‘I'lioro wlll be a show tonight. Jim Rose Introduces tits Ilno-up to Flona: ‘Tlioro are different one-trlclt pools: that can do a low of tho thlngs that we’re doan but I’ve been all over the world collectan the oddest humans I could find.’

I JIM ROSE Ringmaster and raconteur. He encourages members of the audience to tread his face into broken glass and his body into a bed of nails; staples money to his face using a staple gun; dislocates his shoulder in order to escape from a regulation strait-jacket; eats razorblades.

‘This show is about altering the body. so I’ve re-routed my nasal passage so that I can pound things into my head. I do The Human Blockhead with hammers, screwdrivers, nails, spikes. I do The Human Dartboard, people throw darts at me and yes, they stick in and no, I do not flinch very much.‘

I THE TORTURE KING Billed as ‘world famous for what he can endure.’ he walks barefoot up a ladder of razor- sharp swords; eats glass lightbulbs; pierces his face, neck and torso with over 40 hatpins and meat skewers, each tipped with a small lightbulb.

‘We hook him up to a generator and electrocute him. Not enough to kill him i :

but enough to make him illuminate.‘ Eeek! ‘Oh, it‘s beautiful.‘

I THE WIS MR UFTO sticks hooks through his eleven pierced body parts nose, tongue, etc - and lifts heavy objects with them.

‘He’ll lift up concrete blocks with his nipples, making him look like a Dolly Parton body double, and then the part , of him that's most a mister, he’ll stick a hook through the head of that and lift up irons. Then he does the world- famous Lifto swing you can‘t miss that one.’

Sort of equivalent to a stripper twirling her tassles, really?

‘Yeah. a little tassle tease there.’

I MAT ‘TIIE TUBE’ CROWLEY ‘He had a bizarre hobby. Now it‘s no longer a hobby 'cos he‘s a pro: non-incision

hospital Operating procedures done to volunteers, V Hejust said no to selling drugs so that times a day for three years until it no himself.‘ Gulp. In addition, he sticks his hands in I he could join our circus.‘ longer responds. He studied

Matt demonstrates force-feeding animal traps; blows up a hot water I Cnu’mUW)’ because he was Sure there i procedures by consuming a variety of bottle until ‘it gets the size of a I I THE ENIGMA ‘He‘s tattooed from would be a worid famine.‘ I liquidised substances by way of a tube Galapagos tortoise and goes Off like shaven head to toe in the design of a Does he perchance invite members of ' inserted to the stomach via the nose, Mount Krakaioa‘ (bit game, that one); puzzle. He almost blurs the definition the audience to solve his tattoo puzzle? then demonstrates stomach-pumping lifts up chained audience members with i M human) 3390311)“ he ‘J'USI' 02115 ‘Thal‘S an inlCrC-‘llng thing! 1'” haw 10 procedures and invites members of the his teeth. j insects maggots. crickets, worms write that down and start working on it. i audience to partake of the bile-laced ‘He‘s lucky poachers don‘t shoot him 5 and to aid digestion nudges them down ' Fiona, I need you in the Circus ljust concoction siphoned from his gut. for the ivory he‘s got really strong With ‘1 SWOYd- . realiscdf Strangely. there's no shortage of teeth. He was a pharmacist in Montana. “9‘5 “Ck'ed his gag reflex SCVC" l manksv bl" 1‘” P335 ("1 [hill “"9- J

IEebruary “363 17