_ Win Bhundu Boys CDs!

.'_ " , , ' l ..,r .- - r’ . "‘ . a . . “’3 , . The Bhundu Boys have arguably been the Airlcan if“ v. ; . continent‘s most successful musical export for a decade ( T JV fr now. They return to these shores for a tour in mid- }A‘ My av? . t"; ’- _. ' O - [if g "I 2:» February. Ill the meantime. they release their latest album 1;,- . ;. . 5. Friemls ()n The Road on the Cooking Vinyl label. lfv‘.‘ ‘5 k / F :4. - ‘-’~" ’0...

The List has ten Friends On The Road COs itching to be played. If your CD player‘s been crying out for a taste of World Beat music. then send your answer to the question below on a postcard or the back of a sealed-down envelope by Monday 15 February when the draw will take place.

Friends ()n The Road features a version of ‘Ring Of Fire‘ recorded with the redoubtable Hank Wangford. Which other country legend made the song famous?

Send your answer with your name. address and daytime telephone number to: BHUNDU BOYS COMPETITION, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 ITE.

Reservoir Dogs Tickets, CDs and Baseball Caps To Be Won!

Quentin Tarantino‘s startling directorial debut. which follows the fortunes of a group of colour-coded gangsters in the aftermath of a botched heist. has been variously hailed as a turning—point for the ganster flick. the pinnacle of its genre ~ and an advert for tomato ketchup.

The Cameo Cinema is offering 3 pairs of tickets to see Reservoir Dogs, along K with three baseball caps and three cm of the soundtrack to the clever-clogs who can answer the question below. -~ Entries in by Thursday 4 February. when the film opens.

Which of the film‘s stars previously appeared ill Scorsese‘s Mean Streets"?

.I Send your answer with your name. address and telephone number to: RESERVOIR DOCS 3 COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 ITE.

Win Tickets for the lrn-Bru Pop Video Exhibition!

/ ‘Ashes To Ashes‘. ‘Sledgehammer‘. ‘Road To Nowhere‘ and ‘Vogue‘ all under one roof. and coming to a wall of screens near you soon. courtesy of the lrn-Bru Pop Video Exhibition which opens at The Arches in Glasgow on Saturday 30 January and runs until Sunday 6 June.

Those ubiquitious lrn-Bru types have given us ten pairs of tickets to go see their hi—tech extravaganza. Marvel at the story of the modern pop promo! Battle to get your choice of video on the laserjukebox! Faint at the sight of a Hipsway towel! All this and more. if you can answer the insultingly easy question below.

Name that video: toothsome heroine enters the pages of the magazine she‘s reading and overcomes animated tribulations with a little help from the singer of a fresh—faced Norwegian pop trio.

Send the answer with your name. address and daytime telephone number to: IRN-BRU POP VIDEO COMPETITION, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE, to arrive no later than Monday 15 February.


lEISIIIIE SNOW A pair of adult tickets tor the Scottish Boat, Carem, Canpiog andLeisureShowattheSECCtothe first 20 people to turn up at The Net’s Glasgow office, 179 Buchanan St, between 29 January and 3 February. The show runs from 3~7 é February and features guest 5 appearances from ‘Wolf’ and ‘Jet’ from ‘Siadlators’.


The first five people to arrive with this coupon at The Mambo Inn -11pm—4am, Liberty’s, Greenside Place, Edinburgh on 30 January get a free pair of tickets and a vinyl copy of Sergio Mendes’ Brazilian rap track ‘What Is This?’ The next five people get a pair of tickets. See clubs listings for details.


tickets (worth

£23.50 each) to Newectioa’s Valentine’s Ball at hgliston, Slim. on Sat 13 Feb to the first five people to write to: neaerectIoa Offer, The list, 14 Ilia Street, Edinburgh, an 11!. The next three get a T-ahirt

and poster. UNDER A CLOUD

Two tickets for the price of one for this show on Fri 5 or Sat 6 Feb at the Centre For Contemporary Arts, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Under A Cloud is part of the CCA’s New Moves dance season. Ten pairs of tickets available. Doesn’t apply to concessions.



Cetoutthecoupenortake eioegthewhele magazieeud present Ittothe relevant Box Office orCashDeek. Alloftersareseblect to availability “Wmtherighttorehrse amine.

COMPETITIONS Oniyeaeeatryperpereea/percornpetitioeJtyou areeateringrnerethaeoeecmetitioa, youeeed eeeealyoeeeevelope,butpieaeernakeserethat theaanreeetfllthecometitionsarecieariy nukedoltheoateideudtbatyoureameand addreesareettachedtoeachaswer.8endttre reievaetportieeoftheCornpetItioe Pagewitheach ne'er—no Ies accepted. Employees of TheLIet are Ineligible to enter.


3F 8- FEB l993


BEZEBECTION Presents New For ’93

The-List 29January * l 1 February I‘M} 79