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Fascism in the Ballancc

In Zimbabwe they avoid it and in France : they don’t talk about it, but in Austria a l murky involvement is a pre-condition lor election to high ottice. What you did ' in the war that we lost is a touchy subject among many nations, particularly those who got up to some nasty genocide-type things while they were losing. But the antagonisms and contradictions that still rage within a nation’s psyche are the lertile grounds in which Austrian playwright Felix Mitterer has chosen to re-examine his country’s lascist past. The tour short playlets which compose his play

visitors and inmates at state institutions: a hospital, a prison, an old people’s home and a ‘loony bin’. ‘Each,’ according to director Chris Ballance, ‘examines how people deal with their guilt at having shut people away and why people obey orders and don’t stand up and tight things. It asks the questions and leaves you to lind the answers. It’s written in a unique way, in that it’s a tragedy that's trying to get

obstacles in his way and so on. I think it

impressivelydomineeringlormer church and an ironic, it supremely : suitable venue tor an exploration ot

; Hamshorn, Glasgow, Weds 3—Sat 6 Feb.

away trom the classical structure at tragedy, with one main character and

comes trom a very ditterent tradition

than much at British writing. It makes

lor interesting viewing.’ i The Strathclyde Theatre Group tirst

attempted to stage the work three years ; ago, but were gazumped by the Traverse and a number of London

theatres, who later lost interest in the piece. S.T.G, described by Ballance as g ‘a powerhouse tor newtheatrical i talent’, has gobbled upa numberot s Fringe Firsts over the years and acted

as a springboard tor writers such as F

Stephen Greenhorn. Their latest 5 production is presented in its Drama Centre base at the Hamshorn, an

oppression ot establishments. (Stephen Chester) Visiting Hour. The Drama Centre at the

Holy joke

The Al Priests Holy Road Show

Remember how Sandra Bernhardt, the risque American comedienne, starts her stage act with a sexy rendition of Feverthat starts oh-so-quiet, gradually getting louder until it works up to a steamy climax? FatherJimmy Murray’s version ot Devil Woman is like that, only by all accounts it’s much sexier. We have to rely on the accounts because getting through to Father Jimmy in his small Irish parish is as hard as getting a direct line to the Almighty himselt. The line is always busy with over-the-phone conlessionals and doubtless a lew calls from admirers.

Father Jimmy is one of a troupe ot lrish priests who present the All Priests 3 Holy Boadshow- an evening at ecclesiastical singing and wisecracking.FatherJimmysingsthe l songs at his hero Johnny Cash; Father I

Peter is a dead-pan comic in the style at Les Dawson while Father Eammon’s

O’Connor; tenor Father Sean sings Percy French; Father Heber is a . sell-styled John Denver and Father ; é Gary providesthe rock and roll.The

3 men met in the 19608 when they ' 3 studied atthe same north Dublin seminary. Theirdilterentactsinitially j grew out ol the party pieces that each : would pertorm at weddings and

humour has more in common with Tom

shindigs. Then, when Father Murray

X OFFICE 229 9697






Arthur Miller Eves: 7.45p.m. Matinees: l3 8. 20 February at 3.15am. COMING NEXT: 5 MARCH 27 MARCH


Carlo Goldoni Translated and adapted by Raniit Bolt

was ordained, he persuaded his old

. lriends to join him in a fund-raising ; concert. And the show took oil from there.

You can't help suspecting that there

must be a bit of subtle Bible-thumping

going behind all the merriment and sex-appeal —this is the decade ol Evangelisation, alter all. But, according to promoter Peggy Lee, that really isn't so: ‘there is absolutely no religious content in the shows, except perhaps by the two comedians,’ she says. After all, the All Priests Holy Roadshow is an astute business enterprise. There is even a pool of twelve pertorming priests back in

. Dublin, so that it one priest cannot get

away tor a gig, another is always ready to grab a sandwich and the nearest

. clean cassock and hit the road.

The men give up their tree time to do the shows and all the takings are donated to charity— so tar they have raised more than £2 million tor a

a number at ditlerent charities- more

than a decade ot bring and buy could ever muster. And they have more


Sandra Bernhardt, proving that showbiz isn’t all about long legs and a red pout. (Miranda France)

All Priests Holy Road Show, Dueen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Wed 10 Feb.


20 Candleriggs,Glasgow 041 552 7847

'Right good pub rush'

Wednesday 27th January - Sunday 7th February 8.00mi WISQgUIse present

H ughie On The Wires

By Donal O'Kelly

Tuesday 9th - Sunday 14th February 720m Rain Dog Theatre present John Bymc's

Still Life

With David Hayman, Gerard Kelly and Andy Gray.

Tuesday 23rd - Saturday 27th February 7.30m

Take N0 present Falling In Love With Marlene .

By Stuart Thomas

The List 29January— 11 February 1993 45