Just some of the pictures

that emerged from the i meeting of The List girlies coven this fortnight . . .




'2 The List 12~—25 February I993

I ‘lley we could get those laheque chicks in the hand, maybe that lligel Kennedy, and really kick some ass.’ Elvis Costello prefers to keep the Brodslrys down to a quartet. the Juliet Letters is performed at Glasgow Concert Hall on 22 February. See Classical listings.

I Top Continental ivory- tinklers Katie and Marielle Laheque perlonn Mozart’s Concerto For Two Pianos at Glasgow Royal Concert llali on Thursday 18 February. See Classical listings.

i E— : I James Can and Kathy Bates, sorry, Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French serve up a slice of Misery in their latest TV series. See TV listings.

_2 . I Well, it sure beats the hell out at toe-sucking. Jeremy Irons is the philandering MP, Juliette Binoche the object of his attentions in louis Malle‘s Damage. See Film preview.