i ITHEATREWORKSHOPMHamilton Place. 226 5425. Box Office Mon—Sat 9.311am—5.311pm. Bar. Cafe. [Accessz PPA. ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. (LC. Help: AA] ; Suddenlylastsummerl-‘ri 12-—Sat 13 Feb. 8pm. £5 (£3 ). See Dance. I TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. 22814114. Box Office Tue-Sat loam-8pm. Suno—111pm. Bar. Rest. [Accessz 1.. Facilities: WC. WS. 1 l. (i. C] Grimm: The Telling olTales tintil Sat 31) , Jan. Spm. £7 1 £3.51) £1 1. Just back from a tour of Rtissia. FAST of Scotland returns with this Bedlam Fringe hit which isan imaginative. warm-hearted. adult 5 re-creation of the Brothers Grimm fairy stories. Winner of the Guardian Student i Drama Award. Nighl After Night: Part 1 Fri 29- ‘Sat 311.1an. 9pm. £71£3.511 £11. A W'tirk-‘lll-prtingss 7 that will resurface in more elaborate form I in the Fringe. Written and performed by i Neil Bartlett with live music by Nicolas Bloomfield. it forms the final part ofa trilogy which began with .-l ltiry‘frnloflxn't' : Revealed in Sleep and Sarraxme. Set in a i plush West land theatre. the show isabout the invisible gay culture ofpre- 1061) London. Headshots‘un.‘~t .lan. Spm.£7(£3.511£1). See Dance and prey iew. My Mother Said I Never Should Wed 3- Sat o Feb. Spin. £711.35“ £1 ). Doubledgc Theatre Company in Charlotte Keatley ’s play about lottr generations of women who all spent their formative years play ing on the same patch of w asteground. This St Andrew s-bascd company is directed by Maggie ls'inloch with original musicby Torn lTr‘ie.


This section lists shows that are touringthe Central Belt. There is a phone numbertor each company should you require more information. Unless otherwise specified. the numberatter each venue listed isthe telephone number for ticket enquiries for that particular evening (please note, this is notalways the venue number).

I Doctor Faustus Pen Name Theatre Company in Christopher Marlowe's black magic tragedy about a man who sells his soul to the dey il for sensual pleasures. Tom McGovern plays the Doctorand .lohn Ka/ek plays .‘ylephistopheles. See preview. More details on 1141 353 323‘). Iiy're l‘lreatre. S'r.-lndreiv.v Wed 3—Sat Feb. Spin. 1133-1 71‘2SS.

l‘nm l'liean'e. (ilasgmv'lue L)--Siin HFeb. 7,311pm,11.l) 5534307, lour continues.



Dance performances and classes are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Shows

will be listed, provided that details reach our

offices at least ten days before publication. Dance Listings compiled by Mark Fisher.

W ~


Ballet. 2111 West Princes Street. Detailson

332 7521.

Feverish Processions Wed 3 Feb. 7.3(1pm. £5 (£1 ). The CCA’s New Moves festival spends a night in West Princes Street as

Holland's Maria Voortman puts five

I Scarlatti. Macbeth-Wild Life 1. Tue 9 Feb.

female dancersthroughtheirtip-toe paces 1 7.45pm. £5(£2.511). Scottish Ballet2with , a programme of short dances to the music of Scarlatti. David Earl and Rhythm

and reveals the classical beauty-with-a- smile image ofdance to be a mask for pain and ambition. See preview.

I CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS 846 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521. [Access: PPA.l .ST. Facilities: WC. WS. 11. (}.(‘| Ex-Static States and Gut Reactions Tue 3 Feb. Wendy Houston opens this year's New Moves festival of innovative dance with a work-in-progress that is intended to be produced in night clubs. Also dancing are Liz Rankin. Marisa Zanotti and lppy Donnellan. The festival's (Jul Reactions programme also begins. giving audiences an insight into the development processof the work on show. See preview.

Undera Cloud Fri 5—Sat () Feb. 7.3l1pm. £5 (£1 ). Second piece by Holland's Maria \'oortman (sec Robin Anderson Theatre above) in which live dancers go out of their way to please. wearing lipstick and black Betty Boop suits. Much tripping. stomping and jumping across the stage’l‘hurs— 11»-Fri 12 Feb. 7.311pm. £5 (£1). A rare chance to see Spanish dancer Angels Margarit working solo outside her Company Mundances. Here she collaborates with video artist. .lordi Teixido. in a performance that explores spirals. circles. mirror images and repetition. See preview.

I CRAWFURD THEATRE Jordan hill College. 71) Southbrac Drive. 11511

3437 3-138. (Access: PPA. 1... ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. (i. C. Help: A. AA] The Hay and the Bed Poppies Sat 311.1an. 7.3llpm. £4 (£2). Dundee Rep Dance Company on a Scottish tour.


Cumbcrnauld.1123b 732%‘7.



Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh. Until Sat6 Feb.

You‘d expect a play about Burns to be concerned with poetry, philandering and the rise to fame of the ordinary man, but for Lara Jane Bunting, it‘s a tale of babies. still-births and funerals. For the subject of her new play, premiered in Musselburgh, is not Babble, butJean, the put-upon wife of the legendary poet.

