I Faustus (Tom McGovern) 1 gets down to business with Helen 0tTroy(Loretta

Parnell) in Pen Name

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I ChristopherMarlowe classic. See Theatre preview.


l ‘The king very ostentatioust had !

himself lashed on the steps of ' Canterbury cathedral. Charles has 1 got to find some kind ofequivalent.’ Sir Peregrine Worsthorne is perhaps a bit extreme when he compares Cami/[agate to Henry 11's atonement for the murder of Thomas a Beckett.

‘Most rock singers never warmed up they‘d have a couple ofvodkas and a big joint and then go on. And no wonder you had so many people who had problems with their throats.’ Mick Jagger acts holier-than-thou when it comes to musical preparations for going on -stage.

‘As the divorce rate soars in America. I realise they had it right a century ago with arranged marriages. Common values, common background, common religion, heritage and aspirations are a bond a lot stronger than true love.‘ Actor James Woods finds a rather disturbing, old-fashioned twist to loving relationships.

‘lf someone knocks on the door with a tray of tea and we‘ve played badly. I throw it over the players. that’s my policy. . . GeoffCooper , complained, so I threw his tea in his face. He had a blinding second half. but he said it was a miracle because he couldn‘t see a thing.‘ i Barnet F. C. 's manager Barry Fry reveals his unique half-time

dressing-room motivation technique. -

‘The conclusion I‘ve come to is that he was a cold, calculating lecher, not a rogue, not a bit ofa lad, but someone who knew what he was doing and went and did it despite the consequences.‘ Scottish playwright George Rosie seems set to debunk the B urns myth in the $5 million Broadway musicalhe is currently writing about the Ayrshire ' . - bard.


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stars in The Public Eye. See Film review.

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