PeterLinneft: Lithuania bound


l Sculptor PeterLinnett. from lidinburgh. has just set off to Lithuania where he will be workingon a i new sculptural piece for

the city of Vilnius. 'I'he imitation follows hot on the heels of a commission for a monumental sculpture. completed in October. for the

.‘yloray ian town of /.dar—nad-Sa/avou. and a show is being planned for Hamburg. Linnett has no British shows planned at the moment: ‘.\fy work has attracted far more interest from abroad than from within Britain] he comments wryly'. "There is a sense of optimism and

excitement in the former

Soviet states which I

cannot find oy er here .‘


presently at the (‘cntre for

x (‘ontemporary Arts.will

for the y istial arts at the

Scottish Arts (‘ouncil in April. one of the most

takeover responsibility I i

prestigious jobs in the Sc‘ottislt .Arts. Nairnehas i said that he wants to use

3 hispositiontobetterthe

lot of artists generally ~- which is the general thrust of the Scottish Charter for

' Illc‘Arlsloo. built ‘1

remains to be seen

' whether the appropriate goy Cl'nllic‘lll funding will

be forthcoming. Watch this space.


l Turner in the National Galleries of Scotland .\lungo ('ampbell. This year‘sshowingol the fragile w atercolotlrs is accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue with details of all the National (iallei'ies' 'l'iirner paintings and

di aw ings and a brief . but interesting biographical introduction. See In the Maine

54'l'he List 29January- ll February 1993


Exhibitions are listed by city. then alphabetically by venue. Shows will be listed. provided that details reach ourotfices at least ten days before publication. Art and Exhibitions listings compiled by Miranda France.

I ART EXPOSURE GALLERY 38 Bath Street. 353 236]. Mon-Sat ll).3(lam—(ipm.

New Paintings by Jeff McDonald 1 hit! Thurs 4 Feb. Landscapes. still lifes and drawings in oil. gouache and watercolour by a young Glasgow graduate.

Group show Fri 5 Feb-4 Mar. A rt Exposure profiles the work ofScottish female artists Alison Chisholm. (‘atriona Quick. Fiona Robertson and others.

I ART GALLERY & MUSEUM, KELVINGROVE 357 3929. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm: Sun 11am—5pm. Cafe. [DI Voluntary guides are available free ofcharge toconduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. Ask at the enquiry desk.

Will McLean L'ntil 28 Feb. Touring from the Talbot Rice (iallcry. this is the first major retrospective of the Scottish artist. who drawson his I lighland inheritance and love of fishingcommunities.

Walter McGowan: World Champion Boxer l'ntil 31 Jan. Photographs. trophiesand other memorabilia piece together the rags-to-riches story of one ofScotland's greatest sportsmen.

Exploitation Earth limit 18 Apr. A timely examination of some of the ways in which natural resources are exploited and for what purposes; the exhibition explores various ‘cnvironment-friendly' alternatives.

Dancing Through Time Limit Sun 17 Jan. Showcasing Glasgow Museums' costume collection with around 30 complete outfits from the last two centuries.

William Strang ['ntil 25 Apr. Large collection of landscapes. biblical and literary illustrationsand scenes of 19th and : early 20th century life by the Dumbarton artist who revived interest in etching at the i turn ofthe century. Project12 Until 2l Feb. 178 yaried works by disabled artists from the twelve l".(~ countries. selected by the Belgium-based organisation ('RLiAM.

Alan Davie: ll Mago limit 4 Apr. 'I‘wo worksby the internationally renowned artist. to complement the Niki de Saint Phalle retrospective at the .\lcl-ellan Galleries. Davie painted these worksafter his collaboration with the artist in 1987. Gavin Evans: dis. A Collaborative Project Sat 3()Jan— 14 Mar. livans uses the latest

digital paintbox technology in a seriesof photographs exploring the political.

sexual and economic implications for the art world of the removal of borders within Europe.

Printing with Wood Sat 30 Jan—«25 Apr. Woodcuts from the last five centuries and drawn from several European countries w centring particularly on the pioneering work of 20th century illustrators.

including examples by Willie Rodger and Stephen Campbell.

