Dates listed below are tor one-oil shows: see separate section (or residencies. Gigs are listed by date. then by city. Dates will be listed, provided that details reach our oilices at least one week belore publication. Rock and Blues Listings compiled by Alastair Mabbott and Fiona Shepherd.

. FRIDAY 29 _ Glasgow

I Dog and Crisis King I ut’s \Vah \Vah IIut.Si Vincent Street. 331 53“) 9pm. I3. I wo rising groups straddling the rock domain w ith. \ up. a iunky strain not going unnoticed on occasion

I Solomon Flynn .\Ic( ool's Ruling

( ow boy . ( antlleriggs. 553 7S1" 9pm Free. A \ aried set ranging trom the unashamedly poppy to the skankingand punky

I The Blues Poets \I.icSor‘Icy s. Jamaica Street. 33I 5499. 9pm. tree. I iatlitional Rth.

I Lorna and Erin ( ~oitrci 's. I Iy ndland Road. 3575\37 9pm Free

I Angela Cameron ( oiliei 's. I Iy ndland Road. 35" 583". I Ipm. tree. I he Supper (‘lub

I Family Love Speakers ( ~orner. ( ~baring (’ross 9pm. Free. Sis-piece soul baud withoriginal material

I Live Music \ice'n'Slea/y . Sauchiehall Stic‘c‘l. 53.5 VII“? 9pm.


I Supernova. Liquid Pub Dugs. Sunlight, Happy But Twisted and Dud Rogers Subway. ('owgaic. 335 (Who. 9.3(lpm. Fiye newish bands. with good repor is already behind them. in a smackingquintuple-biII.

I Mungo Jerry I ';i\ endish. \\ est 'l'ollcross. 33S3353. II.3lern. I5 .’\l‘l‘itllIC_\

w eren't. But the “(is would bay e been a quite diitercni decade without ‘In the Summertime

I Papa‘s Magic Beard I’ai‘ti'tdgc. \\ est .\'icoIson Street. (s(i"(ls"(w. Steamy Iidinburgh tunk ensemble.

I Past Redemption I’resei‘\ ation l lall. Victoria Street. 33b 3Slb. LI.5lIatter 9pm. I Heart Industry I ‘LIS RUc‘ls‘ (Kile. \\ L'Sl Pott.33943-ll Illpm.l~rce

I Vertigo \egociartis. I.othian Street . 335 (i313. Illpm. Free.



; I The Saw Doctors Barrow land.

(iallowgate. 553 Jotil. 3 3llpm. {Splus booking fee. 'I ickcis irorn .Iusi the'I'Ickei.

I Virgin. t nion Street. 33(i-Ib79 .Iolly

i singalongceltic soul brothers rigrnarole

' with some less ir'iyolous tolky moments

Finding a niche in Scotland to balance the cnornioirs support they base in their natiye Ireland.

I Eden and Alan McCusker-Thompson King I ui's “ah “ah Hill. St Vincent Street. 33I 5379. 9pm. £3. Feisty holleringfrom (iwen Stewart diyerts attention from the somewhat pedestrian pop rock sound. Apologies for past inaccuracies -- this band are a folk-free zcnel Support from exal’ainted \Vord mainstay.

I The Hideaway Blues Band Nice'n'Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 3339037. 9pm. Soul and blues outfit prey ioust popular in the residency stakes.

I Clach Na Cudden .\Ic(‘ool's Ruling

(‘ow boy . ('andleriggs. 553 78-17. 9pm. Free.

I The Cloud Assassins Macstnlcy s. .lamaica Street. 33] 3499. 9pm. Free. .Iangly RckB sits next to footstomping choruses.

I Road I lalt Bar. \Voodlands Road. 333 I311). 9.3(lpm. Free.

I Willy And The Hand Jive Blacklriars. Bell Street. 553 5934. 9.30pm. Free.

I The Rootsies Duo (‘ottiers l Iyndland Road. 357 5837. 9pm. Free.

I Madeleine MacDonald (‘niiici-‘s.

IIy ndland Road. 357 5837. I Iprn. Free. the Supper (‘lub

I On The Waterlront ( ~Iubhouse. ()Id Silc‘cltlttil Street. I’ttislc‘} . b’tW-Wllh. S.3(lpm. £3.

I Little Wolves Dugout. (‘atheart Street. (ireenock. (H75 37918. 9.30pm. £3.50.


I Dr Octopus Subway . (‘owgate. 335 (Who. 9.3(lpm. Peddling a neat little line in ‘oeio-lunk'. I)r ( )eiopus are building upa follow ing as one of the best ofthe (‘apiial's new dance groups.

I The Thanes ( ‘as Rock (ale. West Port. 339 434 I . 9pm. {3.50. As w e‘ye come to espect (mm The 'I‘hanes. meticulously authentic (ll ls garage rock.

I Makossa Preseryation Ilall. Victoria Street. 3363810. £1 .50 alter 9pm. Plenty of danceable music on tonight . but Makossa's brew oi reggae. soul and African pop has been around longer than most.

I The TCS Platform ()ne. Rutland Street. 335 3433. 9pm. Free. Rock and soul.

I Jeggro St James Oyster Bar. (‘alion Road. 557 3935. 9pm. Free. A well-stirred pop concoction. with Jamaican and g :\li‘icait influences to the fore.

