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The chance to win a life-size cut-out

of Madonna and a copy of her grossly

under-publicised book. Sex. courtesy ofWaterstones. 83 Princes Street. Edinburgh. proved popular. Our challenge was to come up with a good reason why you needed to have Sex with Madonna. The correct answer was. ofcourse. ‘l fch the need to be honey with a phoney Ciccone‘. as Lawrence Smith (Edinburgh) wisely pointed out. We also took pity on Michael Wagcner (Glasgow) who told us his dog had died. and on Paul Truss (Greenock) who remembered Madonna's great goal against England. Both of them get a runner-up copy of Sex.

Time to end the agony for all those who tried to scale the summits of The List‘s quiz of the year in our Christmas double issue. If you didn't attempt it. you can have fun trying to guess what the questions we re.


1 ) To protect their royalty rate.

2) Bono.

3) John Lennon.

4) Television.

5) Use Your Illusion [and II.

6) Sonic Youth.

7) Ice T‘s ‘(fop Killer‘.

8) a. The Shamen. b. Julian Cope. 9) L7.

10) Morrissey. I BOOKS 1 1) Daughters ()f The House

Michele Roberts. The Butcher Boy—

Patrick McCabc. Black Dogs Ian McEwan. Sacred Hunger— Barry Unsworth. Serenity House Christopher Hope. The English Patient— Michael Ondaatje.

12) On The Body.

13) Ian McEwan Dogs. Julian Barnes Porcupine. Gunter Grass Toad. Yung Chang Swans.

14) Dr Criminale.

15) Alasdair Gray.

16) Curriculum Vitae— Muriel Spark.

l7) Cabal— Michael Dibdin.

18) Terry Jones.

19) Morrissey and Marr.

20) Golden.

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781m List l5 :8 January 19—93

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I THEATRE 21) Cyrano De Bergerac. 22) Ian Wooldridge‘s.

23) The Tron/CCA.

24) Fools Paradise.

25) GP. Taylor and Harley

Granville Barker. 3 26) Pina Bausch. 27) Traverse. Edinburgh.

29) TAG.

3(1) The Citizens'. I TV

31) Tell Tale Hearts.

32) Tara Fitzgerald.

33) HeeBeeGeeBees.

34) The Queen.

35) Northern Exposure.

36) Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. 37) Football ltalia.


38) David Baddiel.

39) Craig Ferguson.

4()) Amanda De Cadenet. I FILM

41) Squeaking bed-springs.

42) David Fincher.

43) Strictly Ballroom.

44) Juliette Lewis.

45) Clint Eastwood Unforgiven. 46) Ice picks.

47) 46.

48) Howards End.

49) David Cronenberg.

50) A tricky one this. Were there any purely Scottish films last year? Blue Black Permanent had a brief showing at the Edinburgh Film Festival. but wasn’t officially released. and Prague was a co-production.

The overall winner of a Valvona and Crolla hamper. thanks to a misspelling in a suspiciously similar entry. was Nigel Law (Edinburgh) who scored 421/: out of 50.

The wrnner of a signed copy of Roger Law's A Nasty Piece of Work: The A rt and G raft of Spitting Image courtesy ofWaterstones. 13 Princes Street. Edinburgh. was Jane Knight (Edinburgh).

And the winner ofa cinema seat from the Cameo. Edinburgh. whose i main auditorium is undergoing refurbishment. was Doogie Hothersall (Edinburgh).

Finally. those entrants who won pairs oftickets to Me and My Girl at the Edinburgh Playhouse were Wendy Rogers. Beryl Turner. Jane Humphries. Donna Blaikie. Faith Liddell. Irene Whalen. Caroline Winton, Alison Harper. Pete Frances and Jenny Jedrej.

I See Competition page tor more great give-aways.