I Head Over Heels (Scottish) 9—lllpm. The relentlessly upbeat mixture of Daisy I’ll/ls It ()ffand Happy Days continues with (‘amilla and her chums excited by the arrival of a sexy new Hungarian music teacher.

I EX-S: 7:84. Twenty Glorious Years? ( B BC Scotland) ll).4ll«11.l(1pm. Robert Dawson Scott looks at the influential Scottish theatre company which transformed the nature of theatre ill Scotland before hitting troubled timesin the late Slls. With contributions fromJohn McGrath. Elizabeth Macl.cnnan and Bill Paterson and archive clips from 7:84 productions. See preview.

I Sport In Question (Scottish)

1(1.4ll—l 1.4l1pm. The sports discussion series returns to debate tlle current crisis at ('eltic Park. with (‘eltic director Michael Kelly. former player Jim Craig and commentator (ierry McNee.

I Northern Exposure (Channel 4)

ill-l 1pm. ('ould it be that the frozen body discovered ill the local river is that of Napoleon Bonaparte. and was he really responsible for lathcring a tribe of l-‘rencll-speaking Native .»\lllcricans" Probably not.

I Annas Ciuil (Scottish) 11.4(lpm~13.lllam. Anew serieson world music. OK. it's ill (iaelic. blil with music ranging front Ciljtill to folk via Zairean rumba-rock. tlle language hardly matters.


I Aig Astar (Scottish ) 7.3(L Spm, 'I'hc Gaelic on-thc-road show visits the frighteningly dull town of Stirling. Patsi Mackenzie climbs the Wallace Monument to check out the (ill )action.

I For Love 0r Money (Channel 4) U—‘).45pm. Paul (iambaccini talks about tlle collecting boom in graphic nov els. while actor Michael (iambon discusses his collection of antique pistols.

I Full Stretch (Scottish) 9 lllpm. Tarquin is called upon to chauffeur around Lady Amanda Troop when she goes into hiding front her ex-liance and the press.

I Spender ( BB(‘1 ) 9.3(L- 10.25pm. Jimmy Nail as tlle Geordie detective gets astridc a motorbike to pursue bike thieves at a motocross. .lohll McA rdle makes a guest appearance as bike shop owner Sam llarper.

I My Beautiful Laundrette (Channel 4)

ll) 1 1.50pm. llanif Kureishl‘s social realist comedy (directed by Stephen Hears) stars Daniel Day Lewis as former thllg Johnny redeemed by the love of Asian ex-schoolpal ()mar ((iordon Warncckc ) and a job in a dream laundrette. Plenty ofstate-of-tlie-nation messages interspersed with the romance. I Omnibus: Cracked Actor(BBC1)

1(125- 11.20pm. An archive highlight in the form of a profile of David Bowie. filmed in 1974 when he was in the process ofshedding the Ziggy Stardust image. Bowie said at the time: ‘1 am an actor. I play parts‘ ~ a claim he has disproved countless times since.

I DutThere (Scottish) 11.4(1pm— 12.111am. A profile of the novelist Alasdair Gray. whose most recent novel. I’rmr Things~ was acclaimed by critics.

I Dream On (Channel 4) l (50- 12.25pm. Continuing the repeat run ofthe cult American sitcom. Martin’s passion to be a playwright is rekindled by an old college friend. but he is rather alarmed by the avant-garde production.


I Travelog (Channel 4) 8.3(1—9pm. Pete McCarthy goes in search of the truth about the cheap-flight offers to far-flung countries. while Robert Elms takes in the history and scenery ofChile.

I The Mushroom Picker(BBC2) 9.25—1l).3llpm. A new three—part drama serial based on the novel by Russian emigre author Zinovy Zinik. Nigel Terry plays the Russian Kostya. an obsessive


about mushrooms who sweeps the impressionable British visitor Clea (Lynsey Baxter) off her feet and marries her.

I Clive James- Fame in The Twentieth Century ( BB(‘1 ) 9.35— 10.25pm. The gargoyle-like Aussie continues his grudging appreciation ofthose marginally more famous than himself. coveringthe Sits. the decade of Grace Kelly. Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

I The Golden Girls (Channel 4)

l()— 1 (1.30pm. Dorothy auditions for a spot on her favourite game-showJeopardy.

I Nightingales (Channel 4)

1(130-1 1.1l5pm. The increasingly surreal sitcom finds our three nightwatehmen rejoined by their old chum Eric to celebrate Sarge's birthday. lle wasthe werewolf. remember?

