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written the first hook on this new ~ ~ _ form of fitness programme. In The The Fltness

Lilli/"(110 Step she explores IhL‘ 0 t1) 1‘

secretsand henefitsofthehench. C A t «V a o n ‘lt‘s not a spectator sport. It doesn‘t th 90$ a;

look fun. it looks bizarre. but there

must he somethingattractive ahout

it. It is basically a thoroughly good I ,_ workout.’ Her hook is full of. well. ' step-hy-step guides to programmes o . that burn tip body fat. tone those BCZIII'ICC COlln takes ’d lazy hips and buttocks and strengthen the .: look at the latest fitness “01‘”Butl‘cnchslcm’ingiS t not lacquer your toenailsorarrange . n I hiscuitson a plate instead? Yet “lllwcllgcmngllcucr' YOU “Vim Sum '. off with the bench a couple of inches

I unnervinglv 911s. All vou need is a big

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henchsteppinghas hecometlie form . . , i P r *k 3 m cxcrciw m “CUP [hC country in high and then add hcight. \ ou can ; e n y L

enough space to fit your hench. a last two years. Invented five years “ls” use the hCnCh m all sons 01


good stereo system. a spring in your

Bum] Stepping.) plccwsu hm What step and yourhody may never he the ' same again. ‘lt's very adaptahle.‘

enthused Penny. ‘You don‘t have to

he mega-fit to do it and you can see ?

is the appeal of hopping on and offa piece of plastic for half an hour‘.’ Why

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ago in America. it is now threatening d'llclcm‘Wu-‘fs mClUdmg for “fight ' e book

to displace the tyranny of aerobics. r [mmmg' I . i .i y , .

With classesavailahle in most major I I k : ll‘lt‘lfOpUllSCS. thousands ()l‘SlepCTS ' ‘lt’s a . . ' ' l. I if" M ‘N’d pound their benches and burn off i doesr” look fun it Iooks tape. As well as chapters on warming soundtrack that careers along at ; zillionsofcaloriesin workoutsthat , _ , , upand high energyeating. there isa between 118—124 heats per minute. i can equate climhing the Empire : b'zarre hm '1 ls basmally a , foreword by Connie Williams. the . This means dance party mixes. rave i State Building and hack. Words like. ' thoroughly 900d WOTKOUi. originatorof hench stepping. . tracks and raw cuts of groove.

'liooked' and ‘liypnotiscd’ have filtered through from the gym as l

The attraction of this new pastime ‘Mayhe it's the music. maybe it's the still continues to haffle the . huzz.~ said Penny. ‘Some people do

steppers step to theheat ofthe latest . Althoughthere isa range ofvideos ‘; uninitiated but as most confirmed ! it twice a day. It can hecome a total sounds and step up to a higher plane. already on the market. Penny points ravers will testify. the real thrill of ; obsession. 1 Penny Clarke. a self-confessed E out that her hook has loads of dancing. steppingor houncing is the 3 The L'lu'mateSte/i by Penny ('larkeis

addict and qualified instructor has ; information which you won‘t find on l heat. Bench stepping requires a pub/islzedhy ('orgiutf7.99


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