I Sideshow \egociants. I.othian Street. 335(i3l3. lllpm. Free.

I Billy Rivers Nicky 'I'am‘s. Victoria Street. 335 .333o. 5pm. Free. Blues.

I Skin lt Back .‘ytarine I.ounge. Bath Street. Portobello. («)9 I780. Free.



I Solomon Flynn Rockin‘ I Iorse. ('aihcart Road. Spin. L3 ( £1 .50 unwaged). Ska-influenced band. about to embark on an Irish tour (with tiuropean and possible ('zech-Sloyakian dates forthcoming). celebrate the opening night ofthis Southside y enue.

I Seven Drunken Knights Sic-(‘ooi‘s Ruling (‘ow boy . ('andleriggs. 553 78-17. 9pm.

Free. Edinburgh

I Xentrix and Inner State Venue . ('aIton Road. 55.7 3(l73. Spm. £5. Beyond thrash w ith Xentrix who do try to stretch the boundaries of their chosen rntrsic. Inner State has e a bit further togo.

I Spikey Dream Flowers Negociants. I.othian Street. 335 (i313. Illpm. Free.

I The Volunteers Ry rie‘s. I lay market ’I‘errace. 337 7583. 9pm. Free.

I Live music Subway. (‘owgate. 225 (3760. 9.3llpm. {I .5() £3.

I Live music Bertie‘s. Merchant Street. 335 3tlil3. lem. Free.

ITalent showcase Bugsy 's. King‘s Stables Road. :38 (MN).

MONDAY 1 Edinburgh

I Joe Satriani and Adrian Legg Playhouse Theatre. (ireenside Place. 557 3590. 7.30pm. {I I5“. £105“. Guitar god in I I.\t circles ~- his publicity thunders "the man who taught Steve Vai to play!' whospent the requisite time refining his chops at Berkeley (‘oIIege. but cart still let rip w ith ye olde heay iosity . ('ome expecting copious soloing from all concerned.

I Odd Bodhran La Belle Angele. I Ias‘ties (‘Iose (behind "the Pelican). ('owgaie. 335 377-1. Itlpm. Free. \Veird acoustic electric trance music -- bring your own bodhran.

I Stumble and Breeze Subway. ('ow gate. 335 (into. 9.30pm. Local ‘indie' type.

I Jeggro Negociants. I.othian Street. 335 (i3I3. Iilpm Free. See Sat3ll.

I Live music St .lames ( )ysier Bar. ( ‘aIion Road. 55~ 3935. 9pm. Free.

TUESDAY 2 Glasgow

I Mother‘s Ruin and Big George Venue. SauchiebaII Street. 333 3873. 9.30pm. £3. The start of regular 'I'uesday night gigsat the underused Venue. beginning with heayy blues rock

I The Bewlay Brothers 1 31h Note. (ilassford Street. 9-13 U338. 9pm. Free.

I Glasgow Songwriters leaturing Monty Blackfriars. Bell Street. 553 5934. 9.30pm. Free. Hits the cyer-popularopen platform.


I Man and Cactus Jack Venue. ( ‘aiion Road. 557 3(l73. 9pm. t5. the return of \Vales's front-runner in the 7(lsprog-rock stakes. and a band still fondly remembered in those circles. As Iilyis (‘ostello unleashes his string quartet album on us. who's to say that Man’s (earn-up w ith an Iiistedfodd choir twenty

clj“ .

\enue. Barriers come tumbling down

\‘ l _ a (m. (23):) u ,(mii-III a a.

years ago was a decadent hippie gesture? I Baby Subway. (‘owgate. 335 (i766. 9.3(lpm. £3. The new band formed by Baby Stafford. ex-(iun. makes itsfirst tentatis e forays into the liyecircuii. Iispect rock of some magnitude.

I Big Eyed Beans La Belle Angele. I Ias‘iics (‘Iose (behind The Pelican). (‘owgatcx 335 377-). lllpm. Free. Blues and soul.

I Maya‘s Voice \egoeiants. I.othian Street. 335 b3 I 3. Illpm. Free. Somewhat ethereal band compared with The Blue Nile.



I Sunscreem King Tut's \Vah Walt I Iut . St Vincent Street. 331 5379. 9pm. in. Yus. a so-caIled 'raye' band in a so-caIIed ‘roek'

when this extended family of I tome (‘ounlies hippies giye their pop-conscious eco-ambience the Iiy e treatment. Plus the distinct boon of gimpy Irontperson Lucia IIoIm. a genuine. refreshing. charismatic presence.

I Tarte I3th Note. (iIassford Street. 553 Ib3S. Illpm. Free. Anton Kirkpatrick‘s posse who graft heayy guitars on to melodic skeletons.


I Better Ways and Glass Dnion Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. 9pm. L-IKI‘wo bands with good reason to puff theirchests out. the Iidinburgh Barcelona combo Better \Vays haye just released their first. long-awaited single. ‘Standing In'I'he Middle'. and Glass ()nion. haying sold out King ‘I‘ut's three times last year. capped it all off by being the outright winnersof .‘leS'Ps demo competition.

I The Night Kitchen La Belle Angele.

I lasties (‘Iose (behind The Pelican).

(‘ow gate. 335 377-1. Illpm. Free. Rockand soul.

I The Shrimptons Negociants. I.othian Street. 335 (i313. Illpm. Free


,Ibiquitous Chip





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