Blending the bard‘s songs, sung in sweet harmony by the cast of six. with the slow~developing narrative, Love But Her is a down~beat study of rural domestic life from a distinctively female point oi view. Played by Lisa Grindall, Jean Armour is a strong and confident young woman with a gently subversive streak, who nonetheless is governed by the circumstances—the pregnancies, the bastard offspring, the choice of home —which her cavorting but inspirational husband inflicts upon her. It is she who deals with the lundamentalist moralising of the neighbours, she who brings up the family single-handedly and she who nurses her husband on his death bed.

But while it's a healthy change to be presented with a non-male viewpoint, the character of Jean Armour is so

much at the mercy of events beyond her

control that the narrative has virtually no lorward thrust. Bobin Peoples‘ production is suffused with a lyrical sadness, but the story lacks the mechanics to take it into the realm of tragedy and for the most part, it is only

the inclusion of the poetry that holds the flimsy story-line together. Where the play does become engaging, however, is in its debate about the nature of art; on the one hand, Burns“ poetry is a irippery compared to the

hardships of daily life, but on the other,

i Jean and her friend can only celebrate


the unfathomable beauty of poems written specially forthem. It is Jean’s awareness of this contradiction that makes her an intriguing character and ifthere is a tragedy, it is in her powerlessness to do anything about it. (Mark Fisher)

L--., ..

48 The List 29January— 11 February 1993

Street. Choreographers are Andre

Prokovskv and Neville Campbell.

I chs THEATRE Bath sum. Box

Office. Mon- Sat noon-- (rpm. 4 bars.

Phone bookings. Ticket Centre.

Candleriggs. see Ticket Link details above. lAccess: l’l’A. 1.. Facilities: WC. WS. 11. (i. C. Help: A. AA]

The Nutcracker'l'ue 2—Sat 13 Feb. 7.3(1pm. MatsTliurs 4. Tue 1) and Thurs l 1 at

1.3(1pm; Sat o and Sat 13 at 2.3(1pm.

as the Nutcracker Prince

£3—£27.511. The Scottiin Ballet revives Peter Darrell's production ofthe 'l‘chaikovsky ballet. w hich is based on the original classic first presented in St Petersburg 11111 years ago. Rtissian dancer \‘ladislay Bubnov makes his British debut a part which is played on other nights by 1-.dinburgh-born Roddic Patrizio.


all on the points of their shoes. See preview. i

Paisley. SS7 111111. Box ()fficeopen Tue Sun noon»S.311pm. [Accessz PPA.1..

R. Facilities: WC. WS. 11. (i. C. Help: A. . AA]

Scotch Hop: Cuba The Last Dance and

, Strictly Ballroom Mon S Feb. Spm. £2

(£1.50). The most ambitions stage in

; Paisley 's continuing Scotch l lop

programme kicks off with two dance films;

the first. an 1 1-minute short by

(ilasgow -based Barbara ( )rton about the raunchy dances of Latin America. the second. last year's hit Australian movie

about artistic freedom in the world of

ballroom dancing. Sec preview. Scotch Hop: Sides Dance Tue 9 Feb. 8pm. £4 (£2511). Three pieces byJaneJewell‘s

j Company Sides Dance Sides. Songs of

Time and litter/21s performed by Paulcne Laverty. Jacqui Dixon and liric Tessier—Lavigne. See preview.

Scotch Hop: Green Candle Dance Company

Wed 111 Feb. Spm. £3 (£1 .511). Spin. London's community dance company

(ireen Candle has been touring the area as t

part of the Scotch l lop season and calls'in at the Centre for an evening of dance. song. music and words about life. death

and soul-searching. Call the theatre for

other venue details. See preview.

Scotch Hop: Ths Scottish Ballet 2 Thurs 11 Feb. Spin. £1) ( £4). Sear/am. .llat'ber/r and Wild Life 1 form Scottish Ballet 2's programme ofshort dances to the rnusicof

1 Scarlatti. David [iarl and Rhythm Street.

Choreographers are Andre l’rokovsky and Neville Campbell. See preview.

: IASSEMBLY 300M354 (ieorgeStrccl. ,2304348. I There is Only One of Everything Sat (1 Feb.

8pm. £4 ( £2). Company ()1 Angels. a new

Scottish company. explores the geography E of Scotland in a multi-mcdia performance.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l larnilton

Place. 22115425. Box Office Mon—Sat ‘)..311arn—-5.311pm. Bar. Cafe. [Access;

i PPA.S‘I‘.R.Facilities:W(‘.WS.ll.(i.C.

Help: AA|

Suddenlylastsummeriiri 13 Sat 13 Feb.

8pm. £5 (£3). Local dance company Suddenlylastsumme r explores its

reactions to the current situation in Bosnia I

through the relationship of two women. As well as this first response to the bloody civil war. the cornpauy presents three

other pieces about the role of women

around the world. Choreographers include Stephen Hooper and Angus Balbernie.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE ( 'ambridge Street. 23' 14114. Box Office 'l‘ue~Sat 111am—Spm.

Sun is 1(1pm. Bar. Rest. [Access: 1..

Facilities: WC. WS. H. (i. C]

Headshot Sun 31 Jan. Spm. £7 (£3511 £1 ). Well received last-paced production choreographed by Mark Murphy for his company . \'-'l'ol. limotional battlefields in the world of the FBI tough-guy. See preview.