As always the best letter wins a bottle of wonderful Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila.


I need Sex with Madonna because

. . . if] win. then all those little boys who enter the competition won't

need to go to the Opticians. Well, that was more than twelve words to

complete the catch-phrase for your Sexist with Madonna competition.

1 (TheLtstl91)soIcan‘twin.

However: I need a bottle of

; completely wonderful Jose Cuervo : Gold Tequila because. . . I‘m a

boring politically correct person who needs a good bevvy. Now.

Jane Leary

Teviotdale Place




Miranda France in The List 1992 Writers‘ Poll vows to give up herbal teas, very low-fat yoghurts and self-help remedies. Is this a symptom of guilt coming shortly after using the caption ‘homoeopathy doesn‘t require a lot ofskill‘ for her otherwise excellent article (entitled Subtle Remedies) reviewing my self-help Womens‘ Guide to Homoeopathy?

I would like to reassure my fellow homoeopaths and the public that I do not believe that our profession is lacking in skill. In the case of homoeopathic doctors, standard medical training gives way to years of intensive study of the highly sophisticated therapeutic principles and vast armamentarium of remedies which constitute this incredible system ofcomplementary treatment.

L-.._..-. . _ .. . .__ _ _.-_-_ 80 The List 15— ZSJanuary 1993


Yet, The Womens‘ Guide to Homoeopathy advocates self-help. The apparent contradiction highlighted in the article is perhaps homoeopathy’s most impressive asset: its accessibility to any individual interested in safe and effective self-help for appropriate conditions and its boundless sophistication in the hands ofa highly trained doctor employing it as a complementary system of treatment.

So, Miranda, give up the herbal tea 1 and yoghurt ifyou like, but keep

' taking the homoeopathic tablets. ' Like thousands ofothers, you will

Stockbridge Edinburgh

omitted to mention the Shiatsu

passed the Shiatsu Society

RHl 68T. (0737 767 896).

j StLeonardsBank ; Edinburgh.

find that they work. Dr Nicola Geddes Bridge Place

Shiatsu To all people seeking Shiatsu therapy, your article last month

Society Register of Practitioners. which is a list of all people who have 1

Assessment Panel and are bound by the code of ethics and practices of the i Shiatsu Society designated by the initials MRSS after their names.

All the reputable schools, Glasgow school of Shiatsu included, recommend students to seek assessment with this society. All those mentioned in the article are registered practitioners or working towards assessment. However, members of the public should protect themselves and look for this recognition. The Shiatsu Society administrator can be contacted at 14 Oakdean Road, Redhill, Surrey,

Jenny Head

Knee Jerk

I occasionally come across people ; practising Tai Chi on the Meadows and like any self-respecting citizen I


stand opposite them making the

Q familiar ‘slow-wank' gesture and

ridiculing them in similar ways. So

. oxygen of publicity to those hordes

; of loopy non-drinking veggies and their deranged ‘Alternative Health‘ ' hippy can make up some insane

? ‘seience’ and be given space in your

any day). So ifI invented a course of

Gary Nelson

. writer that could have previously E been heard wandering amongst his

5 selected from hundreds— no, no, it

why do you insist on giving the

theories? It seems that any mad

magazine (and let’s face it, Thai Kick = Boxing is much harder than Shiatsu

therapy in which the ritual consumption of tequila plays a vital part, do I get a feature, or what? (a bottle will do at a pinch).

Brighton Street Edinburgh.


Re: your ‘Best of ‘92’ feature (The List Christmas Special). Why was there no category for ‘best entry on the letters page’? It would have given the same pale student/unemployed

friends nonchalantly muttering ‘Yeah, The List Letters Page

was nothing, just some rubbish I scribbled on the back of an envelope really,‘ another chance to feign indifference and break his No More Tequila Ever Again After Bloody Last Time rule.

A rule, incidentally, that I have never observed. Hint. Dillan Anderson (Miss) Sanda Street Glasgow. Scribbled on the back of an envelope? Rubbish? Muttering? We hope not Miss Anderson. It’s no more wonderful]. C. Gold ’till your next missive I'm afraid. Hint.


I notice from your last issue that ScotRail closed down their operations at 10.30pm on New Year’s Eve, which is arguably a reasonable time to shut down the railroads on Hogmanay. But Friday

night, you know, any Friday night at the end of a regular week, is another matter.

Last Friday I left King Tut‘s after a blistering dose of Dog Faced Hermans aural delight and ran to Queen Street, in time, so I thought, for the midnight train home. No such luck! The last train had left 25 minutes before, at 11.30pm.

Half passed eleven is a bloody

: pathetic time to run the last trains

between Scotland‘s capital and her largest city. Surely there is a market for later services? It’s not only King Tut‘s who finish after 1 1.30pm, and most pubs in Edinburgh are still openthen.

ScotRail: This is no way to run a railroad! No wonder you’re under threat of privatisation ifyou can‘t even run a decent schedule.

Paul Stanley Leith Street Edinburgh

Next time Paul, how about reading the timetable before setting out? Still, the 11.30pm curfew imposed on intercity travellers is daft. Have a bottle of curfew-busting Jose C uervo Gold Tequila. Just drop by our Edinburgh Office.

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Jim a slice of the mid-u inter action in an issue that includes . .

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Ireland's Wrestling School. Michael Angelis and Sue Johnston in ('arla Lane's\. Raintlog \\ ith B) rnc‘s original cast for Still Life. 'l‘otn (‘ottrtena_\ ‘s one man \llt)\\ at the 'l‘ra\ersc. light in the (it) starring Robert de .\'iro and Jessica l.angc. Stereo .\l(‘s. (‘hris Rea. Mar) —(‘hapin (‘arpcnter and a chance to \\ in ten copies of the ne\\ Bhundtt Box s (1)?


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