You want the definitive family tree rm ' u “3"” k d 0 s . ms oogy,even o’ croa san Ofgrunge' 1 he paupm L . THE MIDDLE groans likeasulking psycho. geneaology of the whole grimy greasebag? The whvs and MhUDHONEYJ The! legert'l'ted “The? .. ~ . . . ecreae grunge eymaea whereforesot rock 5 rev1ved huzz.’ mgmaiomheldemn'um,mm ,i . . You want another magazme. But in guess, Butastheydld mteasameum the meantime. will this do ‘2 and classic Sub Popslnttle. ‘Touch Me, l'm Sick' (summer 1988), and as their low-ti garage scuzziness was the seed ot later greatness, Piece 0t Cake‘s cartoon haphazardness can be torgiven. Just about. NIRVANA: A tew quotes: ‘I decided to create my own punk rock with my electric guitar.’ - Kurt. ‘We’re so similarto Aerosmith and hard rock

music, most kids who like hard rock JANE‘S ADDICTION: Metal and

music now, who don’t know anything surtpunk and LA excess meet head on. about underground music are The wreckage threw up a tangle ot obviously going to like us.‘ - Kurt androgyny, albinos, sell-immolation, again. ‘What we’re doing does have a nudity. drugs and velplng dogs. mission, and the mission is to break Nothlntt’s eheektnii Claimed Perry things open tor other bands in the Farrell, but he was lying. Jane’s underground. Basically to give people Addiction crashed and burned when the chance to see there's a lot ot good they were meant 10- Thereafter. music there.’ - Chris. ‘Well, they’re Ferrell's involvement in the

signing everyone.’ - Kurt. Lollapolooza tour package has added ,3, \ N , x c . .g , bars to his gong tor Services To i‘ 5‘}; Alternative Rock.



SOUNDGABDEN: ‘Total Fuckln Godhead’ lstheirmeaIy-mouthed ~ slogan. The truest blend of the Saba and the Zep, these roaring metaliers broke tor the border and became the iirst Sub Pop band to sign to a major label. Their manager was instrumental - ; in pushing the lackadalsical Nirvana to a . if get their ass in gear and get started on " the path to global domination. PIXIES: Surter Rosa and Doolittle were Soundgarden’s new tour video Pixias' (RIP) peaks-golden pop Mototvtsion is unhinged rock on a roll, chasing space-baby/horrorshow live in hometown Seattle last summer. imagery, pursued by guitars that you’d deiinitely call caustic. Frank Black’s (A doctor writes: ‘Bespect is also due to impending solo career will be just as toundlng tathers at Seattle and Sub vital. Pop, bands like Green River, Mother omosrtun JR: Slack-jawed maybe, i Love Bone. The Melvins. Multan Wins but never siack-brained, J Mascls is and Ted. hills several other Seattle erstwhile king oi slouch rock. The new bands l've neglected to mention. Like album, though, is tight and big on Screaming Trees.’)

. A meteor shower at young pretenders, i corporate whores, grubby scenesters

f and talent-tree chancers. Step torward : Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins,

, Pavement, Superchunk, Nymphs,

= Monster Magnet,Seaweed. Alice in Chains, L7, Bitch Magnet, Urge Overkill, Bark Psychosis, Babes in Toyland, Fudge Tunnel, Supersuckers, Wonky Alice, Codeine, Das Damen, Pussy Galore, Cat Butt, Toiling Midgets, Dwarves, Hole, Gobblehool, Helmet, The Walkabouts, Seam, Cell, Pond, Come, Blow. Cup, Sloosh, Plank, Phlegm, Fish and a host of other monosyilabic three-minute heroes and two-chord wonders. They came, they saw, they grunged.


centueed. allng and blurred. this was Midlands, it is this beat that adds llesh (A doctor writes: ‘Punk, pop, pour-

aVaflt‘Garde New York aggreseiefl (it to the best grunge, albeit mercitully all madam grunge bands are vary much I 381 here) and a hell Dart ot America’s trimmed ot the devilish codswallop the an antedlluvlan synthesis ot these i we response to Ult punk. New, curiously, lads tuned with, “mom, and the “mum bands. g g. “9999" '0' “mg "m. 3"“ 8m} “93W HUSKER DU: Pop. 0K, not really pop, Special mention must also be given to _ ' 3 a. 0' '"msmg "'9" "ms" V’m‘ “WW” but Bob Mould and Grant Hart wrote Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Big Black, 3, """"’ . ; "99" yelled-out killertunes littered through Black Flag, Jonathon Bichman, Alex . ' ' BLACK SABBATH: Power. ‘People think a choppy tuzz, as rammingly reattlrmed Chilton, Don Fleming, The t h, _ l’m insane because i am trowning all by last year’s CD-reissues oi Replacements and Judas Priest, all at l _ ti; ii the time’ howled Ozzy on the Sabs’ Warehouse and Candy Apple Gray. whom are equally seminal. Except 3 ' ' biggest hit, the muscular an’ chuggin’ Those, and the ceaseless. restless Judas Priest. Well, that one ‘Unlted’ E SONIC YOUTH: Punk- Dazed and ‘Paranoid' (1970). Straight outta the thrill to be had trom Sugar. was okay.') DISCLAIMER: All the ilititC\£ild tntnrnmtmn l\ entire!) titthtuus :tntl tniall} \ptifltith Nu TL‘\Piiii\lhillt\ will be taken int .tm lilhilllltiL'ti The List 29 January l l [-‘chruurv 1093 7

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