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' Glasgow



I P81 Crume Ian. at The Iron . Iron (‘ellar Bar. 9 l lunter Square. 1 ligh Street. 22(1155i).9pm—midnight. £4 (£3.5ll).'1'he saxman is currently a key member ol"l'he Tam White Band. but is a highly accomplished player in a bop-and-hey ond mode as well. and is likely toemphasise that side of his work in this encountcryyitli the superb Brian Kellock 'l'rio. Should he a good one.

MONDAY 1 Glasgow

I Kit Carey's Jazz Band Society ()1 Musicians. 73 Berkeley Street. 221 (ii 12. 9pm—midnight. £2.1raditiortal.




Dates listed below are tor one-ott shows: see separate section tor residencies. Gigs are listed by date. then by city. Perlormances will be listed. provided that details reach our ottices at least one week belore publication. Jazz Listings compiled by Kenny Mathieson.

I Eddie Severn Quintet Jazz at The Dunny. Boglestone Bar. St) ( ilasstord Street.

9—1 1 .3llpm. £3.51) ( £2511). (‘ontcinporary hop from the trumpeter. yy ith Keyin MacKenzie on guitar. Brian Kelloek on piano. Kenny lillis on bass and Keith llaldane on drums.

of Musicians. 7.3 Berkeley Street. 221 ii] 12. S.3(lptii. £1. Mainstream pianoand bass duo. plus guests.


I Edlih Budge Jazz at The Iron . ’l'ron (‘ellar Bar. 9 1 lunter Square. High Street. 221115511.9plil~lliltlniglli£31£I.51ll..-\ ‘pool' session led by singer lidith Budge.

THURSDAY 4 Glasgow I Humphrey Lyttelton and Acker Bilk ( by

Hall. (‘andieriggx 22'.” 551 l , 8pm. £7» £12. 'lihesc tyso mainstays ol the British mainstream and traditional jazz scetic recorded together lor the tirst timeonly' last year. but the resulting sirSirm/mi'n album was so well receiyed that they hay e been persuaded to take it out on tour . 'l‘he Humphrey Lyttelton Band will open the concert. followed by a set trom 1 lumph 2111(I:\CKL'1'\V1111111C excellent album

I John Murray Big Band Society 01 Musicians. 73 Berkeley Street. 22 1 (i1 12. 2-5pm. £1. Mainstream.

I George Penman's Jazzmen Society of Mtisicians. 73 Berkeley Street. 221 (ii 12. 8.3(lpm—midnight. £3. Leading Dixieland hand. plus guests.


I Big Band Session Society olMusicians. 73 Berkeley Street. 221 b] 12. 2- 5pm. £1 'I‘he Strathclyde Youth Ja/z ( )rchestra alternate with the '1 im Barclla Big Band. I Jeannie Maxwell‘s Glaswegians Society of Musicians. 73 Berkeley Street. 221

o] 12. 8pm. £2. Dixieland and traditional.

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MCP by arrangement with ICM Fczir Wcirnmq Prom-m




Tickets: £9.00 Available from 8/0 Tel: 041 3321846 (Credit Cards accepted) and oil usuol agents

(subject to booking fee).

New ?"‘“A our ALBUM c uric/(A14 (m5 NOW

38 The List 29 January— 1 1 February 1993


I Sandy Taylor and Henry Fullarton Society 1

rhythm section ot Day'e Clil‘f(guitar). Daye (ircen (bass) and Bobby Worth on drums. The tour takes them to Edinburgh on Fri 5. and The Music 1 lall in Aberdeen ((1224 0-11 122 ). Spin. £8.5(l-—£1 l . on Sato.



I Four on the FIDDLIazz at The Dunny. Boglestonc Bar. Sli ( ilasst'ord Street. ‘)~11.3llpm. £3.5li(£2.5ll)..la1./. with a liberal sprinkling ol rock. Latin andethnic influences lroin guitarists Nigel Clark and Dominic Ashysorth. yy ith Nick (‘lark on bass and .loselina ('upido on percussion.


I Humphrey Lyttelton and AckerBilk ()iiccn's 1 lall. ( 'lcrk Street. (MS 2111‘). S311bm. £75” £12511.Scc'l‘hurssl.


I Kevin MacKenzie Quartet The .lal/ ( ‘lulx ('ity 1 lall (enter by Bell Street 1. 227551 1. £5 (£3511). 'l‘hc guitarist isonc oi the most promising young musicians to hayc emerged on the jazz scene in recent years. and this hand with saxophonist .ltilian

A rgucllcs made an equally promising dcbtit at last year's 'I'DK Round Midnight I-cstiyal. ~lhc tour dates are: Wed 3. Volunteer l lall. ( ialashicls ((18%553‘17). Spin. £5 ( £35111; 'l'hurs «l.1hc1.emon l'rcc. Aberdeen ((1224 M22311). ‘lpm. £5 (£35111: '1 he MacRohert (‘entrc. Stirling (0786011181). lll.3tlpm.£5l£3.5li).Scc Mon S lor lidinhtirgh date. and preyicyy. I John Murray Big Band Society oi Musicians. 7.3 Berkeley Street. 221 (ii 12. 2- 5pm. £1. Mainstream.