I The Funny Farm (Scottish 1 ltl.45—-l1.15pm.FredMacAulay introduces Glasgow comic Billy Porter. the zany Boothby Graffoe and cheeky Geordie Richard Morton.

I No Cure For Cancer (Channel 4) 11.115pm—12.15am. Denis Leary offers his

comic observations on death. disease and

54The List igianuary— 11 FebrIary 199.3”—

catastrophe. llis libertarian streak rivals that of Bill Hicks. although hismaterial tends to be shallower. Recorded ill performance at the Actors‘ Playhouse. New York.


A I NB (Scottish) 7-7.30pm. Arts and entertainments news and reviews with

Janice Forsyth and Bryan Burnett. I Public Eye: The Wanted Men (BBCZ)

: 8—8.30pm. Jenny Cuffe investigates the " Government‘s plans to track down

900.000 absent fathers and force them to pay child maintenance.

I The Good Guys (Scottish) 9—10pm. The buddy-buddy drama series with Nigel Havers and Keith Barron continues. A job interview in Hatton Garden leads to our heroes‘ accidental involvement in a jewel robbery.

I Arena: Larry Kramer(BBC2) 9.30—10.30pm. A profile ofthe gay writer who tackled the subject ofAlDS in his play The Normal Heart. His latest play A Destiny Of Me should come to Britain later this year.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Lilith reveals to Frasier that she‘s been having a secret love affair with a colleague.

I Nurses (Channel 4) 10—10.30pm. By

. contrast. the Miami hospital sitcom

continues with Dr Kaplan having a passionate reunion with his wife. I Absolutely (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1 .05pm.

The surreal collection of lunatics who are


' With Morwenna Banks. John Sparkes.

I Shadowing ( Scottish ) ()Slk’fpm. The Macdonald brothers shadow adecrstalker a bloke stalking a deer that is. not ahat.

I Gamesmasterlt‘hannel 4) n.3(l—7pin. Dominik Diamond introduces more computer games antics. hints and news. You'll need your 3D glasses(available with the (iumemlusler magazine or free from a local branch of (‘omet ) to appreciate the full effects ofthe Maelstrom 3D challenge. Plus \'ic Reeves tries his hand at Sleep walker.

I Minder (Scottish) 8.311—‘).3(1pm. Tired ('ockney humour as Arthur arid Ray get stitched-up at a fairground.

I The Sexual imperative: The Young Ones (Channel 4) ‘)--1(1pm. A look at the animal kingdom's rearing of the young. 1 low much is instinct arld how much learned behaviour‘.’

I Jolting Apart(BB(‘2)9—9.3tlpm. (‘ontinuing the innovative comedy series created by Steven Moffat. starring Robert Bathurst as neurotic comic Mark'l‘aylor. tonight finding himself in bed with his friends wife Tracy.

I Dave Allen (Scottish) 9.3(L- lilpm. ('omic ramblings from the cynical lrislt stand-up. I Drop The Dead Donkey (Channel 4)

lil- 111.3(lpm. The topical newsroom

sitcom hits libel hell as Sally elects to suea

newspaper that suggests she isn't the most

popular member of the Globelink news


I The Late Show ( BBCZ) l 1.15—1 1.55pm.

The first of a regular monthly Scottish

. special ill the arts slot. beginning with a

debate on the validity of Gaelic television programming. a look at the current

exhibition by Niki de Saint Phalle and

music from ex-Danny Wilson mainman Gary Clark. See preview.

the A bsolutely team continue to amuse

.‘ and deprave. This edition includes a nasty

scene where Frank Hovis fails to get outof the bath in time. Use your imagination.

Jack Docherty. Gordon Kennedy and Moray Hunter.

I Heimat(BBC2) 11.20pm-l.2()am. The acclaimed German drama series following j life in a rural village between 1919 and

1982. We‘ve reached 1935 and former brothel-keeper Lucie is finding her dreams are starting to come true.

I The Day It Came To Earth (Channel 4) 12.10-1.45am. ‘lt‘ being a meteorite with the powers to convert a dead gangster into a horrible murderous zombie resembling Gyles Brandreth with bad dentistry.


I Grandstand (BBCl) 12. 15—5. 15pm. Featuring live coverage of Scotland‘s Five Nations Championship rugby encounter with France. in Paris.

I Adventures: Steaming Passions (Channel

? 4) 8—9pm. Nigel Farrell looks at the

little-known world of women and steam engines. interviewing Heidi Newforth who is about to take an exam in an attempt to become the first woman to take sole charge of a steam engine.

