Harness up yourhuskies. avoid the Abominable Snowman in the supermarket and get down to yourvideo store to check outthose new releases


I Henry: Portrait DiA Serial Killer( 18) John McNaughton's controversial and powerful investigation into the psyche of a serial murderer gets a video release after 48 seconds of extra cuts from the version released in cinemas. It‘s about as far from the Hollywood romanticisation of murder as you can get. shot in a grainy naturalistic fashion. The camera follows ex-con Henry (Michael Rooker) and his pal ()tis (Tom Tow les) as they drift between motiveless murders and domestic bickering. Pleasant it ain't. bill Henry is an infinitely more disturbing and thought-provoking monster than any cartoon-like l lannibal Lecter.(li1ectric)

I Overkill ( 15) And forthe ladies. . .'1'hetrue(ish) story of female serial killer Aileen Wuornos. who is currently on Death Row. The v ictim of violent abuse as a child she sets out to gain a kind of warped revenge with a series of random murders. Jean Smart stars as Wuornos and Park ()vcrall plays her impressionable sidekick and eventual betrayer Tyria Moore. (Odyssey) I Prototype ( 1:4) (20:20 Vision) A violent and erotic futuristic war thriller with a hefty debt to Roboeup. Hawkins is a tough soldier who. after a series of robotic implants. becomes the psychopathic Prototype. on the rampage and seeking out his former lover. Chandra. The script isn't exactly Alan Bennett.

I Alien 3 ( 18) Ripley is back. and this time it‘s personal. Sigourney Weaver shaves her head and picks tip the heavy weaponry one last time to do battle with the slimy creature she just can‘t shake. This time the action is set on a prison planet populated by

,' British actors. with a

suitably menacing atmosphere. Pacy. action-packed and more

than alittle conIUsing.


I Rage And Honourz: Hostile Takeover( ls) (Medusa)

IThe PowerDI 0ne( 15) (Warner)

I In The Arms DtAKiller (15) (“'arncr) IDWhatANighf( 15)

(Columbia Tristar)

I The Intruders ( 15) (Fox) ITheTower(15)(15ox)

I Mystery Date ( 15)(311:21) Vision)

I Double Vision( is) (30:20\'1sion)

ITwin Sistersl l5)(l‘irst Independent)

I Slow Burn(18)(1-‘irst Independent)

I Baby On Board ( PU) (First Independent)


I On The Black Hill ( 15) Bob Peck and (iemma Jones star in the adaptation of Bruce Chatwin's novel. Peck plays a ploughman who marries vicar‘s daughter Jones and fathers twins. A profound picture emerges of the bleak life on an isolated Welsh farm. Beautifully shot. but short on high drama. (Connoisseur £12.99)


celebration ofthelifeand

music of Bob Marley. The only commentary is provided by Marley's own words and music as the film traces his evolution

from Kingston's ghetto to

the world's concert balls.


I Lola (PU) Part of Iilectric‘s French New Wave collection. Jacques Demy's contemporary fairytale stars Anouk Aimee as I.o1a. a cabaret singer desperately courted by two men. but saving herself for her first love. the fatherof her child. Packed with the New Wave iconography of (iitanes. black humour. romance. chic and style.

(Iilectric£15.99) IPierrol Le Faults) (Iilectric£15.99)

I Barton Fink ( 15)'1'he Coen brothers' typically

warped comedy stars John

Turturro as the eponymous scriptwriter finding writer's block in his Hollywood hotel room. Admirable support

l fromJohnGoodman. ' (ColumbiaTristar£10.99)

I Une Femme Est Une Femme ( P(i ) .iean-Luc (iodard's playful [rummage to I lollywood musicals stars Anna Karina as Angela. a dancer who wants achild. When her boyfriend is unwilling tocoopcrate. she turns her attentionsto his best friend (Jean-Paul Belmondo). (Iilectric £15.99)

I Double Impact ( 18) ()oh. biff. pow. ouch. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays separated-at-birth twin brothers raised on different sides ofthe tracks (and the world). Naturally after a spot of fraternal sparring. they team up to avenge the murder oftheir parents in this no-holds-barred martial arts thriller. (Columbia Tristar £10.99) I Point Break ( 18) ( Fox £10.99)

I Lethal Weapon3( 18) (Warner£l3.99)

I Framed ( 15) A swift release for the recent TV series. written by Lynda La Plante. and starring Timothy Dalton as a cunning supergrass. (Focus £12.99)

I Blake's Seven: Warlord/Blake (PU) (BBC £10.99)

I Blake‘s Seven: Gold/Drbit(1>(i) (BBC £10.99)

I Echo DtThe Elephants (BB(‘£1().99)

I Rosemary Conley’s Whole Body Programme (BBC£I0.99)

I DoctorWho: Terminus (BBC£10.99)

I Del Amitri: Change Everything For people who like this sort ofthing. four videos from the Dels‘ damp last album. plus bonus track 'Spit In The Rain’. Amsterdam and facial hair feature heavily. (Poly'gram £10.99)

I PMS: Steps To Freedom (Columbia Tristar £9.99) IAndrew And Fergie: Behind The Palace Doors (PG) (Columbia Tristar £10.99)

I Signs 0i Loveils) (Prime Entertainment £11.99)

I The Amazing Adventures Of Sandokan (Columbia Tristar £8.99)

I The Trollies Radio Show Sing-A-Long (Columbia Tristar £8.99)

I The Magic Trolls

(Columbia Tristar £8.99)


A selection or television highlights, listed by

day. in chronological order. Television - Listings compiled by Tom Lappin.