I George Penman's Jazzmen Society oi Miisicians. 73 Berkeley Street. 221 ()1 12. S.3lipm- midnight. £3. Dixieland.


I Lothian Jazz School Broughton 11iin School. (‘arrington Road. ladinhurgh. lllam- 1pm. There may still be time to enrol in the third term of the school. (‘ourse Director 'l‘ommy Smith has inyited a number ot guest tutors toparticipatc (including .lulian Arguelles. yy ho is touring ys itli Key in MacKenzie this weekend). Students ol all ages and backgrounds yy ill be accepted. but must haye command ol their instruments -- the tuition isnot suitable for beginners. 1‘ecs are y cry reasonable at £18 tor adults(£7.5ll

urider- 18s. unys aged and students) tor three sessions. the other dates being 211 lieb and b Mar. Application forms from Karl ( ‘hapman. Assembly Direct. 7(‘umherland Street. Izdinhurgh 1".113 (i1{'1‘(ll31 55744-16),

SUNDAY 7 Glasgow

I Big Band Session Society of Musicians. 73 Berkeley Street. 221 o1 l2. 2—-5pm. £1. Sec Sunday 31.


I Bobby Wishart Quintet Jazz at The Iron. Iron ('cllar Bar. ‘) l lunter Square. 1 ligh Street. 2211 15511. Upm-midnight. £3 (£2511). A rare 1".diiiburghyisit l'roinonc ol (ilasgoyy's best-established musicians. lhe saxophonist layours a bop-to-iusion approach. and is joined by Robert llenderson on trumpet. 1iddie Richmond on piano. Andy Sharkey on bass. and Dayid Stewart on drums.

MONDAY 8 Glasgow

I In the Mood ( ilasgoys Royal ( ‘onccrt Hall. 2 Satichiehall Street. 227 5511.8pm. £7.5li £111.51). The l lerb .\1illcr()rche.stra pay tribute to the music ot (ilcnn Miller. under the direction ot the handleader's ncplicys . John Miller. ilhc Kaye Sisters

I (ask your mum) are special guests. paying

1 their own tribute to the Andrews Sisters * (likewise). They open their Scottish dates

at the (‘ity llall. I’erth. Sun 7((1738 21818). 7.3llpm. and go on to Aberdeen

(Wed ill). lnyerness (Thurs l 1 ).and

llayyick (Fri 12).

I Kit Carey's Jazz Band Society oi Musicians. 7.3 Berkeley Street . 221 (ii 12. 9pm—midnight. £2. ‘l'raditional.


I Evan Parker and Django Bates Queen's

'IIillI. ( ‘lc‘rls' Street. (ihb 2111‘). Ui.51l( £21. An unpredictable cyening ol tree jazz from one ol the established maestrosol

the litiropean improyiscd music scene. saxophonist 1-.yan Parker. and one olthc brightest new talents to emerge lrom the flurry ol actiy'ity in the late-Slls. pianist Django Bates. Scottish-based trumpeter Kenny Coventry \s ill play a supporting sct.

Sec prey lcys.

I Kevin MacKenzie Quartet 'I'he Music Box. Victoria Street. (ioS 2111‘). Split. £(i.5ll(£«l). See Sat (i.

TUESDAY 9 Glasgow

I St Valentine‘s Concert Mitchell 'liheatrc. (irany ille Street. 221 31%. Spm. £8. An unusual but potentially highly exciting collaboration betyyeen saxophonist Bruce Adams and trumpeter Janusz Carmelio tops the bill in this year‘s annual concert organised by thc(ilasgoyy Society ol

Musicians. Society l‘L‘gtllitl'SIIlC'lll‘ll Barclla Big Bandlyyitli Adamsin aguest spot ) and (ieorge Penman's .laumcn yy ill

share the opening set.


I In the Mood l'shcr l lall. 1.othian Road.

3:8 1155.Sec'1'tieS.

j WEDNESDAY 10 ' Glasgow

I Sandy Taylor and Henry Fullarton Society ol’ Miisicians. 7.3 Berkeley Street. 221 (i1 12. S311an £1.Sec \Vc‘cl 3.

1 Edinburgh

I Louis Stewart Trio Jan at The Iron. 'l'ron (‘ellar Bar. ‘) l lunter Square. 1 ligh Street. 2211 15511. 9pm *midnight. £4

(£3.50). A real treat in store here lromthe

sell-ellacing lrish guitarist. \yhose mastery of tau guitar styles lrom mainstream through to hop riyals that ol'tliebest Americans. lle teams up yy ith Ronnie Rae on bass and drtimnicr'l‘ony .\1c1.ennanin ys hat should be another memorable night at the lion. and a rare chance to catchan artist ol' Steys art's stature in such an intimate yenue. (ict there early. though. it you wait a seat.