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i I Glasgow Film Fund:

Glasgow took its first steps to becoming the

Hollywood of Britain

i when the Glasgow Film

Fund was unveiled earlier


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this week. The Fund isthe i first in the UKlo

} exclusively offer investment funds aimed at stimulating film production in the city. At its launch. actorJohn Gordon Sinclair admitted that ‘like so many other Scottish actors and actresses. I would like to work north ofthe border.

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last-talking New York lawyer Vinny Gambini in My Cousin Vinny. News editors pay him three dollars per corpse, so ‘The Great Bernzini’ spends his nights cruising the streets at New York alone, his car radio tuned to the police lrequency. To make a living, he snaps murdered mobsters, guys with meat cleavers in their heads, and distraught mothers whose children have just been roasted alive in tenement lire-traps. Then he meets and tails lor widowed club owner Kay (Barbara Hershey), who asks him to lind out about the gangsters who have been trying to muscle in on her business since the recent death ol her

husband.Asacrime photographer, , , . ° ' . game." knowsthe Mob bosses The Public Eye: ‘to make a hung, he snaps murdered mobsters, guys with meat

from across Europe when E the 1993 Cartoon Forum

comes to lnverness in September. The Forum, part ofthe European Community‘s MEDIA programme, is designed to bring together producers of animation and potential funders, and has previously been held in Lanzarote, St Malo and Florence. It is hoped that

the event will provide

: spin-offbenefits for the Scottish animation industry. as the Scottish Film Council is already looking at the possibility ofestablishing animation

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The tastelul, moody photography by What works less well is the poorly background lor a ll imsy, uninvolving i wfiich aims to dcv‘c‘lop Peter (Naked Lunch) Suschitzky conceived and badly underwritten dramatic plot. (Nigel Floyd) cultural awareness 0mm provides a patina ol period relationship between Hershey’s The Public Eye (15) (Howard Franklin moving ""38" i" “"a' authenticity, writer/director Howard ; glamorous lemme latale and Pesci‘s US, 1992) Joe Pesci Barbara Hershey 5 “was and among“ y‘mng Franklin’s judicious use ol black and emotionally stunted ‘shutterbug’, Stanley Tucci. 99 miils From Fri 5 “09"” “5 WC." “5 impmc white point-ol-view shots takes us , which never rings true despite her Glasgow: MGM Sauchiehall Street. i {he p’“°.”‘.‘“"" 0‘. geflind :rrnzyb's eyesband thhere is a dangerous beauty and his convincing Edinburgh: Cannon, UCI. Strathclyde: (52%?“ 8 mm heritagc'

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The List 29 January 11 February 199319