I Public Eye: Alternative Medicines: Trick Or

Treatment? (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. An

investigation into the dangers ofthe

j unregulated world of alternative medicine

; and the tragedies that ensue when patients

5 neglect conventional treatment.

l preferring unproven remedies.

3 I Love Hurts ( BBC] ) 9.30—10.20pm. The

i irritating romance plotighs on with Frank

E and Tessa returning from Russia after their wedding. But is a St Petersburg

l marriage legal in Britain‘.’

l ICheerS(Channel4)9.30—10pm. More

beers and laughs in the latest seriesfrom

the Boston bar. Cliff is confronted by an

old flame who returns from Canada

heavily pregnant and holding him


I Arena: Derek Walcott ( BBCZ)

9.30-10.30pm. The poet talks about his

life and work. filmed at home on the

Caribbean island of St Lucia.

I The Brain From PlanetArous (Channel 4)

13. 10— 1 .25am. Two brains from outer

space. one good. one evil. take overthe

bodies of nuclear physicist John Agar and

his pet pooch. Listen. it happens!


I Sounds DiThe 70s ( BBCZ) 7. 11L7.45pm.

70s nostalgia concentrating on soul and

disco. featuring Aretha Franklin.’1‘he

'l‘emptations. Michael Jackson. Rose

Royce and The Three Degrees.

I Casualty ( BBC] ) 8. 15—9.05pm. Holby

(ieneral is the scene for more high drama

1 as Charlie starts to behave strangely under

the weight of added responsibility.

1 I Moving Pictures ( BBC] ) 9.20— 11). 10pm.

i A profile of the innovative 40s crime

9 photographer Wecgec. whose life inspired the new film Public Eye starring Joe Pesci.

i I Saturday ZOO (Channel 4) 10—1 1pm. Jonathan Ross hosts more live comedy

j and music. joined by nicotine-crazed

Denis Leary and Roland Rivron.

I Bloodlines: Making Coppola‘s Dracula

i(BBC1) 11.15-11.45pm.A

behind-the-scenes report on the makingof

i Francis Ford Coppola's vampire epic.

including conversations with Anthony

f Hopkins. Keanu Reeves. (iary ()ldman and Winona Ryder.

5 I Adult Oprah: Magic Johnson (Channel 4) ll.35pm—12.30am. The basketball legend speaks candidly about sex. his marriage

3 and the HIV virus. joined by his wife



I Football ltalia (Channel 4) 1.15—3.30pm. More superior live soccer from Serie A with a chance of seeing Paul (iascoigne's Lazio take on Des Walker's Sampdoria. I Moviewatch (Channel 4) 6—6.30pm. The cinema review programme with the reviews provided by punters. Tonight's show visits a cinema in Brighton to assess Public [1-)‘0 and Honey I Blew Up The K [(1 . while Laurie Pike provides gossip from Hollywood.

I Splash (Scottish) 6.25—8.25pm. A popular romantic comedy starring Daryl Hannah as a mermaid and Tom Ilanksas the sap who falls in love with her. Eugene Levy is the evil scientist who wants tospoil their fun.

I Fragile Earth: Living With The Spill (Channel 4) 7—8pm. As the Shetland islanders come to terms with the Enter

disaster this film asks what lessons can be learned from the Exxon Valdez spill off

the coast ofAIaska.

I Dancing: Dance At Court ( BBCZ) 8.20-9.20pm. A look at the role dance has in royal ceremonial around the world front Britain toJapan.

I One Foot In The Grave(BBC1) 9.10—9.40pm. The strangely popular suburban sitcom returns with Richard Wilson as the cantankerous codger Victor and Angus Deay'ton as neighbour Patrick. I Screen Two: The Long Roads ( BBCZ) 10-1 1.30pm. John McGrath‘s powerful and moving film tells the story of aSkye couple setting out on a journey round the UK to break the news to theirehildren that their mother is dying. Robert Urquhart and Edith MacArthur star. See preview.

I American Football: XXVII Super Bowl (Channel-l) 10.35pm--3am. Cultural imperialism a-go-go as the frankly daft Yankee sport reaches its annual culmination at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Lardy' twentysomethings across the country will be stocking tip with Bud and hot dogs to gawp at ludicrously overdressed and overpaid superstars (and that‘s just Michael Jackson during the half-time break).

I The South Bank Show ( Scottish)

10.50—1 1.50pm. Melvyn Bragg presentsa profile of the acclaimed Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballe. featuring archive film of her in performance and interviews with operatic contemporaries.


I A Secret World Of Sex: Forbidden Fruit (BBCZ) 7.3(k8pm. A repeat showing for Steve Humphries's groundbreaking series using personal reminiscences to convey a picture of sexual attitudes in the 20th century. The first programme looks at the penalties facing those who had sex before marriage in the 20s and 30s. Around 10.000 women were locked up in mental asylums.

I Punchdrunk(BBC1)8.3o—9pm.'1'he BBC Scotland boxing sitcom continues.

with rival promoter 1 lunter (Sean Scanlan) attempting to poaeh the promising young boxer 1 lance (iordon (John Kazck).

I Cutting Edge: The Care Business (Channel 4) 9— 10pm. A report on the increasing number of agencies making a business ottt of advising elderly people about residential and nursing homes.

The List 29 January— 1 February 1993 63