I Bright Lights Big City (Scottish) 22.55pm—12.553m. A disappointing adaptation ofJay Mclnerney‘s spiky novel. miseasting Michael J. Fox as the spaced~out. hedonistic magazine fact-checker drifting around the New York twilight world.

I The Modems (BBCZ)

11.10pm—12. 10am. A 1988 film set in 205 Paris bohemia, starring Keith Carradine as American artist Nick Hart flirting with his ex-wife and becoming involved in a forgery racket.

I Beneath The Planet DlThe Apes (BBCl) 11.10pm-12.40am. Charlton Heston and James Franciscus star in a shaky sequel. Taylor (Heston) escapes from Ape City into the forbidden zone, where he finds mutants from the atomic age.

I Vertigo (BBCZ) 12.10—2.20am. The Hitchcock classic starring James Stewart as the heights-hating detective trailing his friend‘s suicidal wife Kim Novak. and falling in love with her.


I Loveloy(BBC1) 7.30—8.20pm. More antiques-related skullduggery with Ian McShane as the amiable rogue. I The Last Emperor (Channel 4)

8.45—11.45pm. Bertolucei‘s lush epic follows the transition of Pu Yi. from ruler of half the world‘s population at the age of


three to humble gardener in the People‘s Republic. Gorgeous visuals overshadow the human elements of the tale. but with pictures of this quality (the Forbidden City sequences are unforgettable) who needs a story?

I Hate And Pace (Scottish) 9.50—10.20pm. The dodgy double-act continue to churn out their unsubtle brand of humour.

I Cutting Edge: Minefield (Channel 4) 9HOpm. A report on an unusual company Rimfire International that specialises in mine clearance in war-zones around the world. The cameras follow eccentric company head Maurice Brackenreid-Johnston and his earthy oppo Mick Fellows out to Somalia where he is training local ‘Pioneers‘ to defuse explosives. E I ex-s: Love For Sale (BBCl) i 10.40-11.10pm. Anticipating St 1 Valentine‘s Day. the BBC Scotland 5 documentary looks at the story oftwo ' Gretnas. Gretna Green in the Borders and i | l

Gretna. Louisiana. Both are traditional destinations for cloping couples. and both are becoming increasingly commercialised.



I The Ant (BBCZ) 9.25—10.3Upm. Molly ; Dinecn‘s witty behind-the-scenes story of i London Zoo‘s fight to survive. with staff i being made redundant and budget levels E slashed. I I LetterTo Brezhnev (Channel 4) . 10—11.4()pm. Margi Clarke and Alexandra Piggstarin Frank Clarke‘s debutfeature about two wise-cracking girls from Kirby whose night out with a couple ofRussian sailors (Peter Firth and Alfred Molina) leads to romance and a battle with i bureaucracy for one. Pacy. witty and ! poignant. i I A Cinema Near You (Scottish) ! 11.40pm—12. 10am. Allan Campbell hosts ' another edition of the cinema round-up show. with news and reviews ofmovies showing in Scotland.


I The Match (Scottish) 8— 10pm. SFA permitting. a rare chance to see live soccer 3 from England. with coverage ofone ofthe Coca-Cola Cup semi-finals.

I Feed File (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. A new series on food and food issues with a concentration on healthy eating. A regular slot. The World lnA Stewinvites viewers to share nutritious and cheap one-pot recipes from around the world.

I Clive James- Fame In The Twentieth Century(BBCl ) 9.30—1l).20pm. (.‘live hits the 605. and no shortage ofcelebrities. from Kennedy to Lennon. Wilson to Martin Luther King.


I Chet (BBCl) 8—8.30pm. Lenny Henry stars as Gareth Blackstock. chef at Le Chateau Anglais restaurant. in the sitcom by Peter Tilbury. The dream ofowning his own restaurant is seeming a little more attainable.

I The Sexual Imperative: Sex And The Human Animal (Channel 4) 9—10pm. The final programme looks at our own species. asking how human sexuality compares with that of other mammals. and why don‘t women signal to men when they are most fertile? The producers have obviously never been to a disco in Basildon.

I Married With Children (Scottish)

10.40—1 l . 10pm. More off-colour comedy with America‘s least sickly sitcom family. the Bundys.

I The Good Sex Guide (Scottish)

12. 10—12.40am. Margi Clarke hosts another mix of frank sketches. chat music

and the odd (very odd) piece ofexpert advice.