docklands’ located next door to a thriving Chinatown - there is an aquarium containing fish caught only in the


Another cultural highlight is the New South Wales Art Gallery, home to many appallineg sentimental 19th century canvases by Australian ‘masters’. This is another example of the city’s desperate attempt to convince us, and itself, that it is not just a geographically misplaced British city. But it needn’t bother, for the true Australian character really started to emerge in the 20th

.century as is evidenced by the modern exhibition in the basement. Utterly bizarre installations and sculptures by Australian artists rival anything to be found in Western

That is the city all over. Sydney is desperately keen to throw off its heritage and rid itself of the British tag. The harder it tries, the more it fails, But, unwittingly, as the Sydneysiders go about their daily lives, they are moving increasingly away from the land of their forefathers. If Paul Keating didn’t think so hard about it and followed his instincts he would probably have called an election and promptly set off for the beach. As he didn’t, we can all catch the train to Melbourne and lose our shirts. But who needs

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