I BURNSIOE GALLERY l9tl Dukes Road. Rutherglen. bl3 3bo3. Tue-Sat 9.3tlam—5pm.

Spring Exhibition Starts Sat () Feb.

Featuring ceramics by (‘hristine (fox and (‘ieoff Cox.

I BURRELL COLLECTION I’ollokshaws Road. M9715l . Mon Sat lllam «Spin: Sun Ham-5pm. ('afe. ID].

The collection of lidwaidian tycoon William Burrcll. including furniture. paintings. ceramics and glass. housed in an elegant purpose-built gallery. Recorded

I " 1’


' 0:33?»

David Allan‘s Roman Coffee House at the National Gallery. Edinburgh i

descriptions and thermof'orms available for the benefit of visually impaired visitors.

Boudin at Trouville L'ntil 28 Feb. A rare chance to see a large show of works by'the 19th century artist. most of whose output is in private collections. Small. intimate paintings of holidaymakers and working people at the seaside resort of'I‘rouviIle. and rare market and street scenes. as well as a selection ofcontemporaneous costumes; Boudin was noted for his elegant depictions of the periods fashions.

I CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS 346 35-1 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521.

'1 tie ~-Sat llam--53tlpm. [1)].

\ext exhibition. 'Iruu'y .IIcKermu. starts 27 Mar.

I COLLINS GALLERY ITniversity of Strathcly de. 22 Richmond Street. 552 44tlllext 2682. Mon l-ri lllam 5pm: Sat noon --lpttt. [D]

Fuse L'ntil Sat 3f) Jan. Twenty (ilasgow artists exhibit mixed media works —- the culmination of a year-long initiative to support emerging artists under the auspices of the Archdiocese of(iIasgow Social Services.

A Decade of Fine Art: New Work by Graduates of Duncan of Jordanstone College ofArt. 1982—1992 Sat (i I-eb-(i Mar. A touring version of the hugely successful show.

oi gaiiised to celebrate the college's centenary . which featured artists David Mach and Alistair .‘ylacl.ennan.

I COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent Street. 221 (i370. Mon-Sat “lain-5.30pm. Philip Braham: New Paintings and Drawings Sat 3(l.lan- 25 Feb.

I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART l-lls’ West Regent Street. 22| 3095. .‘yfonr—Sat 9.3llani 5. 3llpm.

Works from Stock Including worksby (iustav Klimt. Derain. Eric (iill. l’enrosc and well-know n Scottish artists. 4 I EWAN MUNOY FINE ART 48 West (icorge : Street. 33! 2-106. Mon—Sat 9.3l)am—-5.3t)pm. William McTaggart (1835—1910): The Father of Modern Scottish Painting Limit 20 lieb. Sir .lames (‘aw' saw 'the whole evolution of modern painting from pi'c-Raphaelitism to Impressionism. and even farther‘ embodied in .‘ylc'l’aggart's work. This show focUses on his output from lSStlto 1910. I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART to? chfrew Street. 332 9797. Mon l’ri 10am—5pm: Sat lilam—‘noon. ID]. Turning Points: East German Art in Revolution l 'ntil 3tlJan. Works by a new generation demonstrate how fiast (‘ierinan artists hay e been affected by (lie ll'em/e - the turning point which led tothc collapse of their old regime. LOOK Sat 6-27 I‘eb. Art by people with little or ttosight. Design Photography Department: Work in Progress Sat 13 Feb. I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 22 King Street. 5520704. Mon—Sat “lam-5.30pm. i

; David Rees~Davies Sat 3llJan ~20 lieb.

Artist of the Month: Willie Owen Sat 3H

Jan-2t) Feb.

' I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l'nivcrsity‘ of

(ilasgow. 82 l lillliead Street. 339 8855 ext 5431. Mon—Fri 9.3flam-5pm; Sat 9.3(lam—5pm. I American Screenprints from the Collection olReba and Dave Williams Sat 3llJan ~17 , Apr. The only Scottish showing on an | international tour of this unrivalled i private collection. which stretches from i the l92()s to the heyday of Pop Art in the I 1960s. and includes works by Warhol. '

__ .---__J